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    Exploring the great outdoors (Jeep, hiking, biking, etc.) Sci-fi shows, and now I'm back into models after taking more than 15 years off!

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  1. Which area? NATO black is all the dark areas, but there's a lot of buff on this butt.....
  2. Vern, here's one. Not the best light right now....
  3. Thanks Ben, it's appreciated! Minor updates, as I've started applying decals. I didn't look at the instructions prior to spraying gloss and while I thought I knew where all the decals were, I missed a few. So....more gloss tomorrow, apply final decals, then seal it all up for oil washes. Straight off the factory line! Washes started on the cobra head as well as airbrushing Tamiya Clear Smoke to darken a few panels. For some reason, the gold/yellow decal changed color. I'm not sure if it was from the Solvaset or MicrSol...oh well.
  4. That's some very cool work you're doing! This is giving more and more reason to rationalize picking up a printer myself and creating models of stuff we don't see often. Thanks fore sharing, looking forward to seeing more as you progress!
  5. Haha! They'll get more detail as soon as I can seal the whole model under clear. I keep scratching it when I'm moving it around, needs protection.
  6. Random update with just pictures to show where this build is at currently. All that's left for the major painting is the rear engine area and the forward area's under the "wings". Then it's onto a clear coat and weathering, chipping, washes, etc. Comments are welcome!
  7. Like, woah. Extreme detailing to the max. 😮
  8. Very helpful post for future reference. I considered adding fiber optics to help light certain areas of my Klingon ship, but....never having done it before, I didn't want to pick up supplies. Maybe the next kit!
  9. Haha I would be doing long breaks too. My longest build was 4 years....so I get it!
  10. Woah....I knew the work you are doing was small, but that's TINY. Impressive!
  11. Thanks Ben! 1/1000 would be a good size to go with all the Kirk era ships they have!
  12. It's definitely a chore to mask, paint, mask more, paint more..... That's my plan. Get all the colors applied, detail paints and then a semi gloss coat. Washes, decals, etc to tie it all together, then flat coat and break out the Tamiya weathering compounds!
  13. And now to flip it over and do the bottom.
  14. Thanks! The masks from Aztec Dummy are nice to work with, but they're not a perfect fit everywhere.......but they save on Tamiya tape lol.
  15. More progress, plus some paint lifting. Oh well......repair tomorrow once the paint has cured.
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