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  1. I dont have enough knowledge about which boxing has what stuff in them. I have a couple of the CVW14 boxings. I know I have others but I dont remember which ones off hand.
  2. I do not have any spare B models, but I do have a D.....
  3. I dont know if the -14D flew a different model of the NACES, but those in the Hornet only have the one pin per seat.
  4. Stateside based fuelers would be the dark olive green color.
  5. That -94 pic is interesting. While I was still at Lemoore, some of the squadrons were removing the lite pylons at stations 2 and 10.
  6. No, I hadnt. So thats where you have been hiding out? I was occasionally checking out your blog and there wasnt any updates for awhile. Im glad to see you are still here and still building!
  7. Hi Chukw! Havent seen you in awhile, I have missed your builds/drawings!
  8. The light assembly is flush with the the surface of the vert stab. Sometimes if they have replaced the assembly or had it out for some reason, they may put on excess sealant around the whole unit, which could give it the impression of being raised.
  9. I use different kinds of glues for different situations, but I have been using Contacta in that line up since 1990. I lost the needle cover years ago, and even though it is still 30 years old, the glue still does its job. (I have the first bottle of it I bought) I have also bought a newer bottle of it as well. Absolutely no complaints about that stuff.... As far as MM paint goes, Im buying the snot out of it while I can....
  10. This purports to be the Empire at its largest in 1942. After that she started giving up territory. The internet tells me a Zeke could fly 1800 miles with a drop tank. (Im not researching all of the IJN aircraft like a Kate, Val, Jill, etc...) Considering that Wake Island was attacked the same day as Pearl Harbor, the Nimitz would have to have sent a force from Pearl Harbor to Wake, which was 2000 miles away. Which means that Wake would have likely fallen anyways. It leads me to think that if the IJN lost carriers before Coral Sea, the battle would still have more or less continued on as it did. Lacking spares and fuel of the jet aircraft, the Nimitz would have become less effective, but still very potent to be able to carry WWII aircraft. With a reduced forward ASW presence, the USN would be less likely to forge towards the Japanese mainland with Nimitz, so IJN carrier production after mid 1942 would have carried on as normal.
  11. If history held true, the next big engagement would be the Battle of Coral Sea, and then Midway. You are looking at 6-7 months. There was possibly at least one history book on the ship that could tell you where the ships had homeported after Pearl Harbor, it wouldnt have been a stretch to catch the carriers in port somewhere between December and May. With modern ASW capability, the carrier could have gotten to 600 miles (aka Jimmy Doolittle) and launched a strike. Knock out 5 or 6 carriers, and both Coral Sea and Midway wouldnt have happened. At that point the history is altered enough that the original narrative timeline becomes useless.
  12. You know, you guys are focusing on the technology being stuck in the past, but here is another scenario, that did play out in the movie with a better what if.... Remember that the ship wasnt left behind but CAG was. He would be the next best thing. We dont know if he went on to military service or not. Realistically, he could have as his age, while older, wasnt a factor. But how could he explain his military history to a group of people that has never heard of 70% of what he knows? He could play it off that he learned to fly his dads crop duster, and make a few things up along the way. But now he is flying an aircraft that has a less than 1 to 1 thrust/weight ratio. Basic ACM concepts are similar but he has no platform in which to demonstrate his ability that has the performance. And his flying skill in even the hottest aircraft of the time, is less than the guys he would be performing for, because they would have had more seat time in that aircraft. So chances are he becomes a government contractor and dabbles in areas where his expertise can be "explored and discovered" without raising too much suspicion. But now, he has taken 40 years of technology and gone back in time, to give it a 40 year headstart. The come away from that is, that had he NOT gone back in time, how much less technology would the military have by 1980? Did he exploit his knowledge, or did he keep it to himself and feed it out as the time in history came about, so the sidewinder missle would be developed in the 50s instead of the 40s? The other thing is that while he was a knowledgeable, experienced and educated man, he probably wasnt a subject matter expert in any one field. He knew the major components of a jet engine, but he couldnt tell you specifically and exactly how each part fit, where it went and so forth. He knew a missle has a seeker, warhead, guidance and propulsion, but does he knew exactly how the seeker sends information to the guidance system? So while he has the advantage of "knowing" about 40 years of technology, how much of that can he actually implement with first hand knowledge? Its not like he went back with blueprints in hand. I think he had enough knowledge to guide technology until the technology could actually be developed. Remember, things like circuit boards were still 15-20 years away, a main component in missle and "smart" technology. As noted in the film, he had implemented many of the designs that went into the construction of the ship (presumably Nimitz class carriers) so maybe that is what he focused on?
  13. That was what my thought was. You could probably do a hail Mary and try and drop a few Mavericks down the smokestack and try to damage the ship that way.
  14. The Phantom made it in with no problems. Thanks!
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