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  1. Hi Paolo, Thanks for your input mate. Wow, car paint, is that the norm for these kind of paint schemes in the Italian Air Force? Will make life a lot easier with a Halfords just around the corner! Cheers, Glen Also, if it lasted several years, I can do a little weathering then?
  2. Hi guys, I'm building the Italeri 1/48 Tornado IDS in the special Black Panthers scheme. Check out the link: My link Looking over the decals and instructions, there are no stencil or other airframe markings provided or called out for other than the special markings? Where the stencilling markings painted over and or removed for this (temporary)scheme? Hopefully so, it'll save me a whole lotta decalling Cheers Glen
  3. Hi Janne, Thanks mate, not detailed an aircraft kit before, hoping to just give a more accurate representation and maybe try out a few new techiniques. Cheers, Glen
  4. Hi Malaquias, Am a big fan of tiger meet schemes too, Hope to do a Tornado tiger meet in the future, but wont be using this kit again :D Cheers, Glen
  5. Hi guys, Been away from building models way too long now. Been building no less than 3 full resin and or resin conversion 1/35 AFV kits the last few weeks (at the same time). Resin/AFV burnout. SO today I decided to jump into an aircraft project, with both feet. Thought this one would be a relatively straight forward build.....wrong :blink: Anyway got stuck in late this afternoon. Gonna enjoy this one, hoping to get her to paint asap, looking forward to that metal on black with panther scheme!!! Here's where I'm at, in a pictorial fashion This is the kit, looks great in the box, not so easy once you start dry-fitting parts. Wheel wells, big old ejection pin marks on the inside, Italeri didn't think this one through? Got one side cleaned up, grateful for that micro-chisel! Forward fuselage halves, that central console section is a work of fiction and totally oversized, wanted something more or less OOB but my 'conscience' got the better of me :wacko: After cutting out that central section I started on the rear console. Cutting out that big console left quite a gap, decided to try something interesting and flesh this area out with metal foil. Starting to come together, replaced the side displays so they looked a little more to scale and at that angle as opposed to straight on? Busying the area up with wiring, based on reference pictures, have exagerated the wiring (quantity/size) slightly for effect. Finishing off that uppermost section of the central console, will detail up this area a little more with some of the bumps and wires etc, and some mr surfacer to tie in some of the edges Rear fuselage halves, what a join, a lot of tidying up needed, musta dry-fitted this a dozen times? Thanks for looking guys, Glen
  6. Hi guys, Getting back into aircraft modelling after a long hiatus. Has anyone please got Instructions for Hasegawas 1/48 GR Mk.5 kit number 09585? A scan via email would be great?! Thanks guys, Glen
  7. Hi guys, I have these aircraft I would like to trade for your modern Soviet/Russian kits. I am especially interested in T54s. T55s, T62s etc. But whatever Modern Soviet/Russian or other Modern kits you have I'm willing to consider. If trading each party covers own shipping, buyers pay for shipping. Am located in Ireland, paypal is fine: HASEGAWA A/C KIT 1/72 F/A-18F Super Hornet with Eduard Etch set (a super kit!). TAMIYA A/C KIT 1/48 ME262 A-1a by Tamiya kit 61087. I also have for it the Highly detailed Aires Resin cockpit set and Resin Wheel bays 4148. 1/48 Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu TypeII kit 61036 (float plane) 1/72 Sukhoi SU-34 Strike Flanker & Pavla full resin cockpit & Eduard Etch set DRAGON A/C KIT 1/32 (P-51) F-6D Mustang 3202 (Beautiful and BIG kit!) ITALERI A/C KIT 1/72 Sukhoi SU-25 with Pavla Resin seat, ExtraTech Etch set & Kopro Stencil Decals Many thanks for looking guys. I hope that someone can find something they are looking for and in turn trade me for that armour kit they may never build! PM me here or email me at glenphelan AT hotmail DOT com. Take care and happy modelling! Glen
  8. The following has been sold: SUPER SET: Italeri 1/72 SU-22 M4. Pavla Resin Cockpit C 72007 for SU-22. Pavla Resin Drop Tanks 7243. PART etch set S72010 for SU-22. PART etch set S72011 for SU-22. PART etch set S72012 for SU-22. 65Euro/90$ Cheers, Glen __________________ "Boys, you did well. But go easy on the riddling." Michael Collins as played by Liam Neeson
  9. Hi guys, I have for sale here some package deals. Rather see em go in the Forums than evilBay, so first refusal to you all, but anything that doesn't sell here in the next few days will go on eBay. The price is fixed guys & selling 'as a set' only. Payment by PayPal please, price is Euro price ($ is for guide only, payment in Euro price please). Buyer pays shipping. Thanks guys, hope you see something you like Tamiya 1/72 Sukhoi SU-34 Strke Flanker. Pavla Resin Cockpit 72006 for SU-34. Eduard Etch set 72203 for SU-34. 40Euro/56$ SOLD Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt ME262A-1a. ME262A-1a Aires Resin Wheel Bay/Cockpit set. 45Euro/64$ SOLD Fujimi 1/72 A-4B Skyhawk 'Mavericks'. 23Euro/32$ Tamiya 1/72 Republic F-84G Thunderjet. CMK Interior for F-84G 7033. PART Etch set S72 143 for F-84G. 45Euro/64$SOLD Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18C 'Chippy-Ho' 2001 Eduard Etch set 72348 for F/A-18C. 23Euro/32$ Hasegawa 1/72 AV-8B Desert Harrier. Eduard Etch set 72356 for AV-8B. 23Euro/32$ Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18F Super Hornet. Eduard Etch set 72329 for F/A-18F. 23Euro/32$ ICM 1/72 MIG-31 Foxhound. PART Etch set S72148 FOR MIG-31. PART Etch set S72149 FOR MIG-31. 36Euro/50$ Academy 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle. PART Etch set S72092 FOR F-15E. PART Etch set S72098 FOR F-15E. 36Euro/50$ Revell 1/72 SU-27 Flanker-B. Pavla Resin set for SU-27. Eduard Etch set 72349 for SU-27. 40Euro/56$ Zvezda 1/72 SU-25. Extratech Etch set EX72071 for SU-25. Pavla K-36M Ejector Seat for SU-25. 36Euro/50$ Zvezda 1/72 SU-24M. Pavla Resin set C72008 for SU-24M. Neomega Resin Cockpit set for SU-24M. 36Euro/50$ SUPER SET: Italeri 1/72 SU-22 M4. Pavla Resin Cockpit C 72007 for SU-22. Pavla Resin Drop Tanks 7243. PART etch set S72010 for SU-22. PART etch set S72011 for SU-22. PART etch set S72012 for SU-22. 65Euro/90$ SOLD I will post replies with kits sold or removed so keep an eye out below. Cheers, Glen __________________ "Boys, you did well. But go easy on the riddling." Michael Collins as played by Liam Neeson
  10. Hi guys, Thanks very much for the input, much appreciated. Cheers, Glen
  11. Hi guys, Can any of the post war British jet fans tell me is it possible to convert the Revell 1/32 Sea Venom to the 2 seater Vampire (T.55) as used by the Irish Air Corps. I guess if possible a whole new cockpit and de-navalising is needed? Were these twin-tail family very similar, my searching makes it seem so? I have a Venom line drawing but cant find a Vampire one to confirm? Any help would be very much appreciated! Cheers, Glen
  12. Hi sv, That's fair enough mate, each to his own! The Kinetic F-15 eh, oooh your a fire starter :D Cheers :lol: Glen
  13. Hi Andre, http://www.dstorm.eu/pictures/nose-arts/f-...audi/1312_1.jpg That could very well be the Eaagle I'm looking for? 2 kills fits the story? Thanks very much for the links, great pics on there. Cheers Glen
  14. Hi guys, Have gleaned the following information from Wikipedia, I still have a number of questions: "Scripting and costuming place Stackhouse and Burnett in the squadron VFA-163 Ark Angels. The real VFA-163 squadron was decommissioned well before the Super Hornet was put into service. The Super Hornet, which did not enter service until 1999, was decorated with VFA-163's 1995 markings on the spine but was in fact on loan from VFA-122." Is this information accurate? What kits should I go with in 1/48 and 1/72 to portray the movie Hornet? Are there decals available that I could use? Any help much appreciated guys Glen
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