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    Exploring the great outdoors (Jeep, hiking, biking, etc.) Sci-fi shows, and now I'm back into models after taking more than 15 years off!
  1. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Little more work tonight. Ladders, some rigging, Phalanx, added antenna to the forward missile deck......stuff. I was hoping the EZ line might sag a bit with heat, but no such luck so far. We will see if I keep the rigging from the main mast to the aft mast. We'll seeeeeee Ship goes to bed....
  2. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Thanks! Yep, EZ line is what I've used on the forward superstructure. I'll be using that for the rest of the rigging as well. Still lots to come!
  3. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Here's more for you all! Today's work More progress. I think all decks are stuck in place.....IE, I can't take them back off unless I break parts :big_grin: There are still lots of little details left to add, plus more PE and kit parts. But, I see a light at the end of the tunnel now!
  4. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Slow but steady wins the race? And from our visit to the zoo while it was in the low 70's...
  5. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Thanks Don! As for attching the PE, it really depends on if I can get to it easily before or after painting. For the hull, I attached the PE after I'd painted it, then did clean up after. For smaller details that I can brush, I've attached it after paint. Just depends on what I find easiest really!
  6. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Starboard side cleaned up. Boot stripe fixed. Coming together! I added the stencils just after this for numbering.....but then the sun went away! Larger version https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4301/35821995742_50836be97d_k.jpg
  7. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    And to yesterday..... More progress from the weekend. I removed the mounts for the CIWS and Tomahawk box launchers from the forward missile deck (I will do the same for the aft, doh!) in preparation for the Veteran Models launchers I purchased. I also patched the Harpoon mounts since I also have those from Veteran. More work but it's really not too far from being complete :O Comments are always welcome!
  8. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    More progress. Aft funnel cap painted along with rear mast. Decks painted on the aft missile deck along with railings added. And of course I thought to myself after adding the railings......"Should have painted the Tomahawk launcher mounts first...would have been easier". Oops
  9. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Hull repainted and 5" guns done and painted. Might have to repaint the boot stripe. ' Getting there!
  10. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    More progress made. I'm surprised how many hours zoom by working on this and me not even noticing. Funnel work....all PE on. I'll add the resin SATCOM later once I have everything else ready on it. Primer on to see what areas need more clean up. 5" turrets are getting there. Gaps are filled and I added the PE....um....box to the tops. Ladders and doors tomorrow. Comments as always are welcome.
  11. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Trying to hold myself to finishing one detail/part an evening right now. Port launch is done and glued in. Aft funnel is smoothed and ready for PE tonight. Didn't get a lot done on the 5" guns, but they're progressing.
  12. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Massive big update from the past while....I forgot to add the updates on ARC! I did some work! Holy moly....summer hasn't monopolized all of my time yet! This one, of course, focused on the ship...instead of what I was meaning to show. And assembled the rest of the 5" turrets. I'll remove the ladders and start adding PE tonight or tomorrow. I also assembled the after funnel and removed the molded ladders. More detailing to come. Thanks all...comments always welcome. Maybe I'll finish this one this year. Only 22 other models in the stash......
  13. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Guess I wasn't exactly quicker with my updates.....but none the less, some work has occured. She looks a mess right now....but it'll clean up.
  14. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Double exposure! Thanks, glad you like it :)
  15. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    I have :) Actual updates! I think I've gotten everything attached to the starboard side that I can, that isn't part of the upper level superstructure. Boats are on, crane in place, etc. Now to pivot and do the port side, then upwards I go. Let me know what you think!