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  1. Thanks. Go figure I’d find the wrong info! Gorgeous bird this year!
  2. I’ll assume the RCAF demo won’t be having the colorful bird at Oshkosh due to it also being at RIAT til the 21st and then springbak, AB on the 27th of July?
  3. As-16 is a good match for camo gray. I bought the AS13/14/15/16 and decanted them , and then airbrushed them the next day. Came out just fine.
  4. I just received their F-22 set of nose and tail/stab corrections. So, I can confirm they're still around.
  5. Looks like sky blue/X-14 is pretty close to the only photo i saw on google. The photos all seem to be from the same aircraft and show but, with different sources. Some of the photos seem to be overexposed, and others underexposed. I'd mix it with a little grey in a tray until I was happy with it.
  6. You kinda have a one or the other choice. The tide pools in Point Loma, or sunset cliffs are good spots to see and touch the pacific and aren’t really that far. The midway is close too but, there’s a lot to see there . Last time I was on the Midway, I spent a fee hours there, and that was at a quick pace.
  7. I’d say 90% of my builds are OOB. I have a few that i have some aftermarket for but, so far not many have needed that extra amount of detail.
  8. Not sure what items you’re referring to but, I got my shipment of u-2 stuff 2 weeks ago. I got the super pods, senior span pod and nose piece. Hope that helps🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Plenty out there do. ResKit, and Aires 2 to start with. Honestly, I’d have to google it but, there are a lot out there.
  10. Are any of the new tamiya laquers close to the color on their vf-213 decals? Looking to build that squadron but, if i can avoid screwing with mixing the paints, I'd prefer it.
  11. Not sure if I’m adding to this coversation much but, has anyone heard of Archer products? I was in my local hobby shop today and saw a few packs of their resin rivet sheets and thought of this thread. They had a sheet in 1/48 with 4 different rivet sizes and a few that didn’t have a scale that I could remember seeing but, the non marked sheets weren’t expensive and had metric crapload of rivets on it. Those were less than $10 too! Just a thought for the riveters here.
  12. Got mine, and few others from different places, last week. All came the same day somehow, it was like Xmas in may
  13. As a former submariner, this hurts my heart. I hope they’re found quickly, and alive. STS2/SS Stachura
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