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  1. Oh I love that ! I have always been tempted to add internal bracing wires but have never got round to doing it, lovely build jono
  2. Had to put this on hold as other things have got in the way !........story of a modellers life huh ? Jono
  3. Hi youngtiger, sorry for the late reply, the nose art is decal, thankfully Eduard decals are always pretty good so it settled down well and then just a bit of trimming to get it neat and tidy regards jono
  4. This is looking great, that wood effect is fantastic and never easy achieve
  5. I admire your persistance on this one ! Roden dont appear to have made it easy which is a shame as its a great subject
  6. Hi Guys, Well, as expected, progress is slow ! Next job will be to start building up the internal framwork......he says, confidently ! cheers Jono
  7. Hi again Guys Well, my Koster multimedia kit duly turned up from Aeroclub , really had forgoten what a genius Bill Koster is. Its mixed media, Vac Form fuselage and tail planes, and, as it was one of his later releases, resin wings and detail parts. Add to that, white metal parts, Photo Etched Fret and a great decal sheet including upper and lower lozenge.....quite a package managed to get home early from work today, and, not well enough for the gym (what a shame) decided to make a start So, all the vac parts now cut out only to find I have no wet'n'dry paper in the house !!.....oh
  8. Mind if I try another ? There seems to be a few DH2's being built so I shall attempt to get Kosters Siemens Schuckert D.IV done !
  9. Hi Netz, Yes, this has been a quick build, but simply for the fortune or mis-fortune of having been signed off sick from work and confined to the house for 3 weeks ! Its been great therapy though, as I have said previous, this is my first completed build in a long long time. I think, as modellers, we often strive for perfection rather than striving just to complete the lump of plastic in front of us, and, because of that, we create our own stresses rather than just sticking the two pieces of plastic in front of us together which is the solution to our problem ! Get that Fokker out , glue o
  10. Well, I think I have finished it, my first completed build this year, did'nt finish anything last year either ! I'll add it to the completed thread when I have more pictures
  11. Hi Jeff, I am using "Bobs Buckles", Bob, is a member over on Britmodeller and sells his home made TurnBuckles. They are twisted wire, and very fine they are too, and designed to be used with fishing line. Lycra thread has a slightly flat cross section so is not ideal to be pushed into a tiny round hole, but its catch 22, I prefer to use lycra over fishing line as there is alot more flexabilty afterwards and during construction, for example I shall rig the rest of the bristol before the outer wing struts go in place and simply push the struts in after the rigging is complete, the lycra wi
  12. Hi Jeff, I am using lycra thread which is a product from Aeroclub, its great as its flexible and allows handling of the model without too much drama, normally I'd just drill through the wings and thread it through (as the Felixstowe below), but this time I have used turn buckles.......starting to wish I had'nt !
  13. Hi Guys Again, thanks for the support Managing to get on with this one which is a relief to be fair, I normally struggle to finish anything Undercarriage on and control lines rigged, and the endless task of drilling holes for wire turn buckles and finally top wing on and lots of loose rigging to be sorted !
  14. Thanks for all the kind words guys, it all leads to encouragement to get something finished ! Well, managed to get the bottom wing on today, not the easiest of tasks to get the struts lined up straight and true. I have never used a jig on a bi-plane, always done it by sight and with a tape measure.....that might well have been the kiss of death for the top wing ! Cheers Jono
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