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  1. I need a set of 1/72 DHC-5 plans for a big project I have, but I can't find any book/magazine which comes with the plans... Any publication out there that I must check? Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. José.
  2. Waiting to see more ^^ Best regards. José.
  3. Thanks a lot for the pics! It reminds me of late Bf-109's seat for some reason. Best regards. José.
  4. Happy New Year everybody! The last kit I bought in 2015 was a 1/72 MiG-9 from Amodel for my MiG collection (I only need a MiG-17 and -29 to complete it). I want to give it some extra detail. I only found a couple of pics of the istrument panel, but nothing about the seat, I don't even know if this as a very early jet had an ejection seat. Any info will be really appreciated. Best regards. José.
  5. Cool, the pylons have the fairing moulded on, this saves a bit of scratchbuilding. Best regards. José.
  6. Plastic strip and plastic rod from Plastruct or Evergreen are the best choices (and saves time), the other options are stretched sprue and plstic sheet, but it will take more time to get all rods of the same diametre. Of course, more reference pics are also needed ;) HTH. Best regards and Happy New Year!. José.
  7. I like to build lates variants so I picked the HB offering. I checked it and I can say: The compressibility flaps are molded on, the fuel pump fairings are also there, no landing light is provided so I must carve an indent on the leading edge and fill it with clear sprue. I think an aerial mast is also missing. I've seen an air scoop that resembles a Me-109's just below the trailing edge on the outer side of the booms, this part is also missing. No radio boxes behind the pilot's seat so a little detailing is required in this area... Two fuel tanks are provided. I heard something about a fairin
  8. I want to purchase a P-38, two kits are avilable at different hobbyb stores here in Lima, one is Academy's P-38J and the other is a Hobby Boss' P-38L, both in 1/72. I'm not Lightning expert so I'd like to know the differences between the types, specially if they'r external. I guess HB kit is simplier to build w/ sparse cockpit detail (as all 80XXX kits, 82XXX kits are better detailed). Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. José.
  9. Any pic of the P-51B/C fin extension? I'd liek to add it to my P-51B, I read somewhere that planes with the loop antenna had the fin extension. Thanks a lot in advance. Bet regards. José.
  10. Just bought a P-51C (Hobbyboss' easy assembly kit in 1/72). I'd like to know if there were significant differences between the P-51B and P-51C. I find more schemes for P-51B. Couldn't find further info on one of the marking options: Don Gentile's P-51C (the other is for a RAF machine w/ Malcolm hood), so I'm looking for more options even if I have to backdate it to a B. Thanks a lot in advance. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards. José. P.S. I think I saw P-51B or C with P-51D fin extension, is that correct?
  11. Yes, Revell re-boxed the Matchbox kit time ago (they own Matchbox moulds), but it is no longer in production. I saw an original Matchbox Twin Otter at KingKit, but 24 pounds (w/o shipping) is just crazy. Best regards. José.
  12. Very good info. Thanks a lot :) Best regards. José.
  13. OK, Thanks for your replies... I'll start opening the wheel wells to show tub detail. Best regards. José.
  14. Beautiful aircraft... Reminds me of these: That is a Su-22, I mean an export version, it uses a different engine so the rear fuselage has a different shape (thicker and a bit shorter). Are you going to modify it? Verlinden Lock on #27 is a good reference, maybe you can find it around ;) I'll keep an eye on this thread. Best regards. José.
  15. So only 500 Kg ordnance? I want more Big bombs, smaller bombs under wing pylons... I think it will look great when finished. B) Best regards. José.
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