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  1. Spook498

    VA-56 A-7 hi viz scheme decals?

    So what, the fast attack carriers are chopped liver??
  2. Spook498

    F-35 news roundup

    I would also like to point out that I currently have a VMFA unit visiting my location. They have been here 3 weeks, and even though they only brought 10 jets, half of them have been down for the last week for fuel cell issues. Its not fun when you are TAD to a Master Jet Base and cant get parts right away because the Navy doesn't have Legacy jets here anymore.
  3. The only suggestion I could make is this: Testors makes some enamel paint that is turn signal amber. Maybe experiments with a few drops in a solution of Future, and dip the windscreen. The same technique you would use for smoking canopies.
  4. I think there may be some IP differences between the MFDs and DDIs as well between the B and D models. Its not that Canada is evil, I love Canada. Its that shipping alone is almost 2 weeks. Sell or trade the D model?
  5. Hello all, As the title says, I'm looking to trade for a -18B. I need the whole kit. I would prefer to trade, but for a reasonable price, I can buy. For trade, I have all 1/48: Hasegawa F-18C, or an F-14A. Prefer to keep trades in the US. Feel free to PM me here. Thanks, Robert
  6. Emergency essential here, so no break, even though I wanted one. But even then, a model is the last thing I would get to work on when I am restoring my 1:1 1965 Ford Galaxie.... And doing homework....
  7. Spook498

    Need 1/48 Tomcat nose gears and nose boom

    Which manufacturer?
  8. Spook498

    Flight Sim Advice

    Heh, I used to fly WB back in the day. That $2 per hour used to soak me for the equivalent of a car payment. I dropped out of the scene back in 2002 or so. I recently had a big computer built and logged back into WB with my original account. The S3s and some Friday nights have about 20+ people in it, and it is only 2 colors at a time, instead of the old 150+ people and 4 color maps. During the week, I have seen as many at 12 people and as few as 3. I still fly occasionally, but only as an afterthought. As for Aces High, I downloaded it as well. There seems to be quite a few more people flying it at any time, but I was never able to master the keyboard controls for it, and I wasn't too interested in remapping. WB has the drivable tanks and ships now, only because Wild Bill had no choice but to get on board. Sadly (or for better) after he had driven off all of the talent. A case of too little, too late. And its still the same in the fact that flight models get tweaked to whoever cries the loudest based on "whatever fact they read in some magazine about a P-40 running down a -262".... Right now, it seems that the Spit 19 is top of the heap till jet day comes out. If you want nostalgia, fly WB on a Friday night. If you want instant furball action, look elsewhere. -boss- I/KG200 IV/JG80
  9. The info I have is that 166878 is being carried on the roster by VFA-122.
  10. The info I found was that both birds are there with In Service Repairs. The 41 bird had fire damage of an unspecified nature, and the 154 bird did not list a reason. However, the 154 bird has since had its information transferred over, and is being carried, by 122.
  11. Spook498

    VFA-113 2014 from Hasegawa F-18C?

    Message this guy and ask him nicely to review this thread. He is a retired ordie... GW8345
  12. https://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel
  13. Spook498

    Train travel in France, Germany

    Exactly. A couple of books, my travel cigar humidor, some underwear, socks and a clean shirt, the wallet, cellphone charger, car keys (so when we get back its easy to find them) and any kind of trip documents. And some meds like my scripts, Excedrine and immodium pills.
  14. The launch bar on the Hasegawa Tomcat and Hornet kits are positionable. About the only thing you would need is the hold back, which isn't in any aircraft kit that I know of, but you can easily scratchbuild one.
  15. Spook498

    Train travel in France, Germany

    Thanks for the follow up! I found that people in France weren't as overly friendly as the Germans, even though I speak German, and not French. As far as flying, my family always limits our carry on to 1 backpack each, and usually a jacket or something. However, we do have big suitcases. (the wife and kids packs are on wheels. I'm still carrying the same old sea bag with shoulder straps after 25+ years. I guess I need to get with the times....) Glad you enjoyed your trip!