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  1. Had that kit in the stash left at my mom's house years ago but it and a bunch of other good kits went missing when my nephew helped himself to them.
  2. Bought a load of cassette tapes at a thrift store over the weekend and there were 10 Jethro Tull albums included in the bunch. Just finished doing the analog to digital transfers of the lot to my pc and Ian Anderson's flute is deeply imbedded in my brain.
  3. pdf995 has a free version that may suit your needs. Go to www.pdf995.com to check it out.
  4. I'd remove any home-burned cd's. The polycarbonate can stand the heat but the dyes used in blanks might not fare so well.
  5. The Dora and the 88 have been repainted since I was there last. That 88 used to be outside and was in rough shape.
  6. Securing those materials after being laid down is doing it the hard way. Spraying on a coat of thinned out white glue might work. Better would be to start over and spray your base with 3M spray adhesive or brush on light coats of white glue and then put on the landscaping.
  7. Of the few planes on your list, the L-1011 is the most attractive to my eye. Missing from the list and the most attractive airliner of all is the Boeing 727.
  8. Great box art. Too bad the model inside isn't nearly as good. Good luck, Erwin.
  9. HOLY CR@P!!! Let the rivet counters try to slam this one.
  10. Here's the info on the Starfighter:link I think what's most interesting about this aircraft is that it served exactly 2 weeks in active service.
  11. The look of those hinge bulges and locator tabs on the canopy glass suggest that Pegasus will also release this as a painted prebuilt, just as they have in the past with their V-1. It is a simplistic model, but so is the prototype, and the large scale makes scratchbuilding details much easier than on smaller models.
  12. IIRC, Pan Am never took delivery of the Douglas aircraft since the 707's were delivered first. United may be similarly hedging their bets. It wouldn't make any economic sense to operate both types.
  13. The above replies are all true but you might try polishing them with plain old-fashioned white toothpaste to see if lessens the yellowing any.
  14. That's why you have to seal it with light, misted on coats of the spray while the sheet lies flat on a table. When it's completely dry you can cut the decals out but leave a border of film around the design so water can't get to the ink.
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