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  1. I am listing the last of my 1/48 stash.  I am sticking with 1/32 scale Navy jets from here on out.  If you are interested in trading an item or items from the list, please understand that I am only going to be building 1/32 scale from here on out.  I will take offers on multiple items and combine shipping.  Payment via Paypal.  shipping will be USPS Priority Mail from 23454 unless you request otherwise. Please PM me if interested.  Thanks for looking.


    Looking for 1/32 Fightertown Decals



    Check out my new Instagram Page @Tomcat124models


    1/48 Kits


    Hasegawa P18 F-14A "Pacific Fleet Squadrons"   ....$40

    Hasegawa P19 F-14A "Atlantic Fleet Squadrons" .....$40

    Hasegawa 07358 A-4E/F Skyhawk "TOP GUN" ......$40


    AMT ERTL Lockheed ES-3A Shadow .....$25

    ERTL/ESCI S-3A Viking Sub Hunter  .....$20


    1/48 Aftermarket


    (x2) Aires 4190 A-4E/F Detail Set for Hasegawa kit (Cockpit, Wheel Bays, Gun Bays, Electronic Bays, Opened Airbrakes) {Retail around $80} .......$50 (each)

    Aires 4124 F-14A Cockpit for Hasegawa .....$20

    (x2)  Aires 4121 F-14A Exhaust nozzles closed .....$15 (each)

    Aires 4261 F-16N Cockpit .....$15

    Aires 4483 F-5E Tiger II Cockpit ....$15

    Aires 4551 F-5F Tiger II Cockpit .....$25

    (x2) Aires 4281 SJU-17 Ejection Seats for F/A-18E/F and F-14D .......$8 (each)


    DMU F-14 Ground Refueling Kit .......$25


    Verlinden Nitrogen/Oxygen Utility Carts.....$25




    Authentic Decals EA-6B Prowler VAQ-135 Black Ravens "Last Ride" .....$5

    AeroMaster 48-573 Vikings of the Fleet Lo Vis Pr.VI (VS-32 & VS-33) ...$8

    Fightertown  48-010 Ultimate Hornet Adversaries 2 (Printed directions) ......$15    PENDING

    Twobobs  48018 Top Gun Tinkertoys .......$25

    Twobobs 48-230 F/A-18C Centennial of Naval Aviation VFA-122 & VFC-12 .....$10

    Superscale 48-437 Lov Vis S-3A/B Vikings VS-32 &VS-33 .....$8






  2. Oh well.  Would you like some 1/72 hasegawa F/A-18c/e and f-14 kits?  Now before you answer.  There are only three that aren’t started.  The rest you could either finish or use for parts.  I don’t build 1/72.  I dabbled while I was deployed and when I was younger, but wasn’t a serious modeler then.  Now I only build the big stuff.  If you’re interested I could send them to you for cost of shipping.  The new kits are an F/A-18C, F/A-18E and F-14A.  I can send you a picture if you’re interested.


    I am looking to buy or trade for some Academy or Kinetic 1/32 F/A-18s.  Please PM me if you have any you are willing to let go of. 


    Trade Options:

    1/48 Kits


    ERTL #8216-8241 S-3A Viking (Box is in rough shape, all parts are sealed) $25 $20

    AMT/ERTL #8750 ES-3A Shadow $40 $35

    Hasegawa #07358 A-4E/F Skyhawk "TOP GUN" $40

    Hasegawa #07026 F-18C Hornet $40 

    Hasegawa #P18:3800 F-14A Tomcat "Pacific Fleet Squadrons" $40 $35




    1/48 Aftermarket 


    Aires #4190 A-4E/F Skyhawk Detail set for Hasegawa (Sealed) $60  $50  (2 Available)

    Aires #4483 F-5E Tiger II Cockpit Set for AFV Club $15 $10

    Aires #4551 F-5F Tiger II Cockpit Set for AFV Club $25 $20

    Aires #4121 F-14A Exhaust nozzles-closed for Hasegawa (Sealed) $20 $15

    Aires #4261 F-16N Cockpit for Hasegawa $15 $10

    Eduard #BIG4956  BIG ED S-3 Viking Detail $50 $40



    1/48 Decals


    Authentic Decals #48-50(1) EA-6B Prowler VAQ-135 Black Ravens Last Ride  $10 $5

    AeroMaster Decals #48573 Vikings of the Fleet Lo Vis Pt.VI  $10 $5

    Fightertown Decals #48011 F-14 Adversary Bad Cats $30  

    Fightertown Decals #48021 F/A-18C Blue Bandits $30

    Fightertown Declals #48009 F/A-18 "Ultimate Hornet Adversaries 1" $30

    Furball Aero-Design #48040 Air Wing All-Stars "2014 NAS OCEANA AIRSHOW REVIEW $20

    SB Decals #48004 RED STAR RESERVES F/A-18C VFC-12 - F-5E VFC-111 $10

    TwoBobs Decals #48038 F-16N Old School Adversarys $20

    TwoBobs Decals #48016 F/A-18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars $20

    TwoBobs Decals #48017 Heinemann's Hot Rods $30

    TwoBobs Decals #48018 Top Gun Tinker Toys $30

    TwoBobs Decals #48151 F/A-18A Shades of Gray "Omars" $20

    TwoBobs Decals #48230 F/A-18C Centennial of Naval Aviation VFA-122 / VFC-12 $12 $10

    TwoBobs Decals #48237 T-6A/B Texan II $12 $10

    SuperScale Decals #48437 Lo Vis S-3A/B Vikings VS-32 / VS-33 $10

    Zotz Decals #48043 C-2A Greyhound VRC-30 / VRC-40 $25





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