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  1. When you figure it out, let me know. I packed up a few years ago due to a high work load, and then we had a cross country PCS. Two years later, Im just now getting back into it. However, I dont have the drive to go at it for several hour stints like I used to. Partly because I dont have a dedicated area, and the chair I am using is uncomfortable. It probably dont help that I am working on someone elses glue bomb that I got from ebay. I figured it would be easier to "practice" on a half bungled kit, than to bungle a kit I really wanted to build.
  2. More specifically the fuselage upper and lower and the lower wing sections and the underside of the LEX inserts. I dont know if I can get replacement parts or not, but if you have a trashed kit with workable fuselage and wings, I can work with that. Live in Indiana. thanks!
  3. These are the real deal. As they age, they darken a little, and also, consider the affects of dirt, oil, etc. Some squadrons also paint their (shore based) chocks in squadron colors. Also on shore based chocks, the rope dirties faster than the rubber. https://steinmetzinc.com/precision-cast-molding/6r4x2001/
  4. I dont have enough knowledge about which boxing has what stuff in them. I have a couple of the CVW14 boxings. I know I have others but I dont remember which ones off hand.
  5. I do not have any spare B models, but I do have a D.....
  6. I dont know if the -14D flew a different model of the NACES, but those in the Hornet only have the one pin per seat.
  7. Stateside based fuelers would be the dark olive green color.
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