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  1. Truly outstanding work.. the weathering is great. Im still practicing that skill. Great looking Hornet
  2. Its been slow so far gents. Family and holidays are super busy around here. Ive barely been able to get to the cockpit. Ill post pics soon. Fiance` is a far better photographer then I lol i hope so after the 900$ camera i bought her. Still paying for that lol. Update soon....
  3. :jaw-dropping: Yeah um... i got nothing lol... Fantastic work
  4. This is a fantastic build....Great work.
  5. Well gents after over a 5 year hiatus Ive decided to get back into my groove. Wish me luck as i'm sure im very rusty lol. Ive decided to start with one of my favorite birds as my best friends son flies one. 1/48th F/A-18E. Revell kit. Aires Cockpit, Scale Aircraft Conversions metal landing gear, and Rhino Seamless intakes. Im sure ill add stuff here and there. Any advice on this kit would be greatly appreciated as it is Revell and far from perfect. Ive seen alot of Hornets on here and I can only hope to get close to some of the outstanding work i've seen on here. Thanks Gents Torn....
  6. Truly Outstanding .. Very original.
  7. Simply beautiful chief excellent build i love the F-15E you did an outstanding job...Ill be picking this kit up soon........
  8. This was mine to me lol lol..http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/images/products/8996/8996508_ra.jpg
  9. Nope no models but i got a nice 46" Sony HDTV this thing is sick i got dizzy watching Top Gun LOL
  10. Your a sick sick man lol looks great chief keep it up!!!!
  11. Love the S-3 dont know why but i have a soft spot for the the "HOOVER"...
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