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  1. I'm looking to put together the AMT 1/72nd scale KC-135R however I can't seem to find an appropriate generator set for it in 1/72 scale. Here's an example of the generator set I'm looking for:


    Has there been anything that looks like this or even a civilian equivalent in 1/72d scale?

  2. A local model shop where I live sells tamiya spray paints. He gets them through tamiya USA, but only the paints. He mentioned that tamiya paints are actually the only type of imported paints that are approved to be sold in the US. So I hope that eventually he'll be able to get the putty through Tamiya USA too.

    To note, I never knew Vallejo made putty.

  3. Is that Hawker Hunter owned by someone on the Island? I'm thinking that there is no way the Hunter can make it to Hawaii on one tank of gas!

    Actually he had 4 drop tanks, but I believe the pilot told me that he works for a contract military unit that provides support for the Navy and Air force. It's called ATAC, or something like that.

    Here's some alternate views of the jet. Haven't been able to find out any more info other than what he told me.



  4. Here's some shots I took today with my D300s:

    (straight Jpeg, no post processing)


    (I bet I could crop this one)






    I might try shooting in NEF RAW tomorrow, will post more and D300S 720p videos of the Thunderbirds aerobatics on youtube when I have time.

    I'm glad to say that the video performance on the D300S was not too bad. Just keeping a steady had can eliminate a good amount of jello vision.

  5. Just got back from Sears. I opted for the Craftsman compressor that was sitting next to the one on clearance, it was on sale marked down from $149 to $109. Same stuff all around except this one came with a 3 gallon tank(Maybe the same as yours, terryt?) Anyways I'll have to go and get the hose in the 3rd link because now I know that it comes with a 1/4 inch quick disconnect adapter.

  6. The reviews say it's quiet, though I do live in a quiet neighborhood, so noise is somewhat of a concern. Does your compressor use quick disconnect couplings? If so do any of the fittings allow for you adapt the airbrush hose with them or are you using it with that yellow spiraled plastic one?

  7. On a recent visit to my local Sears, I found a small Craftsman air compressor. It was rated at 1.5 HP with max pressure of 125 PSI and a 2 gallon tank. The compressor also had two sockets for air driven tools or airbrushes. It was on sale for $69. I am wondering if anyone can recommend this be used for painting model aircraft with a badger airbrush. If so, what type of adapter would I need for the airbrush hose and what would be the maximum PSI suggested for the airbrush?

    EDIT: Here are the technical details on the compressor(I believe it might be discontinued because I can't find it on the Sears site.)


    This 2 gal. 1 hp horizontal air compressor from Craftsman features a lightweight, compact design and an 17 pc. accessory kit. Kit includes dual tire chuck, sealing tape, tapered nozzle, threaded adapter, inflation needles (2), safety nozzle, blow gun, female quick connect couplers (2), male quick connect plugs (2), female quick connect plug, male adapters (2), NPT female adapter, tire gauge and a 25 ft. coil air hose. 26 lbs. 17 x 17 x 13 in.

    Brand Name Craftsman

    Product Name 2 gal. Air Compressor with 17 pc. Accessory Kit

    Convenience:Quick Connect Yes

    Dimensions:Height 17 in.

    Dimensions:Length 13 in.

    Dimensions:Width 17 in.

    Hose:Function Compressed air

    Hose:Length 25 ft.

    Included with Item:Accessory Kit Yes, 17 pc. kit

    Installation Requirements:Setup Assembly may be required

    Model Number 00915312000

    Motor-Engine:Cylinder Liner Cast iron

    Motor-Engine:Horsepower, Maximum Developed 1 hp

    Motor-Engine:SCFM Use At 40 psi 3.7 SCFM

    Motor-Engine:SCFM Use At 90 psi 2.4 SCFM

    Motor-Engine:Voltage 120 volts

    MPN 15312

    Product Overview:Item Weight 26.0 lbs.

    Product Overview:Manual del Dueno <a href="/download/own/915312s.pdf">Presione Aqui</a>

    Product Overview:See Owners Manual <a href="/download/own/00915312e.pdf">Click Here</a>

    SCFM Delivery:SCFM Delivery At 40 psi 3.7 SCFM

    SCFM Delivery:SCFM Delivery At 90 psi 2.4 SCFM

    Tank:Compressor Tank Capacity 2 gal.

    Tank:Compressor Tank Pump Style Oil Lube

    Tank:Compressor Tank Type Horizontal

    Tank:Maximum Compressor psi 125 psi

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