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    Exploring the great outdoors (Jeep, hiking, biking, etc.) Sci-fi shows, and now I'm back into models after taking more than 15 years off!
  1. Brett M

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    Not a big update, but at least one wing is almost completely painted, top and bottom. Definitely more weathering to do and grime to add for the area where the landing gear doors are. Anyway, small update, but an update none the less! Comments and critiques are welcome! Thanks for looking.
  2. Brett M

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    That's what the way I'm leaning as well. The white, grimy engines in the movie just seems...odd. A dark metallic, dirty engine makes more sense. I'll have to hit the LHS and see if they have either of those colors in stock. Something different is always good! I didn't want to do the standard Red 5....though when I told my wife (who bought me the kit) that it wasn't Luke's......I got the sad face lol
  3. Brett M

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    Thanks, both of you. Pencil chipping definitely isn't the best (but it's my first try), I appreciate the comments. I'll give salt weathering a try on my next jet. I have another Has 1/48 F-14 Tomcat ready to go :) And another shot from this evening. Blowing up the images this big definitely shows flaws, glad this is a 1/72 kit! Now I need to decide if I go with white engines, ala Rogue One. Or.....more metallic, gunmetal style....hmmmm. Comments always are welcome.
  4. Brett M

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    More wing progress......any comments?
  5. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    I have that same restriction in place. For now as well....
  6. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    I honestly think I'l end up doing the same. I just haven't gotten to the point of trying to sell them.....yet.
  7. Hi everyone After completing the Enterprise C (okay, during final completion) I started on this 1/72 X Wing kit. Compared to the AMT/Ertl Enterprise, this thing is a dream. Everything fit's perfectly, no gaps and glue really isn't need.....everything fits that tight. I've mostly finished the cockpit, though the plumbing needs more detail and the pilots seat needs weathering....and a pilot. I haven't painted figures since I built models in back when I was 10 (so, 25+ years ago) so I'm not really thrilled about that. But, I have made a good start on the wings. I've gone for a similar scheme to the Blue squadron from Rogue One, though I'm sure it won't be an exact match. I've been painting each panel one at a time, to hopefully make them look...well, like panels. More to come as progress is made. Feel free to comment. Cockpit area.....small. I'm used to 1/48 or 1/32 aircraft, so this is TINY to me. Wings. I tried to use Micro Mask to obtain chipping results, but after spraying a light coat of Floquil UP Armour Yellow, the stuff wouldn't rub off. Maybe the lacquer paint ate into it? Guesses? Chipping with pencils for now; first time I've tried this, I suppose it looks okay.
  8. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    Thanks Matt! Thanks! Yep, I preferred some of the changes I made to the color scheme. They may not be canon, but.....whatever! Aldo....I don't have room for a 1/1000 C, D and E! HA! I have the refit Enterprise and NX-01 in 1/350, waiting to be built.....but no where to put them when done 😞
  9. Brett M

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Sheesh, that looks great. Excellent work.....I may have just ordered a Su-30 because of you :)
  10. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    This was the original boxing of the C as well. The kit decals were about as yellow as could be, scary. I do recommend the JT Graphics decals. They were only around $20 I believe.
  11. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    Thanks! Yeah, I didn't think so either on the kit instructions. What kit are you working on?
  12. Brett M

    18" Diameter Jupiter 2

    Very very very cool! I've thought about picking this kit up along with interior kits......you're pushing me towards that! Nice work!
  13. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    Thanks! So, the hull is all Testors Model Master paints. The grey being Light Grey. The blues are a mix of flat white and blue (FS35199) and Intermediate Blue till I got a color I liked. The neck is Euro 1 grey and then any other light grey's are Light Ghost Grey. The engines, deflector and red are all Tamiya acrylic clear blue and clear red sprayed over Floquil Reefer White (wish I could get more of this!). Hope that helps!
  14. Brett M

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    Just figured I would throw up some images of my just finished Enterprise C. Some artistic license taken on some areas of color choice. JT Graphics for the decals, excellent quality. Not bad, even if the kit is one of the worst fitting I've built. Onto a Bandai X Wing...night and day in quality!
  15. Brett M

    Tamiya 1/350 USS New Jersey

    Thanks, I appreciate it! This is far and away better than I ever did as a teenager as well. Guess an extra 20 years of time helps us progress. Give your's a go and post up