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  1. Also, the LGTR does not attach directly to the pylon.
  2. Deal with confidence, my kit showed up PDQ and in fine shape. Thanks!
  3. Sadly, Ive considered making a trade of 1 for 2 in that direction. I guess if I slug my way through the Hase kit, I will eventually figure it out. I already know my poison with the Revellogram kits.
  4. Thanks everyone, I plan to look through all of this tonight. I didnt get to model anything last night....
  5. Im building two -14s at once. One is a Monogram A model and the other is a Hasegawa. It is being built from a whole bunch of spares and miscellaneous parts that I picked up. The Monogram build is a straight forward kit. The other, I am digging through boxes of sprues, baggies of parts, etc. etc. It my first Hasegawa Tomcat. Well, not really, but I havent completed the other one yet either. I was halfway through it when we packed up and moved halfway across the country. I havent found it in the stash of stuff yet. So hang in there, I will eventually post some progress p
  6. .....actually build these things? Over the last several years, I have picked up quite a few of them with people wanting to sell off in favor of the Tamiya kit. I probably should have built one before I bought all of the ones I have. So far, the only issue I have is building the wheel bay boxes, and I am getting ready to mate the upper and lower half of the fuselage. I know the intakes are going to be a PITA as well. Anyone have any tips or tricks to make that less painfull? Ive seen the articles here by Dave A...
  7. I worked at an NAS and handled everything in the Navy inventory as well as a few civil airliners, civil charter flights for fallen soldiers, etc. etc. Im pretty sure we all have you covered.
  8. My bad, I thought you were talking about that thing on the centerline station. I missed the part about the wingtip....
  9. Looks like a camera pod of some sort. Kinda like SHARPS for a 16....
  10. Dont forget the refueling bump.
  11. These are the ones that I have. There are Superscale, not Aeromaster.... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-72-573-russian-stars--666725
  12. I think aeromaster or superscale made a sheet of 1/72 red stars that were two or three different sizes, and a yellow one as well. I have them in my stash somewhere. I will get you the number after my meeting.
  13. I believe modeling mojo is a thing, and I lose mine as often as I have it. For me personally, its a number of things. I just get burned out, and try something new. For awhile I was into model railroading (mid 90s to the 2000s) but then I started driving a truck, so I was never home to build, and the kit I took with me on the road was never finished. After I cam off the road, I was home to be a dad so I spent a lot of time being involved with my daughter and the youth program that my wife and I volunteered with at the time. I was back to building regularly, but then I started working two jobs f
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