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  1. Hello all, I am building a model of an F-4B for a friend of mine who was in VMFA 312 during the late 60s. I don't want to ask him a lot of questions to tip him off about the project, so I am hoping people here can kinda help me out. It seems the Checkerboards were charged with helping get other units trained up and ready to go to 'Nam. I see they did several dets to Key West and to Rosey Roads. So my question is thus: What kind of load outs would they use for each location? I imagine Key West would be air to air training, while RR would be A2G. Any help or pointers would be appreciated!
  2. Hello all, I have a 1/72nd Hasegawa Prowler for sale, kit # K14X VMAQ 2. Box open but kit is complete. Comes with extra decals, Superscale 72-648 and Authentic Decals 72-50 VAQ-135 Black Ravens. $25 shipped in the US. Paypal or postal money order accepted. Thanks for looking!
  3. http://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/super/48th/ss48974.htm
  4. Spook498

    A-4 help

    According to the airliners photo, it also has a chaff bucket to the left side of the tail hook. I don't know if it is blanked off or not, but the Hase kit gives you options for either no bucket, or 1 bucket. Also, the 20mm are not installed and are faired over.
  5. Hello all, I have the Hasegawa 1/48th F-4J VF-84 boxing, kit P-1. Kit is complete with aftermarket resin pylons. Box is beat up. I am looking for the 48th scale C model (it could also be a D), and that yours is complete as well. (kit P-6 works well) I live in CA, 93245, and each pays their own shipping. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everybody for the replies. I couldn't tell you what mall it was in, or even which city specifically. We lived in Lakewood around that time frame, and my grandmother lived in Long Beach, so chances are it could be somewhere between the two. I want to say that whatever was in the basement portion was like a museum of sorts. There may have been a thing or two at the top of the steps, a uniform or a flag, or a wooden ammo crate, I cant really recall. Ive always been curious to know what was there. Thanks for the memories!
  7. I have a question for some long time Los Angelinos who may remember a particular model store. My memory is very fuzzy on this. I am looking for a model shop/hobby shop that was in the western side of the basin, maybe Long Beach or Cerritos area. It was in an indoor shopping mall, and when you went in the door from the mall, there was a set of steps that went down into a basement type area. They had a little display up calling it (the basement area) the "bunker". You could look down into it as far as the steps went but that was about all you could see. I remember not being able to go down there, but cant remember why. I don't know if you had to have a parent with you or what it was, but I remember it being not open all the time to people. This would have been in the '82-'84 time frame. Does anybody remember anything like this?
  8. Ok, to sweeten the deal a bit, I will add 1 complete set of Fightertown A-6E decals to go with the each trade.
  9. Hello all, I have 2, 1/48 Revellogram A-6E Intruders that are complete, 1 in its box, the other bagged (but I have a big box for it). I am looking to trade 1 to 1 for an EA-6A, and 1 to 1 for an EA-6B. I would prefer to keep trades in the US due to postage costs. My kits are complete and unstarted, am looking for the same. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Robert
  10. Yes you could use the ATFLIR. Sometimes they will practice buddy lazing a target as well. If you do use a pod, it would be the standard gray color. None of the 122/125 camo birds had pods painted to match, only fuel tanks.
  11. For 122, typically all you see is a MER with either Mk 76's on all 6 points, or an LGTR on the 2 bottom points. And then either a CATM 9M or 9X on a wingtip. As far as markings go, in 1/48, CAM did a set 48-095, and there is also a set in the newer Revell E model box. The downside being these are HiViz markings, and the only HiViz birds that 122 has is 103 and 122 (which is a tribute to the 2 lost avaitors from 2011) The F models are modexed in the 100 range and the E models are in the 200 range.
  12. You wouldn't come up on the power till all the people are out of the way from being near the intakes. At mil power, a Super has a lot of "grab"....
  13. I have the RM dash if you need a donor.
  14. There was also some microscale decals that were lowviz for VF 213 as well. 48-328 VF 101,114 and 213.
  15. Publicity, possibly, in the fact that it was taken during an actual live fire situation. Airshow display? Absolutely not, under any circumstances. As for being double ugly, yes it is. Look at the shadow on the ground.
  16. My apologies, it is a size 46.... (I also have a 38)
  17. I am wondering if there is anyone here interested in a US Navy G-1 flight jacket? I have one that doesn't fit, and I am going to slowly start selling off some of my militaria. I thought I would offer it here first, before I went the online auction route. In good shape with new cuffs and waistband. The goatskin is supple and in good shape. The brass zipper is a little stiff from not being used. Brill Brothers, 1971. No stitch holes from patches, its all virgin. It is a US size 46... $200 plus shipping. Thanks for looking! PM me for questions or more pics...
  18. I have some VF 102 markings, but they are for a B model. I think they are from an early CAM sheet, 48-022.
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