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  1. Something that needs to be remembered, is this is at least in part, the CONA paint scheme. It may very well have had touch ups of one color or another. Also, this is one of their original Lot 25s that they have had since 2003. I don't think it has ever had a complete repaint. In the 11 years I have been at Lemoore, this jet is on its 5th color scheme. I think all they ever do is a sand, dust and touch up. In order for it to get a complete respray, I believe FRC would have to do it. YMMV.
  2. I too had a curtain that went around my doors and windows. I used to idle the truck, but once I bought it, if I didn't need to, I didn't. I was lucky that I had a factory installed fan under the upper cabinet, so I could turn that on and have fan noise all night, if a reefer didn't grace me with his presence. (I hauled a chemical tank) I also had a satellite dish (the manual, hang on a pole outside the truck, kind) a play station 2 that doubled as a dvd player, and satellite radio. Also a laptop and an aircard. (if that tells you how long ago it was) A good mattress, carpet in the sleeper, some nice sheets, and good pillows. Also, try to air the truck out, regularly take out your trash, don't keep any night time bottles in the truck longer than needed (and dispose of them properly!) and don't let your dirty laundry pile up. These things go a long way to keeping the inside of the truck smelling good, along with some febreeze, ozium spray and a nice air freshner or 2....
  3. Thomas, if you order it, you can use my address in the US, and I will forward it to you. You just have to pay for the extra shipping from me to you. If you like...
  4. Or the elephant cage....
  5. If it doesn't have a tail hook, who cares?? :p Actually, I have seen a list of codes, on paper I think, that still shows ownership by location, for some units. For example, our SAR unit here is coded 7S, which is the code for Lemoore. I think this is a hold over from the late 40s or 50s designation system
  6. Yes, NavAirLant or NavAirPac. Here at Lemoore, we have several squadrons tail coded A* and are attached to East Coast air wings. Whenever their respective CVW goes sailing, they fly to the east coast and go with them. And, on the east coast, there is at least 1 west coast squadron that comes out here to fly with their Pacific CVW.
  7. Codes that start with N are attached to Pacific Fleet Air Wings. Codes that start with A are assigned to the Atlantic. Then the second letter is specific to an Air Wing. For example, NE is CVW-2, assigned to the Pacific Fleet. AB is CVW 1, attached to the Atlantic Fleet.
  8. Would you be interested in trading something for it? I have 48th scale US Navy jets.
  9. Email sent on the Kate and the Cougar.
  10. Super Scale did these a number of years back, 48-362. Its the VF-14 70th Anniversary, and VF-111 Miss Molly. Fightertown also did the 80th Anniversary on 48-035, (along with the 90th on the Super Hornet)
  11. This one was kind of easy, as I am familiar with the recent history of the squadron. However, on the tail, there are 2 letters, NK. N stands for squadrons that sail on Pacific Fleet Carriers, and the K refers to the Air Wing the squadron is attached to. Combined, they are CVW-14. A little internet searching shows that VFA 113 did their last CVW-14 cruise in 2009. In regards to other photos of other planes, you may need to take into account a ship name or any other secondary info you can find. As for more pics of 303, I may have one or two...
  12. Thank you though! :)
  13. 300 had the bird slicers as well. That pic that you posted is an older one. I am not sure of the time frame, but it is 2009 or earlier.
  14. 113/AC303 did have the bird slicers. As far as the IFR probe, a friend of mine used one from a Hasegawa Skyhawk kit that I had laying around. He boxed the opening in the fuselage with styrene, and a small piece for the probe cover, and went that way.