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  1. Glad it wasn’t too bad. I had a guy with a tree blade, on a circular saw have it kick back into his knee the other day. Never saw one of those blades before that. He got lucky it didn’t go as deep as it looked. Heal up quick!
  2. Sorry all, I’ve been a little busy at work today to reply. Actually, this is the first time I’ve even looked at this today. I didn’t bother asking for a refund because I felt that maybe, after all the promotional stuff was done, I’d actually get my order before the hobby shops. Once again I was wrong. Kinda used to it now, and I’m pretty well over it. Also, I didn’t even see the option for a refund when I looked, 2 yrs later. I figured I’d already spent it, may as well wait and hope. Im pretty patient, and laid back, althohhh seeing the announcement spruebrothers has then in stock really took me by surprise. Vicky did contact me about my address and sent an email, on nov 21 that it was on its way. 17 days after the address confirmation email. In the big picture, it’s really nothing for me to put too much angst into. Other than my little vent post, I’ve been pretty quiet about the whole thing. I’ve honestly got better things to occupy myself with. Such as My 10 yo has a hockey tournament at Notre Dame this weekend that he’s looking forward to, and fine tuning my new D850at the same time . My ex has him the first 2 days so, it’ll be a nice weekend away with my fiancé as well. I’ll definitely fine tune it with her in the frame too. So, sorry again about the delay. It really wasn’t meant to be that long. 🧐
  3. And I, and probably the rest of the indiegullible folks, have yet to get ours.After this debacle, I wonder how many will be pre-ordering the F-104 they say they're developing? I can say for sure,NOT THIS GUY. Kinetic AND Hasegawa are real, and I can touch them. What minimal faith I had, is as gone. Better chance of me kissing my ex, than ever trusting that process ever again.
  4. Now, if the indiegogo orders would start to arrive.
  5. You’re also completely ignoring counter battery fire from American and S Korean artillery and rocket forces.
  6. You would think that’s how it would work. Lesson learned, here. Last time I pre-order anything. Not just AMK that’s caused this change of attitude but, they’re the last nail in that coffin. Now, I’ll just be happy if I see it. Which is sad, as I was genuinely , and highly, excited about it coming out. I ordered the new GWH SU-35 ground attack kit yesterday. Pretty sure that I’ll see that kit, from Hong Kong, BEFORE my AMK Tomcat. I know, it’s a middle aged pouting spree but, I honestly don’t put any faith in anyone, or anything, usually. This is the one time, in a long time, that I did. Like the saying goes, first time, shame on them, second time, shame on me.
  7. Well, it should be. They were the first to support this whole thing, and there were only 46 of them according to the page. Pretty crappy to make them wait, if you ask me.
  8. Someone said in the fb post that those issues were resolved in this one
  9. Still my favorite character on that show. I try to emulate him whenever possible.
  10. Thanks. I was going to get the overtree set, until I looked and they were already out of stock. 🤨 So, I went with the kit.
  11. Looking at getting the new Eduard P-51D. Juts wondering if it's better to get the overtree set , instead the fully boxed set?
  12. I started off good. Bought some, built them, and THEN would be able to buy some more. Then, like The Joker, I had a bad day. Since that day, i would buy whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Then , me and motorcycles, photography and a good run of women happened. Winter was my good time, and the rest of the year, I’d order and stack. Then. Marriage and my son came. Building went up, and buying leveled off. Then, the bad times hit. Kits increased but, time went down significantly. Now, 5 yrs after the divorce, time is becoming my friend again. Last count was 186 kits waiting to be built, with 6 already started. If I can overcome whatever is holding me back from finishing them, I think that stash will finally dissipate. I’ve even added astronomy and astrophotography to the list, with good results. So, I guess they will happen eventually, whether we think so,or not.
  13. Have you checked outJake Mellampy of Reid publications books on the F-16/15/18 etc? He has a spot on this forum. It’s in the sponsors forum section below this one.
  14. So obvious too! If it was a snake, it would've bit me.
  15. Any idea when it will be released Haneto? My stash is shrinking and need company
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