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  1. Hey folks, I'm looking for the two-seat TF-18/ F/A-18B canopy and frame/turtleback from the Testors/ Italeri 1/48 Hornet kit. This was an build option in the Testors/ Italeri Hornet so these parts would be leftover if you built the kit as the single-seater. Please send me a PM if you are willing to sell me the parts. Thanks! - John B
  2. Long shot. I'm looking for the Model Technologies Photo-etch set for the 1/48 Monogram F-18 Hornet. Here's a link to the product image -> Link I can pay by Paypal. Please send me a PM if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  3. Please delete. No longer looking for Revell F/A-18F.
  4. Sold items removed. Trade wants updated.
  5. Corsair sold. Both Harrier kits ON-HOLD for buyer from NZ.
  6. Hey folks, I'm looking to buy or trade for Aeromaster 48-564 Colorful Crusaders Pt 6 LINK. I'm willing to trade 2 of the following sheets for one sheet of those sheets. Aeromaster 48-568 Colorful Crusaders Pt 7 (VMF(AW)-312 and VF-13) Eagle Strike 48-037 F-14 Tomcat Part 3 (VF-51 and VF-2) Fightertown Decals 48034 White Hot Hornets (30th Anniversary and NASA) Fightertown Decals 48051 Desert Bogeys (VFA-127, NSAWC and VFC-13) Fightertown Decals 48064 Adversary Ghosts (VFC-12, NSAWC, NFWS, VFA-204, VFC-13 and VAQ-34) Superscale 48-192 A-4M/ TA-4 Skyhawks (VMA-311, VMA-211, VC-13) Superscale 48-314 F-4 Phantoms (VMFA-312, VMFA-321, and Alabama ANG) Superscale 48-645 F4D Skyrays (VF-23 and VF-51) Please PM me if you have one of the sheets to sell or trade. Thanks!
  7. Hey folks - If multiple Academy F-4B Phantoms are going to join my stash, funds and space will be required. All kits are 1/48th, complete and unstarted. Hasegawa JASDF Weapons Set A $15 Italeri Red Arrows Hawk + Wolfpack Design Hawk T1 Cockpit $50 Revell F-8 Crusader (original boxing) + Superscale 48-774 + Aeromaster 48-568 + Cobra Company Double 5-inch Zuni rocket pods $20 As previously, payment is accepted by Paypal (preferred), Money Order, or well-hidden cash (not recommended). Buyer pays actual postage. Please supply zip code (or postal code if outside the US) to allow me to provide you a postage estimate. I’m not interested in breaking up packages. Please PM if interested. Interested in trading for the following – 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk Thanks for looking.
  8. All decals are complete unless noted. Aeromaster 48-540 Sea Harriers All Hi-vis FRS.1 $8 PENDING CAM Decal 48-A024 Black and Gray Aircraft Carrier names $3 Eagle Strike 48-037 F-14 Tomcats Part 3 VF-51 & VF-2 CAG jets $8 48-193 Furies of the Fleet in Color Pt 2 - FJ-4/4B VMF-451, FAGU $8 Experts Choice 48-42 US National Insignia WWII 1943-1945 $4 Flying Leathernecks FL48004 VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knight OIF Tour 2007 + CD $10 Fowler Aviation FD4808 F-14As VF-24, VF-33 High-Viz Overall light gull gray + VF-24 Tomcat patch $10 MAW-Decals 48-MAW-004 Night Hawks History + VMFA(AW)-533 Operation Iraqi Freedom DVD (includes in-country footage, gun camera videos, and still images & videos showing actual combat loadouts used in-theatre by squadron) - $25 Microscale/Superscale 48-192 A-4M/ TA-4 VC-13, VMA-211, VMA-331 All Low-Vis $5 48-284 RF-4B VMFP-3 (Bicentennial Scheme) and F-4J VMFA-212 Both Hi-Vis $5 PENDING 48-314 F-4D/F-4S Low-Viz VMFA-321, VMFA-312 and 160th TFS $5 48-645 F4D Skyrays VF-23 & VF-51 $5 Please PM me if you’re interested. Trade interests - HI Decal 48002 Hornets (in particular VMFA(AW)-224 markings). As before, payment is accepted by Paypal. Buyer pays actual postage (between $2 and $3 within US) for individual decal sheets. Please supply zip code (or postal code if outside the US) to allow me to provide you a postage estimate. Postage is FREE to US/FPO/APO addresses if decal total (without postage) is over $10. I’m not interested in breaking up packages. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hello folks, As outlined in my in-progress thread -> F-18 FSD #3 Thread <- I am in need of replacement decals from the Monogram F-18 Prototype kit.... ...and the replacement decals for Hornet #3 from the Testors F-18 kit #581 Please PM me if you have either or both decal sheets you can spare. I don't need the kits or boxes, and I can buy the decals outright or reimburse you the cost postage by Paypal. Thanks in advance - John B
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