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  1. Interesting question. May be difference in the width of canopy frame. Also wait a comparison.
  2. Not so perfect. The Su-35 engine nacelles and root sections of the nozzles are bigger in diameter, than should be, seems due to "rotating" option. I can not find another explanation for this.
  3. Don't be hurry to make conclusion. It may be that Su-35 Is very good in sizes.
  4. It's your personal relationships that you managed to show to everybody. I'm not a judge to decide who is right or wrong or measure everyone's fault share. Any forum created for information exchange first of all, so everybody can share useful information regarding particular subjects. If a person noticed the difference between prototype and model and shared this on forum without any personal assesment, just to inform other interested that the difference exists, does he deserves advice to "shut up"? For some reason this particular thing is continue bothering you since 2017, so tell me what the p
  5. Very nice piece of Chinese poetry. Hey, Haneto, who is this mythical "Russian" you suggest to "shut up"? I haven't seen any of them untul the end of the thread. Sounds rude, what do you think? You and Gabor choose nice communication style. The dialogue: P1---"We've made brilliant model! The best in the world!" P2---"Very nice! Thank you. But there is a mistake..." P1---"You're fool!" A сouple of years late: P1---"We've made another brilliant model! The best in the world!" P2---"Exellent! But you repeated the mistake. Why?" P1---"You're
  6. Not little at all. Su-27KUB is very different plane: new nose, wing, tailplanes, canards and so on. Only half of the fuselage, engine compartments with intakes and landing gears remained the same as Su-33.
  7. Ok! Better pictures will be ready tomorrow.
  8. Here is the new belly Su-17M4 replacement from A.M.U.R. Reaver. 11USD + shipping.
  9. AMK F-14 fitting close-ups. Somebody has some troubles. Photos may be useful for part treatment and dry-fitting.
  10. One more detail regarding slats. The F-14 wing has slight "kink" in the area of second slat rail (counting from fuselage). In other words, the front edge of the wing is not straight line from forward point of view.
  11. Zacto, please pay attention on "shouldes" (fixed wing root areas over engine intakes) when you will examine AMK model. It ls look like that they have exessive thikcness at the front edge comparing real thing. I suspect wrong cross-cection profile in these areas.
  12. The HK 1/48 downscale fuselage will look like this ... . Same issues as 1/32 model, comparing real plane and old Monogram kit. I have 32 scale and measured it far and wide, using original Boeing plans and figures. We discussed 32nd issues in detail here if you interested. In 1/48 release HK corrected nose shape before pilot's windshield, but the rest obviously left "as is". So the fuselage is quite thick all length and tail section have wrong angle regarding datum line of original.
  13. There is a comparison between Tamiya (red line) and AMK instruction silhouettes that are actualy renders from 3D works. You can see the differences in side and top views. They are pretty similar exept nose section, which is noticeable "beefy" on AMK model.
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