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  1. Nice! Those Quinta decals look great.
  2. Brilliant, beautiful work!
  3. Holy....you have built one impressive replica of the Falcon. Beautiful work, beautiful!
  4. Hi Lucio The Hasegawa step looks pretty shallow, but when I look at photos of the actual jets, they seem to match.
  5. Nice, clean work. Looking forward to seeing more updates!
  6. Brilliant work on your shuttle and HST. I definitely look forward to seeing these updates!
  7. No criticism from me, nice work! I assume you’ll clean the vents up later?😉
  8. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more finished pictures.
  9. Now that’s impressive work! Congrats on a fine build....and I’m looking forward to seeing the CSM!
  10. Looks good, nice work.....and jealous of that collection! side note for readers, I have a unbuilt 1/350 NX I’d let go. Message me......
  11. Very nice, she’s coming along nicely. The natural metal fasteners do stand out nicely and look good!
  12. Very nice, taking notes for my Su-30, whenever I get to it!
  13. Oooooo that looks really good. Beautiful work on the metal.
  14. Very nice work on the masks, clean work. Looks like the kabuki tape is easier to burnish than the vinyl, noted for the future. Keep at it, looking forward to seeing this finished!
  15. Incredible detail and craftsmanship.....this is amazing to follow. Thanks for sharing the updates!
  16. Nice org and smooth paint job. That’s going to be nice and clean looking. I picked up some Maketar masks as well, but I’ll end up using them on another Corsair later.
  17. Nice work. I agree, your second picture from the movie seems to show the dome.
  18. Brilliant work! The bridge and pod look great. I might steal some of your ideas for my Discovery sitting in the stash 😊
  19. Very nice start to the paint work. Your Flanker looks to be well on the way to a stunning end result.
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