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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sTd2wXilNg [@ 4:32 ] This, and the pzh-2000 are pretty much the only armor that get my blood going. I know where to find the Super Howitzer, but does anybody make a kit of this particular Trojan recovery/pathfinder tank with the dozing blade and crane/bucket arm?
  2. Plus IIRC the wings were composite, like the F-2 wings, so there's not much detail to start off with.
  3. Man, go see a shrink or something. How bad do you hate yourself to give yourself those kits for your birthday? ( )
  4. Some very serious proportional and shape changes between Pands'a X-35B and the current prototype/production F-35A/B And wait, I take it that that's a 35B? Or is the paint just fortuitously placed?
  5. Built it, and while the fit is good not so hot on accuracy. People have said the shape is off but IMO it looks pretty damn good. Also, cockpit's total crap (esp. the ejection seat; looks like a recliner). Go for the standard one with the Luftwaffe bird on the box as the Ukraine version comes with really thick-finned missiles. That aside, it's leagues ahead of the Monogram kit, so it is your only option. But it's a good option. Usual assortment of cockpits available, but there's also wheel well sets too. Neomega even made a 9-13 (humpback spine) conversion but that's long OOP and hard to find.
  6. We need someone to do profiles of USAF ANG Rhinos.
  7. I was referencing the Gripen 'New Gripen' [or Next Gen] colloquially shortened to Gripen NG or simple NG. The Ng occupies the E/F designations and has a number of avionics improvements. The biggest changes though are the installation of the F414, giving the NG greater than 1:1 T/W with full internal fuel and AAMs as well as supercruise with said configuration. the second major change is the bumping of the landign gear outboard to fairings on the underside wing roots to improve internal fuel and allow twin parallel centerline hardpoints [al'a J-35].
  8. The only real issue I saw with my last one (a few months ago) was the pig nose; not much flash or warped parts. (aside from the droopy right wing that seems to have afflicted every single 1:48 VG-winged kit I've built!)
  9. All for only three times what you can get the Delta for at Michales!
  10. All Kinetic kits save the AM, DG/DJ, and C Barak have the corrected nose.
  11. I wonder who's going to make the Prototype/Production F-35A/B/C in 1:48/1:72. We already have Pit Road's excellent 1:144 offering, but what about the real scales?
  12. "...and a Motec Systems Exhaust..." the stupid *** let that enormous bug-up slip through. Motec makes engine management systems, not exhausts. Then again, that grinning flaming-homosexual blond they cast as the lead is just as bad. That whole movie was so full of tech errors and cliches I classify it as a comedy and not an action film. -Who the heck replaces floorpan panels with diamond-plate? -Since When did the 1998 Eclipse GST come with a 6-speed? -Amazing how the 4G63T recovered from it's fried piston rings to be able to spirit Dom away from the cops. -Nitrous is not explosive. Those b
  13. Aside from fanciful aerodynamics that would have a hard time working in RL, what styling cues are shared? Yes both have fwspt wings but the shape of the wings on the Talon is closer to the Su-47 IMO than the YF-19, and the Excalibur's wings sweep back, the Talon's wings sweep forward. Outside of Macross 7 and Dynamite 7 (Mac7 movie, what DYRL was to SDF) what VF did not allow the pilot to see behind him in some way? And if the director was a fan of Mac 7, then he does not deserve his eyesight or testes.
  14. Yeah, why not? Quentin Tarentino had the right idea of Top Gun. The SH certainly cannot outrun a SAM, esp with drop tank fitted. And what SAM in the world has a burn time of three minutes an the incredible HOBS necessary to keep tracking the SH after a couple of those J-turns? And lastly, what kind of arms manufacturer fits a shotgun to the head of SAM? Don't get me started on Iron Eagle. And I'm just as anal about the F&F franchise (though they are a bit more enjoyable)
  15. I will give you that (and later in Joshy-Washy's AC the MFDs are displaying proper readouts). But that was the 1980s. This was the 2000's.
  16. All three variations? They were all the same poorly designed AC. Joshy-Washy says in the movie "Only three Talons were ever built". I don't remember there being separate variations except for Jessica Biel's bird having no redundant flight controls. Maybe that was the prototype? :P On a related note, I think that the AC are kind of contradictory. When one looks at it from a non-fighter standpoint the Talon makes sense as a very-high-supersonic, long-range precision strike AC with stealth. The lack of rearward visibility could be attributed to a need for very streamline aerodynamics and mai
  17. You like lighting fires, don't you Matt? Well I think there's reason for optimism since the IBR showed none of the horrendous malformed proportions of the Trumpy 1:32.
  18. Here's some Asian model show with alot of sci-fi jets from Yukikaze and Ace Combat there. http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/...2007w/index.htm
  19. http://usi.kir.jp/Musium/Garage/USI_Musium_Unchara.html So far I see the XR-45(ACEX), ADFX-01(ACE0), XFA-36(ACE3), R-103 Delphinus(ACE3) and the XFA-27(ACE2/X) and the price range is about $40/$50. Scroll to about 1/3 the way down.
  20. There are only two forums I belong to and I can guarantee no-one here even goes to the other. So whatever verbal abuse you sling I won't see.
  21. There are still google archives of the pages (just some of his photo galleries are closed off because the pages are non-scroll and this the links inaccessible) http://web.archive.org/web/20080115091736/.../www.habu2.net/
  22. Be forewarned though, it only comes with weps decals for the new weapons/pod. You'll need to buy a 'K' decal sheet for the rest of the goodies.
  23. It's an extra sprue with: 2x GBU-31 (BLU-109) 2x GBU-12 2x AIM-9L/M 2x AIM-120B 1x Sniper pod And that's on top of the original two detail sprues, so you still get the six GBU-38s, two SLAM-ERs, ect. (This is the DS OIF boxing)
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