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  1. I'm looking to put together the AMT 1/72nd scale KC-135R however I can't seem to find an appropriate generator set for it in 1/72 scale. Here's an example of the generator set I'm looking for: Has there been anything that looks like this or even a civilian equivalent in 1/72d scale?
  2. Would you be trying to produce a semi-gloss finish? Because There is a semi-gloss variant of Mr Superclear....
  3. Remember the days when HWR_MKII was putting together that resin REX model? Well this one's an official version, not sure if it'll be a model or just a toy, but looks pretty nice overall. Kojima productions collaboration with 3A toys produced this model. Size comparison: Source: http://www.toyark.com/3a-toys-metal-gear-rex-8822/
  4. really cool app! i bet it helps a lot for scratchbuilding. Gotta download as I'm doing a little of that right now
  5. A local model shop where I live sells tamiya spray paints. He gets them through tamiya USA, but only the paints. He mentioned that tamiya paints are actually the only type of imported paints that are approved to be sold in the US. So I hope that eventually he'll be able to get the putty through Tamiya USA too. To note, I never knew Vallejo made putty.
  6. Using it in conjunction with tape, would that mean taping up the middle areas between frames and using the liquid masking for the edges?
  7. Has anyone had experience with liquid masking solutions like the one from mr hobby and micro scale? I've recently found these and have heard good things about them, but would either of these be a viable alternative to tape?
  8. Just picked up one of those Tamiya scribe knife/shank things. For scribing panel lines and the like. I didn't know there was a small cabinet within the handle that includes extra blades. Pretty good buy if you ask me.
  9. Hasegawa 747 eggplane from the land of milk and honey AKA Thailand. But I wasn't there to sign for it. Oh well...
  10. yes the correct spelling is "mytai"
  11. UPDATE: I just went through a brochure from ATAC. I believe it said they have Hawker Hunters stationed at Kaneohe Bay, but have operated as far as Japan.
  12. Actually he had 4 drop tanks, but I believe the pilot told me that he works for a contract military unit that provides support for the Navy and Air force. It's called ATAC, or something like that. Here's some alternate views of the jet. Haven't been able to find out any more info other than what he told me.
  13. Here's some more shots from day 2: EDIT: I'll get around to posting the D300s recorded videos on youtube soon.
  14. Glad you liked them! I'm kinda burnt and tired right now, so I'll post the rest of the pics when I'm feeling better. Also had a front row seat to the show this afternoon, so gonna have to upload those too!
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