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    V-4. Cause without fuel, its just an expensive paper weight!

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  1. Spectre, maybe you, Louie and I can work a threeway trade out? See my post about the B model please?
  2. Thank you for the looksee anyway, I appreciate it!
  3. Bob, I do have a Hase Scooter in 48th. Ive got a resin seat for one as well. I am also looking for a Growler, as I have plenty of Hase Tomcats to offer. Do you want to a deal with him, and then you and I can deal?
  4. I will say this: If you do a Hasegawa Hornet with full length intake trunks, its almost impossible to use resin landing gear bays. The trunks dont fit over the “top” of the gear bay casting. Unless you go paper thin on both.
  5. Lets trade. Im looking for a 1/48 F-18B of any boxing. I have to offer a 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A. Complete. Each pay cheap shipping. I live in Indiana, 47170.
  6. I bought some Authentic decals for the EA-6B in 48th. They were stiff and didn’t lay down well. Eventually after alot of micro sol, they formed. I wont buy another set which is too bad because they are the only maker of VAW-116 Sunkings decals.
  7. I know Brian has had some professional training activities in the last few weeks. I received an email from him yesterday, he is very busy. Fear not, I would give Brian and Mike the keys to my house.
  8. Im wrapped up right now in the middle of moving. Let me get set up out there, and I will message you to see what all you have? If they don't sell, I am interested in the aftermarket Hase stuff.
  9. Well, that doesn't quite work anymore. I usually tell the newbies to go look for the forward bowling alley up between the cats.
  10. I have the Lantirn kit with the parts... I would toss is some coin to cover some shipping to even out the deal.
  11. Back in '93, VF-213 lost a bird on the USS Lincoln, at night. First bird in the recovery, sunk low on final and had a ramp strike that broke the airplane in half behind the wings. crap all over the place with flames down the whole angle. RIO lived, pilot did not. Being in the IO, there was no divert and the rest of the airwing was overhead and low on gas. The spare tanker was buried up in the point behind the NavPole, AND empty. They decided if they couldn't get the deck ready in time there was going to be a whole new submarine fleet right there. Fortunately, the deck was clear and ready in about 30 minutes, and everyone else made it down.
  12. We were just talking about this the other night at work. I remember reading that ECMO1 was found with his hand wrapped around the ejection handle.
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