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  1. That very same subject is on my to do list (Tamiya+ Furball). You did a fantastic job; just love the treatment on the exhausts, really catches the eye. Marc B.
  2. The term "prototype" in this context was apparently via google translate, as I understand it, and does not mean prototype as you and I know it in the aircraft sense. This is supposed to be a production version AFAIK. Marc B.
  3. Lol! Oh, okay… completely missed the humour in your post. Marc B.
  4. Where did you hear it was squashed? I've seen nothing to support that claim. HobbyEasy still lists it with a Dec. 22nd release. Marc B.
  5. Hmmm, now if I could figure out a way to write mine off… I've got 2 now and as (fingers crossed) Tamiya release more versions I'll pick up a few of them too. Marc.
  6. Jeez Darren, how many of these kits did you buy? Marc B.
  7. Lucky Model just listed it as in stock. Marc B.
  8. Jeez, we can't have that Joe. Okay everyone send Joe a small mirrored base so he can set all his Mustangs on and worry incessantly about the now fully visible wheel wells. 😜 Marc B.
  9. To be honest it didn't really bother most people, I think; at least not enough to prevent many people from building a great number of these kits. The discussion now is that a new, modern tooling has every opportunity to rectify this shortcoming and it would cause an audible gnashing of teeth amongst modellers if this opportunity was ignored. Marc B.
  10. I noticed that… just letting everyone else know to keep a sharp eye on those details; they are easily missed if you aren't paying attention. Marc B.
  11. When doing these schemes, pay special attention to the dorsal and ventral antenna arrangements. A wide variety of combinations were seen from one aircraft to the next. I learned that from research I did when tackling a few Tamiya VNAF birds. Marc B.
  12. Maybe a resin plug for the rear section was included in a special boxing? Hasegawa has been known to include resin conversion parts for some of their kits. Marc B.
  13. As mentioned, the first looks like an early beavertail mod (with or without dielectric panels, Brian?) Is your plan to shoehorn in the Hasegawa beavertail for this? I'll be interested to see how well it fits, if that's the case. Marc B.
  14. Don't know about flat ever being factory standard in those colours, but anything is possible. Perhaps Tamiya is trying to capture the "in service" sheen? Marc B.
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