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  1. It's NSFW (no HC, just some nude/risque, and about half is gundam/mecha) but this guy is absolutely fantastic at building models/figurines. Even made some spectacular Macross Jets. http://codyscoop.com/
  2. The Heller is an old kit based on the slightly-smaller-than-production prototype Rafale. The Revell/Revell GMBH is a true-to scale, accurate, and good fitting representation of the production B and M Rafales. The HobbyBoss Rafales are cheap (in quality) knock-offs of the Revell kits. (though are still 'buildable').
  3. Skew the Excalibur, I want the Idolmaster F-2A! So putting the text block into Yahoo's page translator reveals: So basically, the wings are movable between noral and high-speed modes, there will be weapons bays, engine detail, the option to build single and twin-seat versions, one pilot figure, multi-piece canopy, plus actual detail under the spots on the nose for the translucent bits. :D Plus they're doing another production run of the SV51 Twinbooster and VF-2 VF-1 kits in 1:72.
  4. I like this one! ;) Very inventive concept and it looks nice for that kit. BTW, you do know the DML/Dragon Su-27 is 1:160 and not 1:144, right?
  5. I have found Lillith Suzaku's second aircraft.
  6. Well, I'll be darned! Didn;t notice the size diff when making my Rafle-Winged F-16. Otherwise the Italeri seats are pretty nice. How about Kinetic? Those seats are pretty good too.
  7. Dunno about HobbyBoss but Italeri/Zevezda/Revell of Germany sold one. Sparse panel line detail, rather rudimentary cockpit and landing gear bays (plus the gear struts themselves are too long) but shapewise very good and the fit is almost perfect.
  8. Nope. You will not get better than the Academy Su-27 period. And no go on anything with canards unless you're willing to spend three figures on a SOL resin conversion. Now, go down to 1:72, and then you have both the Airfix/ICM Su-27, as well as the Heller Su-27UB.
  9. Now don't get me wrong, (because you've executed that mech kit beautifully! ) But I never understood the appeal of the Zaku suits over the traditional Gundams/Mobile Suits.
  10. Here's the problem though, The Trump M and K are both of prototypes that are now obsolete. Neither have been fully developed, let alone sold. The new K, M2, 35, and SMT are what we need.
  11. Those have been OOP for a long time IIRC. check eBay, saw a couple very recently.
  12. The problem there is that the M would require all new wings, elevons, a new cockpit, new nose, new canopy/windscreen, the part to represent the beavertail, it would even require a new upper-fuselage because of how fundamental the change in spine shape is. You would literally only use about 35% of the kit's plastic, and a conversion that involved is asking for another ATTIC F-16XL IMO. I agree with you 100% about a MiG-29M/K/M2/'new' K/ and MiG-35, but the only way we're seeing one is if a manufacturer does it in plastic.
  13. I understand Shoji Kawamori's desire to 'get away from stealth designs of current times', but there is no way that aerodynamically the VF-25 would be better than a Sturmvogel II or Excalibur. The design from the standpoint of a spaceplane is good though, multiple maneuvering thrusters, good visibility, and flexible flight controls. As well, seeing an effective melee weapon is cool too. I just think that, like the sv51, the VF-25 seems a bit...spindly, though transformation is slick. The Bandai 1:72 kit...less impressive. The forward fuselage cannot lock together in GERWALK and some of the pro
  14. :D !!! Holy cow those are fantastic! I even thought the last pic was some kind of CGI or something. Really awesome job on those birds man! Now you need to do a Twinbooster vs. Angel diorama. BTW, you might get more exposure in the Critique Corner. PM SBARC and ask him to move it.
  15. But as he's said, he's not building for accuracy, win;t even stick the 'pit in. I agree with ReiRei0, just get a Hasegawa. The thing's practically a snap-tite model the fit is so good and as long as you don't hold it next to a pic of the real thing it's okay.
  16. Is it going to be flat black with red hexagons and chevrons all over it? (with Warlock wedged in the front?) Man, I can't wait for season two. (whether Gonzo Studios makes it an ero anime or not)
  17. Someone was talking about making a conversion for Revell's Echo in the original thread in Research Corner, but I think his conversion only got as far as my s/MTD conversion (nowhere).
  18. I doubt after the 1:48 F-15K / F-15E OIF kits that they're going to underperform with a 1:72 Sufa.
  19. The only happening of a F-14 carrying AMRAAMs is the first six minutes of Macross Zero (youtube Macross Zero F-14 dogfight)
  20. How about this? Take the CFT/Spine from the F-16I, put them on a Monogram XL, cut and splice the twin-place cockpit, and throw on the beefier undercarriage. Don't forget the ECM blisters. Can't wait for this kit to come out!
  21. Just whatever it is you have to build it with a -132 engine. The F-2A's clean T/W is .89. That is YGBSM-ly poor for an 'advanced' F-16 derivative. though comparing the F-2's profile to the F-16's the F-2 should be more maneuvarable as it has larger tails and overall the wings/LERXs are shifted forward a little.
  22. (I forgot who did these profiles but they're not mine)
  23. I really want to 'talk' to the individual that eliminated that LANTIRN pod/pylon, looked in the bowl, and thought it would make a good model component.
  24. Apparently one XL was modded for 'laminar airflow testing' and the pics show a GE engine fitted. [from peacock's link]
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