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  1. It looks like the A-6A can carry the Shrike, so that is what I am leaning towards, 4x and a CL MER with Mk.82s on it. There is a very narrow window early in the war, prior to the STARM coming out that I can model. (and doesnt require a B model) Anybody have anything additional they can add? Thanks!
  2. If you are just looking to have an -18F in the case, you could try the Revell/Revell of Germany option. They arent nearly as nice but they do have good detail, build easily enough, and for me, dont have too many fit issues except maybe around the bottom of the intakes. People have commented about shape, etc., but for me, it looks like an F model, so.....
  3. So, I am still debating on a loadout and a squadron. I ordered a 704 refuel pod, and am thinking I may try a tanker package. On the otherhand, I am also leaning towards the mines. I am ultimately going to build several, and I already have the A-6E (non tram) and will also have a Tram build, this one I am working on now as an A model. I may do one more after that. I also have two EA-6As and a B and will build one more of each. Pretty ambitious considering I am not an Intruder guy. But once I build what I have, I wont be building anymore. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. I have a couple of 1/48 and 1/72 to build. I will likely start with the 48th, but I havent decided on a scheme yet. I literally have about 20 to choose from. However, one of the ones I want to do is a black tailed VF-14 with the big Lid logo on it.
  5. As a rule, no. The two kits contain many of the same sprue's, but you would need the longer canopy and the misc rear cockpit stuff. I dont know if it comes with the second seat or not, but you could always buy aftermarket seats anyways.
  6. I found a photo of that last night, and I think I may do that. However, I may pick up a few of the mines that Collin and Ziggyfoos mentioned, and just do a pseudo phantasy loadout.
  7. That is a distinct possibility! I will have to look at the shapeways page. How many mines did they typically carry on one trip? I am planning on a KA-6D down the road a bit. Im looking for the Cobra conversion right now. Flying Leatherneck is possibly kicking around the idea for one as well. As far as USMC stuff, I don’t generally model them but I was given an A-6E that I was going to do as a Polkadots bird. But it would be a mid-80s paintjob.
  8. As the title says, I am looking for ordnance loadout suggestions for a Vietnam era A-6A. Im not too particular as to what it is, but I already have one that is a mix of Rockeyes and Snakeyes. It will be a west coast N* squadron but I havent made a solid decision yet on which one. I have several sheets to choose from. thanks for the input!
  9. I hate it when that happens..... I have the same issue. Plenty of time to buy, never any time to build. I moved two years ago to somewhere where the winters are intolerable for working on 1/1 scale cars outside, so I just finally got my model desk up and running. Ive worked on a model more in the last few days than in the last year. I cant tell you how many I have bought in the meantime, with good intentions.... 😄
  10. Hello, I am looking for the Cobra Company conversion for the KA-6D. I can trade something for it, or buy. I have some 1/72 US Navy jets for trade. I live in Indiana and use Paypal or US Postal Money Orders. Thanks!
  11. Ive gotta be honest, looking at the MENG pylons, they kinda remind me of the Revell ones.
  12. If you have a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby nearby, they both have the Revell F-14A and the F-18E. Hobby Lobby usually has an in store reduction and Michaels at least offers 40% off coupons online from their website. The -14 is a tried and true kit, but, it is getting tired and is a bit difficult to work with for a new modeler. But, it is inexpensive and still builds up to look like a Tomcat. The -18E is a newer kit, fits better and builds a bit faster in my opinion. Also inexpensive. If you can find a Monogram A-4 somewhere, those are also fairly straightforwar
  13. Seems like the later release of the 1/48 TBD-1 had a book or a booklet in it. I dont know anything about the book though.
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