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  1. I'm building Trumpeter's 1/48 MIG-21UM and broke a canopy in half. I emailed "Joanna" at Trumpeter and received this cryptic response: I'm very sorry that due to the epidemic, flights to various countries are reduced, so the delivery of EMS express is very slow, and it needs to wait for 2-3 months.But you can choose to use fedex, but the cost requires you to pay the freight. What does that mean? How can I go about ordering the clear canopy sprue? How much will it cost? From whom can I order it? And how shall I pay for it? Has anyone else ever ordered replacement sprues from
  2. I'd hoped we would have seen that Tupolev SB before this. Wish they'd hurry up with it.
  3. We'll see. I just want my Mi-8, whatever the brand! This heli has probably been flown by more air forces than any other type and a 1/48 kit is overdue.
  4. Cybermodeler.com says Kitty Hawk will be releasing a 1/48 Mi-8/17 "Hip" heli next year. Hope it doesn't turn out to be vaporware like the Annanetra kit.
  5. Oh no! I guess it may have to have empty pylons, then. Thanks!
  6. During the Yom Kippur War, the Egyptian air force used its L-29 trainers against Israeli armor. I'd like to build a model of one of these aircraft. Can anyone suggest an appropriate Soviet weapons set? I see Sprue Brothers has Quickboost pylons, and several different kinds of gun pods and air to ground rockets by Aerobonus, which all look very nice, but I have no idea which "belong" on the Egyptian machines. Thanks!
  7. I think your sheet should include decals for Saudi Arabia. Not just the green and white ones, but the ordinary camo BAe Hawks of the RSAF.
  8. Can anyone tell me, did the Royal Bulgarian air force fly Ju-52s and He-115s during World War II? I have a couple of kits, for which I'm seeking interesting schemes and markings. I haven't been able to find any pics, though.
  9. Thank you for that speedy answer, Lancer!
  10. Can anyone please tell me what colors I'll need for the two tone camo on a Saudi F-15S? I've ordered the Two Bobs decal sheet, but I can't make out the color numbers from the pic on their website - my vision isn't as good as it used to be. I'd like to use Model Master or Tamiya paints, which are sold on Amazon. Thanks guys!
  11. Well, my Xuntong IL-4 is on its way. It's going to take a while to get here, but it's the most interesting new WW2 bomber I've seen in a while, so I decided I had to have one. I'm glad someone is willing to invest in the big molds needed to produce unusual subjects like this, and if they don't fall together effortlessly like Tamigawas, I can live with that. I'll see how I like this IL-4; if I'm impreseed, maybe I'll buy the Tu-2 next.
  12. I've used acrylics almost exclusively for years. It got to the point where I realized, I can't use enamels on clear parts anyway, and just about everything I build has clear canopies, so what's the use of enamels.
  13. No one has ever learned what kind of markings the Taliban's (IEAAF) MiGs had. I wonder if we'll ever find out what markings ISIS used?
  14. Scalehobbyist is great. They have a good selection and usually their prices are the best. I only buy from other stores if Scalehobbyist doesn't have what I want.
  15. Thank you so much - I really appreciate it! My email is praisecain@gmail.com.
  16. I bought Hobbycraft's 1/48 A-4M at a model swap meet this past weekend, and when I got home I found it was missing its instructions. Does anyone have a set they could scan and email to me? I'd really appreciate it. I sent Hobbycraft an email asking for help, but I'm not sure if they're still in business. I haven't seen their kits in stock for a while.
  17. Why is it taking so long to get those F-16s to Iraq? Were we afraid al Maliki would use them against the Kurds?
  18. Your diorama is very nicely done, and the subject is uncommon and interesting. Great job!
  19. Very nice models, Dragan. I see there's a Macedonian BMP, among the vehicles. Have they seen any action, either in Afghanistan or against the ONA?
  20. Why would they try some implausible tactic like attacking Godzilla with artillery or rockets, when they could build gigantic humanoid constructs, operated by a pilot and co-pilot connected by a neural link, that can stab him to death with a huge sword?
  21. I agree that they've selected a very nice scheme for these fighters, but what's with the ugly new national emblem? They should bring back the traditional green triangle. It's been the same for eighty years; there's nothing Baathist about it.
  22. Cool pics! But what's the story behind the Yak done up in WW2 Royal Rumanian Air Force insignia, I wonder? Could it be standing in for a WW2 type in some film?
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