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  1. On the HB kit? Huh… that is strange. I guess they made common side nose parts for the F and G then.
  2. I have the HB Growler kit. The small side blisters just aft of the radome are indeed there. As these nose parts (A1 & A2) are the same parts included in the E/F kits, those blisters would need to be removed for the HB E/F kits. The gun gas vents I am referring to that are there on the G (that should not be) are the series of square mesh/vents on the underside of the nose just forward of the nose gear. As you say, the gun muzzle port and side vent part is replaced with a blank part (J7) in the G kit, so that is correct.
  3. All the correct blisters aft of the radome are present on the kit (as seen on Growlers, including Aussie versions), unfortunately so are the gun gas vents. These will need to be blanked/ filled in. Another strike, Hobbyboss 🙄
  4. I just had this kit delivered a few days ago so I thought I’d give a few thoughts and comments: The base aircraft kit itself appears to be quite nice; well moulded, fine details, no real issues. Flory Models did a nice review on the HB F/A-18E that would be comparable to this kit. The problem arises when you start looking at all the bits you hang on the kit, namely pods and weapons. First up: ALQ-99 pods. They “look” nice on the sprue at first glance but there are several issues here. The prominent heat sink panels on each side of the pods are only represented as smooth r
  5. Possibly nothing was fixed? The thread was a while ago, so I’m just going from memory. Maybe it was incorrect weapons included? Yes, the G definitely had issues that were corrected. Seems then they merely created issues with the new H kit that previously were fine. Modelmkr
  6. Well… I just picked up the newly re-kitted B-52H from Modelcollect (via Lucky) kit number UA72211. This replaces the previous version kit number UA72200. This new kit includes the corrected parts that were needed and much discussed on this forum, but there is a problem. The new kit version no longer includes any weapons (previous one had sprue Z cruise missiles and PE for them), inexplicably NO unit/ sqn marking decals (neither of these are shown to be included in the instructions or parts map) and the common/ stencil decals are all printed in black now vs the correct grey (which the
  7. That very same subject is on my to do list (Tamiya+ Furball). You did a fantastic job; just love the treatment on the exhausts, really catches the eye. Marc B.
  8. Hmmm, now if I could figure out a way to write mine off… I've got 2 now and as (fingers crossed) Tamiya release more versions I'll pick up a few of them too. Marc.
  9. Jeez Darren, how many of these kits did you buy? Marc B.
  10. Lucky Model just listed it as in stock. Marc B.
  11. Jeez, we can't have that Joe. Okay everyone send Joe a small mirrored base so he can set all his Mustangs on and worry incessantly about the now fully visible wheel wells. 😜 Marc B.
  12. To be honest it didn't really bother most people, I think; at least not enough to prevent many people from building a great number of these kits. The discussion now is that a new, modern tooling has every opportunity to rectify this shortcoming and it would cause an audible gnashing of teeth amongst modellers if this opportunity was ignored. Marc B.
  13. I noticed that… just letting everyone else know to keep a sharp eye on those details; they are easily missed if you aren't paying attention. Marc B.
  14. When doing these schemes, pay special attention to the dorsal and ventral antenna arrangements. A wide variety of combinations were seen from one aircraft to the next. I learned that from research I did when tackling a few Tamiya VNAF birds. Marc B.
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