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    I recently found this article and it too references Nils Mathisrud as a resource. I have an Osprey book publication a friend gave me today about the mossie, but no mention of the BOAC service, very odd indeed. I'll probably just use the kit decals. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8/7701-7800/gal7710-Mosquito-Regan/00.shtm Thank you Neil
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    I'm looking to build the 1/72 Hasegawa Mosquito FB Mk VI"passenger transport" and I'm trying to find some resoures, internet or books, that have some history about this version of the Mosquito. I've tried several attempts on the internet already but I'm not finding much information. Thank you Neil B)
  3. Great build. I've built that kit. A very nice model from Zvezda. Where did you get the tarmac?
  4. Bingo that's it. Thank you
  5. Was wondering if anyone of the airliner decal manufactures were planning to do a sheet for this airline/airplane? http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7070280 Regards; Neil
  6. Thanks Tim; The 767 build is the first one I read years ago. Love the C-46. My dad flew those for CAT Civil Air Transport run by Claire Chenault. I've been trying to find decals for those planes for years but the only ones Ive seen are on the MC DC-6 and somewhere I saw a COnvair 880/990? with them on it but none for the C-46's. Neil
  7. Great build. I applie future with a paint brush, haven't mastered the airbrush method. I work on the Ramp at OMA on CRJ's, 737's and RJ's. Deicing them gives one a unique view of the airplanes. Here's one I did for a client. http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y210/bablenw/Chargersjet/
  8. Thanks for the info everyone. Tim; I remember reading a build review a couple of years ago of one of your airliners, and you mentioned using the Tamiya laquer lines, Pure White and the fine surface primer. Its all I use now. Love the leveling properties.
  9. I was wondering what happened to Tamiya's Fine surface Primer (White). I've Googled and the on line hobby shops all say Out of Stock? Anyone know where I can get some, or what's happened to the product? Thanks Neil
  10. I'm not too up on the airliners engines. Im looking for the spare engine fans so I can finish the model. Thanks
  11. The kit I have is the one that has Condor Livery. Which engines those be?
  12. Looking for 2 spare fan blades for the Revell 1/144 scale A320 Airbus, P&W engines not the RR. Will pay for shipping Thank you Neil
  13. Looking for two spare fan blades for the Revell 1/144scale A320 AIRBUS. I will pay for shipping Contact Neil Bable send email torutiger01@hotmail.com
  14. Thanks Richard. I checked out your finished model and I really liked it. I hadn't noticed the blue engine pylons unitl you pointed them out regarding not forgeting to paint them blue. BTW what blue is a good match. I typically use Tamiya Laquers spray can lines. I was looking at their straight blue color and considering that as a close match. Any ideas to help? Neil
  15. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions I'll try emailing him directly. WHat form of payment does he take and where is he located? City and state? NEil
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