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  1. Thanks fasteagle12, I just found that same link last night lol. I think were I missed the boat on my first Google search was in I probably used Hobbycraft (the kit I have) instead of Trumpeter in the search. It was shortly after zerosystems suggested link I went back to Google and used Trumpeter instead of Hobbycraft and your quite correct it's the first link that pops up lol. Many thanks to you and zerosystems for your help. Cheers
  2. Still appreciate your help friend. I'll probably be okay without the kit instructions, it was mainly needed for the engine mounting location in the fuselage. The rest of the kit looks fairly straight forward. Cheers
  3. Thank you for the tip zerosystem, did as you instructed but the 1/32nd Trumpeter MiG-15 kit isn't listed. I figured looking for the MiG-17 might work since it's probably close enough to the MiG-15 kit, but it's not listed either. Still a good tip for maybe future reference. Cheers
  4. Hi all, Purchased this kit at an estate sale sans instructions. If anyone has one laying around from a built kit or can scan the instructions and send them to me in a .pdf I would sure appreciate it. Cheers
  5. Hello all, Have the following up for sale or trade, just no room to build this beast. Asking $80.00 plus shipping. Will also trade for a couple 1/48th scale aircraft comparable to my asking price (will factor in any aftermarket items included with kits for trade) . Interested in WW2 and early or late jets. CONUS sell or offers only, I am located in Pa. Some examples of kits I would be interested in : Trumpeter Su-9 or 11 (single seat versions) Trumpeter F-100 (single seat versions) Trumpeter Vampire F.3/FB Mk.5/FB Mk.9 Trumpeter MiG-19S Farmer C Trumpeter Su-15 Flagon A Trumpeter Boulton Paul Defiant F1 Kitty Hawk F-94 Hobby Boss A-10 Tamiya P-47D (Bubble Top) Tamiya Mosquito B Mk IV/PR Mk IV Hasegawa Ki-45 Nick Hasegawa D3A1 Val Hasegawa F-15A or C Kinetic F-16 AM Revell of Germany F-86D Please PM if interested, and thank you for looking
  6. Thanks for replying wwesley3, unfortunately I need the F4U-1D variant. I recently purchased a lot of aftermarket items at a local show (price was just too good to pass up) but it's all pretty specific for the Trumpeter F4U-1D kit. Cheers
  7. Hi all, In the hunt for a Trumpeter F4U-1D Corsair, can buy or trade for just PM me here and thanks for looking. Have purchased the kit, thanks to all who replied.
  8. Hi riceballtrp, Sorry for the late reply, I bought a new Hasegawa F-16C off eBay on the 6th about an hour or two before your reply, the auction was ending soon and at $60.00 shipped I had to move on it. I had a lot of views on my ad but only one reply from a guy in Singapore so I just figured no one had one for sale. My apologies for not getting back here sooner to kill this ad. Cheers
  9. Hello, Looking for a reasonably priced 1/32nd F-16A/C or CJ for a project I'm working on. Hasegawa, Revell, Kangnam, Academy CJ will work, box condition and decals unimportant. Would prefer a kit located close to 15001 zip code to keep shipping cost reasonable. Thank you for looking
  10. Yep some ebayers definitely jack the shipping up to make up the difference for a low selling price, the e-stores are probably the worst offenders but some private sellers are not far behind. I recently wanted to get four colored 1/32nd eduard PE seatbelt sets (generic) from an ebay hobby store. These were not OOP items but the asking price was cheap, they ranged in price from $4.00~$6.00 but the shipping cost was $8.00 per set economy shipping! I asked about combine shipping and gave them my zip, they gave me a recalculated shipping quote of....$8.00 economy shipping. Doesn't sound bad except the store is not quite 100mi from me Don't get me wrong I do still find some great "Buy it now" deals on ebay stores like the 1/48th Trumpeter MiG-23 NIB I got for $23.00 including shipping, or the Tamiya cartridge replacement masking tape set (6mm-10mm-18mm) for $7.00 shipped. And I just missed a buy it now from a private seller for a 1/32nd Trumpeter P-40B/C NIB with a Cutting Edge resin cockpit, Eduard PE set and Cutting Edge (Flying Tigers) decal sheet for $47.00 shipped. There are still some deals but unlike the days of old you really have to look for them nowadays.
  11. Great deal, smooth transaction, much appreciated Brandon and thanks again.
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