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  1. I'm already liking this series better than most of the newer gundam series, maybe it's the nostalgia part that I think this series does right in comparison to these new gundam series(they tried but it just didn't come out right, and was quite far off from the classic gundam I know of.)
  2. So I took some time to play around in Photoshop CS3 with one of the hornet images and found that it had a fairly even balance of red green and blue, but with blue dominating it on the right side of the histogram.(didn't feel the need to convert to CMYK) So after toning down the blue and increasing the contrast, I think the jet can really "jump out at you." Now the black stains and other weathering of the aircraft surfaces appear crisp, although it was a very detailed picture to begin with. Here's a "before and after" comparison However the credit for this image belongs to Buck, who doe
  3. I always thought F/A-18 Air Refueling drogue receptacles were on the pilot's left side. Or maybe this has changed in the super hornet? BTW Buck, those are some pretty nice pics. Are these straight from the camera or have you done some editing with lighting and color in photoshop?
  4. Hmm that low visibility version doesn't seem to have the transparent background that the Hasegawa A model seems to have. Has anyone who bought the low vis decal set tell me more of its quality?
  5. Slightly O/T, but my Magpul UBR finally arrived! Can't wait to put it on my AR!
  6. http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG09808 This has got to be the first time I've ever seen a model with Hawaii ANG markings! Has markings for other guard units too, but the box photo is of a Hawaii jet. Perhaps this one was before my time since I don't seem to recall the Hawaii F-15s having these yellow and red accents on the tail and nose of the aircraft. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of font is used to make the Hawaii logo and the pilots'(and their crew chiefs') names so I can effectively copy those markings and apply the logo in different sizes on my own custom decal sheets.(hoping t
  7. Has anyone here been keeping up with the latest Macross series titled "Macross Frontier"? Macross has been an old childhood acquaintance of mine and through the years I've been collecting the transformable VF- series from Yamato. The Yamato toys are very good, however they are not model kits. I think my last acquisition was the recently re-released YF-19 from Yamato. Now Yamato isn't making transformable Valks from this series as it's licensed to Bandai, and many folks have regarded their renditions of the Macross series as inferior to that of Yamato. I have come across this page: http://ga.
  8. Hawaii Heavies parked on the Big Island: Disregard the purple airstairs. They're from Hawaiian airlines. I don't crew this particular Tail however. EDIT: Thought this was funny. Taken from a KC-135E model at Sheppard AFB. This particular jet is grounded and only used to train crew chiefs in the AETC In case anyone was wondering, it's the latrine. The skinny milk can down there is actually a urinal. Urine is an especially powerful corrosive agent.
  9. 3x F-15 Egg planes from Hasegawa. Gonna see if I can find a way to make them with HI-ANG markings. (Ignore the Zero model. It's been sitting there for a few months now, haven't had the energy to "build" it as of late) Nearly everything in that pic comes from a small local hobby shop. He sells lots of randomly boxed Japanese things, like Re-ment stuff, but I mainly buy aviation related things from him. Nice guy, but sells stuff pretty fast.
  10. Boom nozzle fully extended? Never seen someone do that in the "up" position....
  11. I first stumbled upon the works of industrial Designer Luigi Colani when I was doing research on experimental aircraft. I later found out that he is responsible for quite a few concept car designs as well as common household items such as drawer handles, ballpoint pens and even a model of Canon camera. What interests me is his attention to the forms and shapes found in nature and their application to ergonomics and aerodynamics. Ironically, I was doing a search on modern day military aircraft art when I came across this page: http://www.markskustompaint.com/pages/luckyseven.html I was plea
  12. The infamous camouflage F-15 that stopped at Sheppard AFB: Hawaii ANG F-15 Closeup with the Crew Chiefs' names on the nose: The same F-15 doing a flyby over on the Big Island: Ironically all of these were taken with the same Sony Cybershot camera. I'm hoping to get a digital SLR someday, maybe a Sony a350 or similar....
  13. Not a very good pic, but I like the concept.
  14. Hi all, new to this forum, and have a question I found this posted on a Japanese message board. Was wondering what company makes it and where can I find this and similar display stands?
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