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    Exploring the great outdoors (Jeep, hiking, biking, etc.) Sci-fi shows, and now I'm back into models after taking more than 15 years off!

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial and tips. Your spit is looking incredible, excellent work as usual from you. :)
  2. Brett M

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    King Tiger looks small now.....Can't wait for more parts to show up in the mail. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1943/45045851214_261f97228e_h.jpg
  3. Brett M

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    Issue 1 and 2 sitting on the bench next to my King Tiger, waiting to be assembled......
  4. Brett M

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    Awesome, thanks for confirming. I'm in the same position, no hurry so I am fine with the monthly deliveries too. Looking forward to seeing more of your build as it comes together, thanks for sharing. Brett
  5. Brett M

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    Hey Mark About to subscribe and don't want to get stuck on a fake site. Did you use the below page to start your subscription? https://www.deloreanbuildup.com/ Thanks!
  6. Brett M

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Looking forward to seeing how they all look together!
  7. Always impressed by the work you do with canopies, this build and previous. I stopped using the dip because of your tutorials 😎
  8. Brett M

    My 1/8 BTTF Delorean (WIP)

    I've been thinking more and more about getting this going. Your's is the second WIP that I've seen and it makes it even more tempting to hit the order form One thing I've found is that in the UK and France, you can order multiple issues at once. Too bad for those of us in the US, we are stuck with subscrition only. Oh well......where's my credit card??? Check out this WIP as well. https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=286553
  9. Brett M

    Tamiya Panther Ausf. A

    I've been wondering where to post my Takom King Tiger build as well, since the Armor forum on ARC is pretty much dead. You might try Britmodeler, they seem to have quite a few great builders there for armor. Otherwise.....I like it. I would try to weather the spare track links more, since they seem to always be rusty. Maybe try a dull coat on the road wheels as well...? I'm definitely no pro on these!
  10. Brett M

    Bandai 1/72 T-65 X Wing and 1/12 BB-8

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  11. Brett M

    1/144 United 727-200

    Nice work and a cool, older scheme to see. Those mountains do look familiar......
  12. Brett M

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    An exceptionally good looking build. The colors, in flight pose, simple stand all look great together. Awesome work! (I picked up this same kit because of your WIP. I hope I can do it justice!)
  13. Finished just over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to getting some decent pictures up. Both of these Bandai kits fit like a dream and I've barely used any glue on either. No need really! I went Rogue One, Blue Squadron look on the X wing, but not going for movie accuracy. Paints are all Model Master. I'll probably build a different base as the Death Star look, it's not right. BB-8, I sprayed an orange pearl on all of the orange parts, which made it darker than it should be, and also sprayed aluminum on the silver. The white is the bare plastic, with Flory Model wash to highlight the small fasteners and panels. Comments are always welcome. I'm not great at weathering and working on it more and more (Takom King Tiger on the bench, it REQUIRES weathering!). Thanks all!
  14. Brett M

    ISO: Bandai MG AMS-119 Geara Doga

    Yeah, last time I spoke with Doug, he said they burn through Gundam kits. Give them a call, they might have one on the way!