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  1. Guess I wasn't exactly quicker with my updates.....but none the less, some work has occured. She looks a mess right now....but it'll clean up.
  2. Double exposure! Thanks, glad you like it :)
  3. I have :) Actual updates! I think I've gotten everything attached to the starboard side that I can, that isn't part of the upper level superstructure. Boats are on, crane in place, etc. Now to pivot and do the port side, then upwards I go. Let me know what you think!
  4. Looks great to me! I've not seen a paint scheme likes this before on a Mustang (or I've forgotten it!). Very interesting and nice to see something different.
  5. haha this is the first time I've attempted using this much PE (and it's a small set!) I wasn't sure I could do it, but stretching it out and building quick models in between has helped. A little more progress from the weekend, mostly on turrets and a tiny bit on the refueling boom. Comments are welcome. I had thought Eduard included the hoses, but....nope. So I think I'll use some thin solder and bend it round till it looks close to the images I've seen.
  6. lol thanks Andrew. This is the first time I've done a ship. I'm used to 1/48th jets and some star ships. This stuff is tiny and is telling me that I need new glasses! ha!
  7. More little updates from Monday. Fire hose and ring buoy's added.....not a lot, but it was a busy day! I'm not sure where all of these are located on the ship, so if you know.....feel free to speak up :) (pictures taken this morning with the sun down, not great) Edit: Woah, ladder messed up in the second pic....better fix that!
  8. More weekend updates. Starboard railings attached and paint cleaned up. I don't think I'll attach the nets at the stern till I'm close to completion, as I'm sure I'll knock those off. Feel free to comment.
  9. Minor updates from the stern. Working weird hours this week, so I finally have some daylight to work with. Painted the last of the haze grey on the main deck, laid down the landing pad dry transfer from Pontos and then the last of the wood decking. Not bad I suppose. I'll see what else I can button up on the stern this afternoon when I get home. Comments, critiques, tell me I screwed up, always welcome!
  10. Hey there.....check out this thread on the Iowa's. It has a TON of info that can be helpful.
  11. Awesome, post it when you get going. Not much of an update really, but progress is progress. More railing, ladders and life raft buckets and rafts attached. I think I'm too the point of starting the same work on the port side now. Feel free to critique and remind me to hurry up! :)
  12. Thanks again! Glad to be of any assistance I can. By chance do you have Yamato that you're dusting off? I'd love to build that one someday. :) Brett
  13. Thanks Andrew!
  14. Hey Calvin Wellllll, I can tell I need newer glasses and an Optivisor the longer I work on it! But, I'm getting closer and closer. I'd hoped to be done this month, but I took quite a bit of time off the ship. Back on track now and will update with more pictures later on. I've really liked the builds I've seen of 1/200 ships, but I have a hard time imagining where I could place them once complete. Someday maybe. Heck, I want to do a 1/32 Su-27 and can't imagine where it'd fit currently at my house....and that's in 2800 sq/ft! Thanks again! Brett