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    Exploring the great outdoors (Jeep, hiking, biking, etc.) Sci-fi shows, and now I'm back into models after taking more than 15 years off!
  1. Tamiya 1/350 USS New Jersey

    Thanks, I appreciate it! This is far and away better than I ever did as a teenager as well. Guess an extra 20 years of time helps us progress. Give your's a go and post up
  2. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Tamiya 1/350 USS New Jersey
  3. USS Excelsior NX-2000

    Looking great on all your work and definitely can't wait to see more progress!
  4. Tamiya 1/350 USS New Jersey

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Tamiya 1/350 USS New Jersey

    Comments, critiques, whatever you want to say is welcome!
  6. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Still moving ahead..... And...this is not fun. I'll finish it up tonight hopefully.
  7. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    More work from today. The link antenna at the bow is in progress, hoping I can run the lines on it without destroying the Eduard PE. More antennas added to the superstructure, more rigging, rudders added back (oops) and more little details going on. Comments/critiques are always welcome! And the Veteran Models launchers. Oy....
  8. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Not a lot done since my last update, but a few things. I'm not too happy with the rigging and I think I need to use something different than EZ Line for the main mast to aft mast. There's no sag and it looks weird. Otherwise, more little parts attached, more to go through in the box. Harpoon launchers are being assembled and I started poking around on the Veteran Models Tomahawk boxes. No clue how I will drill .3mm holes for grab rails. Amusing though that the instructions call for drilling, but the image of a finished box shows the handle on top of the resin, not through. Comments are welcome.
  9. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Little more work tonight. Ladders, some rigging, Phalanx, added antenna to the forward missile deck......stuff. I was hoping the EZ line might sag a bit with heat, but no such luck so far. We will see if I keep the rigging from the main mast to the aft mast. We'll seeeeeee Ship goes to bed....
  10. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Thanks! Yep, EZ line is what I've used on the forward superstructure. I'll be using that for the rest of the rigging as well. Still lots to come!
  11. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Here's more for you all! Today's work More progress. I think all decks are stuck in place.....IE, I can't take them back off unless I break parts :big_grin: There are still lots of little details left to add, plus more PE and kit parts. But, I see a light at the end of the tunnel now!
  12. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Slow but steady wins the race? And from our visit to the zoo while it was in the low 70's...
  13. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Thanks Don! As for attching the PE, it really depends on if I can get to it easily before or after painting. For the hull, I attached the PE after I'd painted it, then did clean up after. For smaller details that I can brush, I've attached it after paint. Just depends on what I find easiest really!
  14. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    Starboard side cleaned up. Boot stripe fixed. Coming together! I added the stencils just after this for numbering.....but then the sun went away! Larger version https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4301/35821995742_50836be97d_k.jpg
  15. Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

    And to yesterday..... More progress from the weekend. I removed the mounts for the CIWS and Tomahawk box launchers from the forward missile deck (I will do the same for the aft, doh!) in preparation for the Veteran Models launchers I purchased. I also patched the Harpoon mounts since I also have those from Veteran. More work but it's really not too far from being complete :O Comments are always welcome!