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  1. The best Flat finish by far is Polly Scale. It does not require thinning...just shoot straight from the bottle in light coats. I add 2 drops per paint cup, of Liquitex Acrylic Flow Aid...available at any art supply store. Future belongs on the floor :unsure: Barney
  2. Mike: Cutex Nail Polish Remover works very well on Tamya Putty. A small amount in a plastic capfrom a drink bottle and a Q-Tip are all that is needed. Barney B)
  3. Justin: Go to a used office furniture store and buy a small desk...with two or three drawers on one side. You can also find computer desk hutches...that's the thing on top of a computer desk with lottsa shelves of various sizes. This combo works well for me...the desk is steel with 1 inch particle board top finished with laminate. I don't have a photo but trust me ...it was cheap and simple and it works. Barney
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