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  1. 300 had the bird slicers as well. That pic that you posted is an older one. I am not sure of the time frame, but it is 2009 or earlier.
  2. 113/AC303 did have the bird slicers. As far as the IFR probe, a friend of mine used one from a Hasegawa Skyhawk kit that I had laying around. He boxed the opening in the fuselage with styrene, and a small piece for the probe cover, and went that way.
  3. Spook498


    Im not sure of the time frames, but they are different between the cat shot pic and hangar bay pic. Check the length of the flames and the alignment of the red and white stripes. On the hangar shot, the "line" where they differ is at the end of the radome, as if the radome and the rest of the plane were painted separate and don't quite line up. The cat shot shows better contours. In the cat shot pic, it shows the McClusky award, which was issued in 1998 for the 1997 surge cruise. I think Superscale may have done this sheet as well, but I don't know which number if they did.
  4. Hello all, I am still looking if you have a partial kit that you want to get rid of. Thanks!
  5. As the title says. Im looking to buy partial kits that are missing a few, or missing alot of parts. I dont care which boxings, or which model. (As in A,B or D) Again, 1/48 Hasegawa Tomcats and 1/48 Revell Super Hornets. PM me with what you have. Thanks!
  6. I think CAM released those decals on the aftermarket. The tan camo and the VA 72 bird.
  7. Two Bobs released a set for the -16 in 48th. I don't know if they did it in 72nd or not.
  8. I have used his Electric Intruder sheet, and they went down flawlessly.
  9. Yes, the Hasegawa tanks are shorter than the Monogram but keep in mind the overall dimensions of the aircraft itself. Will the longer Mono tank fit the pylon with enough clearance behind the nose gear strut, while still clearing the inner main gear doors at the back end of the tank.
  10. I am not an official spokesperson for FT decals, but Brian posted some things on his FB page which indicated that he will personally be unavailable for a few weeks. However, he was setting things in motion to have someone package and ship the orders this week. Who that person is, how fast they work, and when they plan to ship is unknown to me. Apparently, the reason for Brian's absence was extremely short notice. Have patience... I know he received all of the decals from the printers.
  11. Nothing standard is black and white any more. Since the Navy went low viz, all of the external airframe markings are low viz. However, a squadron who paints up their color bird has the option to paint as they wish. The current version of the VFA 192 Super Hornet, has a blue and yellow striped hook. (and yellow gear door edges instead of the typical red) https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7610/16606884137_1aae439288_b.jpg Image is shamelessly swiped from ye olde google search.
  12. They ran the outbound lanes of operations gate while the guard was checking inbound ID's. It was just after 11pm, he was doing around 100mph with his lights out, and they were doing FCLPs just to the west of the shack, so it was hard to hear. There was a massive breakdown along the whole line, and considering that this is the 2nd time the gate has been ran in 3 months, Im sure there are a lot of hard questions being asked right now.
  13. NF tail code is for CVW 5, which was forward deployed to the USS Midway in Japan, who never carried any F-14 squadrons. VF-24 was assigned to CVW 9, whose tail code was (is) NG, and carried that code through all of its F-14 days, 1977 to decomm. CVW 9 (NG) deployed to Constellation, Ranger, Kitty Hawk, and Nimitz.
  14. Deal with confidence. I ordered stuff on Friday, it arrived yesterday in great shape!
  15. Just measured one today. Its 8 inches.
  16. The old Matchbox 1/48 Seasprite helo kit had different colored sprues. I remember green, yellow and maybe black?
  17. All these are, are like the silver foil sunscreens you would put in your car. And there can be multiple pieces depending on if the A/C is a 1 seat or 2 seat. Also, typically, in the hangar they would be removed because they are fairly flimsy, and there are occasions to go into the cockpit, so rather than to have them fall about, they typically leave them out. (they have to be completely removed when you are moving the A/C so the brake rider has unrestricted visibility, so typically, once in the barn, they don't put them back) There is another type of cloth backed canvas that they can lay over the exterior of the canopy to keep off the dust and bird poop, if its going to be in the barn for awhile.
  18. For the most part, Gene Hackman is retired. Its been 11 years since he has made a film. If anyone else follows Val Kilmer on FB (I do) there has been talk about him having a tumor on or in he neck area. If you look at the pics he has posted since returning from his last absence, there isn't one photo of him with a bare neck. He has a scarf, a bandana or something, around his neck all the time. That said, as cheesy as it was/is, I enjoyed Top Gun, and hope that there is a sequel that has an original story line to it. If Kilmer is to be in it, that would be cool. If not, c'est la vie.
  19. Out here on the West Coast, everything is downloaded off of the aircraft before it goes in the barn, including the IMER. If there is an "up" gripe, they will try to keep the aircraft on the flight schedule and not download or reconfigure it unless they have to use the spare plane. If the plane is down down or hard down, everything is downloaded then as well. And yes, we even do engine changes on the flight line.
  20. Yea, I wanted to do their Sun Kings sheet. My only problem with the Authentic stickers was that they wouldn't lay down over shapes, so I might give it a try. I haven't seen too many E-2 sheets that I like.
  21. I used them in 48th scale, and I wasn't too impressed. They didn't lay down over the tail very well. They seemed stiff, even after using setting solution. Then again, this was the green stripe for the gloss black tail.... In the end, I wasn't terribly impressed and wont be using them again.
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