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  1. I had that back when I had a DON CA card as well. My flight line badge was good for up to 3 additional people.
  2. What kind of surprises me is that they are very specific about whose ID card you can use. I am a .gov employee that is routinely on different military bases as part of the scope and function of my job. Having to have my ID verified from "up above" has never been a concern. I wonder if they would really be as concerned there, as they portray, to get on base, or if the museum would have an issue with it.
  3. Im guessing you read Elkins' book? Its a very good, and sad one.
  4. A squiggly line costs the same to print as actual text. Obviously Cartograf has no problem printing tiny letters and numbers for other sheets as we have all seen.
  5. I have a spare from the Revell kit if you would like.
  6. Gah, that sucks. Sorry to hear it. Offhand, which sheet are you looking for?
  7. This kit was the vintage Fujimi A-4 in 48th scale. The guy I bought it from said he had had it since 1978! The bombs and MERs were very basic and the bombs werent even round or straight. They looked like something out of Dr. Seuss. The zuni pods were fine though. Since I am donating this built kit I used the kit external tank, the zunis and some aftermarket TERs that I had. For my personal collection, I cant ever see myself using a TER so I figured these would go to a good home. I also used some spare Mk. 81 snakeyes I had in the bin. I wasnt even going to try and use the kit decal
  8. Im sorry to hear that. Im a cat dad and I know the pain....
  9. Thank you sir for your ever valuable knowledge and experience! I thought it might be a two man lift but wasnt sure. I figured the handling areas would show more dirt, grime and wear than anywhere else except maybe the back and front panels. As for this one, it will be unshot. The jet is mostly clean. (VA-192 and their 1966/67 Tico war cruise) with used tubes. I havent yet decided what other ordnance I was going to put on the plane. I was thinking of using AGM 12Bs.
  10. Offhand does anyone know what the empty weight would be? Im looking to weather a pair on a Skyhawk, and am wondering if it would be a 1 man, 2 man, or 4 man lift, although I cant imagine it being that heavy to need 4 guys. Seeing as how often they were on and off for any particular mission, I imagine the grime marks where the most contact would be, would be dirtier than the rest of the tube. Thanks!
  11. The V2 of the Fightertown sheet is already out, if you can find it. Brian didnt say anything about changing the markings for the Super Hornet, so I imagine they are already complete and accurate.
  12. Hi there, I am selling a two kit package. 1/48th Hasegawa F-14A Atlantic Fleet and A-7E Corsair II. Both complete and unstarted in sealed bags. $100 shipped and insured from 47170. Shipping in the USA only, however I will ship to other places for actual shipping/tracking/insurance costs. Paypal, money order or cash at your own risk. Thanks!
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