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  1. The V2 of the Fightertown sheet is already out, if you can find it. Brian didnt say anything about changing the markings for the Super Hornet, so I imagine they are already complete and accurate.
  2. Hi there, I am selling a two kit package. 1/48th Hasegawa F-14A Atlantic Fleet and A-7E Corsair II. Both complete and unstarted in sealed bags. $100 shipped and insured from 47170. Shipping in the USA only, however I will ship to other places for actual shipping/tracking/insurance costs. Paypal, money order or cash at your own risk. Thanks!
  3. The A and B models came with the ones forward, under the slime lights on the nose. The C and D came with the ones above the light and further aft as well as the ones forward and under. General shape and size would be the same.
  4. Both TechMod and Print Scale offer 48th scale white lettering in various heights and fonts. You may also try model railroad "O" scale lettering as dry transfers.
  5. This is the only sheet I know of. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/microscale-48-255-us-naval-air-station-names--1269581
  6. I prefer Hasegawa over Kinetic, although some of the Kinetic kits have in box options like the folding wing and a fair amount of weapons. I dont know if its my imagination or not, but the Kinetic plastic is a bit soft compared to Hasegawa. I also build the Revellogram kits but those are usually for display somewhere so if something happens to it, Im not out a lot of money. Besides, you can pick them up relatively cheap and they make a fair representation of a Legacy Hornet.
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