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  1. Next to the last Block 10 from Vega, they may have started installing those cheek guns. The pitot looks to be the same as the earlier aircraft. This is supposed to be 5741:
  2. There were only 13 that went overseas and one of those was lost prior to operations. Others were built from later blocks but if you are only interested in the ones that saw combat they had the standard B-17F nose windows and no astrodome.The XB-40 retained all of the small windows in the nose but the YB's got the enlarged gun windows. Some of the ones from the later blocks had the "cheek" style windows but those did not go overseas. They were all used as trainers in the States.
  3. I have used just regular filler. Need to seal it with some paint and see if I can smooth it out. Then see about chopping a hole in it. There will be quite bit of trial and error (lots of errors I suspect ) involved but I think in the end it will be worth it. Summer is winding down, should get back to it.
  4. Here are a few of the drawings from the Cheyenne Mod Center drawings for that center nose gun:
  5. Part of it depends on how accurate you want to be. The G "cheek guns" are not correct for the late F models. As 42-6098 is a late Vega bird, the right side is correct but the left side window extended further back. It goes 1 frame further aft and the fairing itself has some subtle differences. Here is another F-45-VE bird (42-6087, "Royal Flush" of the 100th BG): You would naturally have to change the forward floor as well but that is not too difficult. The nose is a bit of a problem. I have been working on modifying the Belle nose by filling in the gun ports and making the cutout for the center gun. Worked on it last winter and have been too busy this summer to finish it. But I think it is doable. Do you have any experience with vacuforming? If so, you could make the nose as I described and you should be able to make a form for that left side nose window without too much trouble and just use the G fairing. Another detail that is of interest in this photo is you can clearly see that the interior of the nose does not have the fabric lining that was present on most F models (look through the aft window). Apparently Vega deleted that on these later aircraft.
  6. Per Tim's comments above, a couple of minor changes. Further research has shown the floor around the top turret did not get the anti-skid treatment. And the radio compartment only had it down the center, the width of the camera well. I provided the info Tim was using and I misinterpreted the drawings back then. Keep learning!
  7. You might also consider getting one of the B-25 Maintenance Manuals on CD that are available on Ebay. If you are looking for airplane details, they are hard to beat!
  8. In the end, I think it comes down to the individual. You can find reviews to trash any kit. Each of us have our own standards. Some people like more accurate, some ease of build, some hate raised panel lines, some hate engraved panel lines, some hate interiors (or lack thereof), etc. Most of the kits out there will build up to look quite a bit like a B-17 :0 ! In 72nd, I prefer the new Airfix for a G and Hasegawa for an F. An early G is a challenge. While you can build one from that Academy offering, I really detest how fouled up the wings are. And I was really disappointed in the Revell kit. But these are all personal preferences. Build it and have fun, after all, it IS a hobby!
  9. While I hate to disagree with Mr. Lombardi, here is the drawing from the Boeing engineering drawings relating to the sound proofing. The sound proofing in the nose and radio compartment was deleted after 42-30616 (F-110-BO). So the -115 through -130 Boeing F's did not have it nor did any of the G's. The G cockpit had it throughout production. And the aft bulkhead in the nose had the soundproofing on the early aircraft (through 43-39008, mid Block 100) but it was finally deleted as well. Being and Douglas built aircraft did not paint the interior. There is some evidence that SOME Douglas aircraft got painted internally. Another note on the fabric and insulation: Some crews mentioned tearing it out as they were afraid of fire. The materials were supposed to be fire resistant but... Anyway, if the fabric is removed, the area underneath was not painted. You do not prime an area that you want glue to stick to (the sound deadening mats were glued in place).
  10. The Revell kit has wings that are far too thick, the horizontal stabs are far too thin, the "clear" bits aren't, lots of fiddly little details that are wrong or poorly executed, and I found the fit to be pretty poor. But if you want to do an early G it is your best bet. The Airfix kit is much sharper detail wise but, as pointed out, it only builds the late G's. I am just finishing one up and have had no problems with the decals (which is usually a problem for me). I saw one mention of the interior bulkheads: He may be bothered by 4 and 5 (enclosing the bomb bay) being at a slight angle. This is actually correct.
  11. The bomb bay of all B-25's was natural metal. This is from the B-25 maintenance manual under Finish Instructions.
  12. Hi guys, just wondering if their is a site where I can find detailed information on the wide variety of landing craft used in WW II. Just returned home from a week in Normandy and was fascinated by how many types there were.
  13. I am converting a Hasegawa B-17G to an early G with the unstaggered waist windows and standard tail gun position. The Revell and Academy kits have too many issues for me, so it would just be better to graft on the fuselage from the radio room aft. Or if the fuselage you have is totally trashed but the tail gunners compartment is OK, that would work as well. TIA, Karl
  14. Hi guys: If anyone has a B-17 done up in the markings of the 100th BG, you are invited to post them on the 100th BG Facebook page. In the photos section is an album for 100th BG models. I know there are some here from the Group build plus that big RC model of "Hang the Expense".
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