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  1. Congrats on the win! She looks great.
  2. Nice scratch work, looks great to me!
  3. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that P-38.........I’ll be watching for that!
  4. Very nice work. The cowl flaps and that wire....I wasn’t looking forward to that in 1/32! Impressive! If you are bored, check out my build..... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/82028-tamiya-132-f4u-1-birdcage-corsair/
  5. Sorry, no picture for me..... Hope you can get it resolved, I’d like to check out your build!
  6. Ha, so it wasn't just my bottle of poly either! My local shop has been out of poly the last few times I've been in (plus a few other colors I wanted to pick up for my Corsair build). Good to know it's......normal? Beautiful work on Miss Steve, I really like how it turned out and the mostly clean look. What's next on the bench?
  7. Very nice work and a great way to display!
  8. Looking great! The bright blue nose and tail add a nice visual interest. And, the restrained wash definitely pulls detail out. Glad to see how well the MMP paints work, as I like the way they spray. More to add to the supplies closet!
  9. Looking very sharp, beautiful paintwork and the decals look great.
  10. Missiles turned out great. Well, the whole build did. Congrats on a great model.
  11. Looking forward to seeing how the MMP metallics look. Definitely some great progress made here and looking forward to seeing more progress!
  12. Looking very nice. You weathered/patched painting looks great! Off topic, but how do you spray MM acrylic? I never have luck with those paints...
  13. Very nice work. The IP looks good. I do agree with you that a bit of weathering on the IP would help blend it in. Side note, Barracuda decals showed up today. Even in 1/32, I need better eyes for these!
  14. Ha, a good reason for "writing a note" if I've ever heard. Curiousity, was the shop running low on Model Master enamels? They're getting harder to find locally here and I'd heard they're going out of production. I'm also not one for a particular brand, using Model Master, Tamiya, Vallejo, Mission Models, etc. Whatever best matches and I can airbrush it.....I'll use!
  15. Sidewalls look sharp and nicely worn. I keep seeing the Barracuda decals.....so I've ordered some for my next build. They're just too good to pass up!
  16. And this is all that matters anyway!
  17. Kidding? Or serious that they didn't like it?
  18. Lots of good information you’ve shared in that post, definitely appreciated. Interesting to me that they used the same colors on the Vipers as the hangar bay, guess that’s cost savings! Looking forward to seeing more work and color!
  19. Thanks! No destruction from the Enterprise.....she's still in her box, waiting to go into space dock for assembly!
  20. NICE work on the pilot figure!
  21. No pressure at all! Hopefully you pick up an award, your work deserves it. (I need to stop signing on when you do, ha!)
  22. Whoops, didn't even put the acronym together in my head. Great work.
  23. Very good looking bird. I had the same question as Romain, looking forward to seeing how they look toned down.
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