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  1. I know! I would love to see 'Punk's Fight' or 'Debt of Honor' made into a movie. (methink the Navy wouldn't want an accurate movie from Ward Carroll though )
  2. Plus that whole thing of us being able to nuke them five ways back to the Hun invasion might put them off a bit...
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Dawn_(2010_film) Yes, the adolescent famous on Nickelodeon, if it follows the plot of the old one, wield a Type 95 against Chinese soldiers in the Ghettos of Michigan. Wow.
  4. Just looked it up, and I have to say that it actually is pretty logically designed given the space constraints. I don't really see what's all that complex about it. It's an unorthodox arrangement but it's not as convoluted or mind-bending as some make it seem like.
  5. This excites me for some reason. Maybe use a OA-4M for a base and add some IR-guided Zunis...:D
  6. Pretty hard for an aircraft to not look good with black/yellow tails and the skull-and-crossbones. Go for it! Also, the customized figures look really nice. that one guy looks like he's drinking from a 2L bottle though. :)
  7. Yes, Macross, and more specifically, Macross Plus.
  8. Well there's something you don't see everyday; a Hornet with the tgt'ing pod on the centerline.
  9. This is looking simply freaking sweet! the detail you're putting into this is just amazing, you should almost make the top removable to see all that detail. Another note, doesn't the Bofors use a 6-round magazine? Never mind, forgot what it looked like.
  10. The 28 has clipped canards too? I'm looking at the photos on wikipedia and the GBU-28 looks like a plain-Jane Paveway-III guidance unit.
  11. Okay, first off you need a GBU-24 and a GBU-10. Lengthen the GBU-24 by cutting and splicing a 7.1cm-long, 8mm OD tube. Then cut off the rear fin section (just fore of the fins) and glue on the fin section of the GBU-10. Leave off the GBU-24's hardpoint saddle and you have a 28.
  12. I more side with this. If there is something glaring with the kit that doesn't look right, then I won't buy it or I'll try to correct the problem. But little details and subtle curve differences don't bug me too much. then again, I haven't been intimate with these machines as some of you have, so my opinion might be skewed by inexperience.
  13. Not quite as bad as was predicted. Only a little more than the current Tamiya Black Nights boxing, so factor in the hours saved scribing lines and all the other work (and possibly resin correction/detail sets not needed), seems like a great price. I believe forecasts were as high as $300 for this?
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