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  1. I got mine but the whole top fuselage was cracked. It was odd because it was packed very well and the outer box had no signs of impact. anyway, other than that, the kit itself seems to be very nice. and will be very impressive build up. first thing I noticed is that the ram tape representation is underdone, meaning, alot of the detail was not modeled into the surface. the pe companies will jump on this for sure. the cockpit is pretty nice for an italeri product, and there was alot of detail in the missile bays. cant speak on accuracy yet, but at first glance, It is much better than I expected
  2. Excellent! thats all I needed to know. Thanks for your help Mingwin!
  3. I went to order a Fujimi product and noticed that as you go though the order process, it asks your card info,then gives you a shipping choice without showing the costs of those options. then there is the next button which places the order. This seems to make the added on shipping amount a surprise. can anyone who has ordered from them before advise me on this?
  4. Yep, got alot of those pics, but was hoping someone might actually have come across actual info. an attempt to do a little more than "eyeballing" it. "Rivet counter" designation means that at least I had to ask. Thanx anyway Fellas.
  5. Hello all, I have seen many beautiful raptor builds and have always wondered what accurate degree to place the unpowered nozzles. I have not been able to get anything online referencing this, I know that both nozzles go up to 20 degrees for vector purposes, but what position are they unpowered? Ive even heard that at rest, the lower flap is slightly more angled than the top. any guidance on this? Thanx in advance.
  6. This book is the ticket but did the Air force actually keep a secret? or Am I the only one who was blindsided by this new screen for the Golden eagle? Anyone else know about this? first time I have seen a pic of it.
  7. The interface definitely sucks doesn't it? unbelievable product otherwise. I don't have it handy at the moment, but I do remember that I could bypass and just download the pic but slightly smaller size.
  8. The cad model of the f-35, a B model does not match the picture shown, which is an A model, in fact the very early AA-1, makes you wonder about their attention to detail overall.
  9. What I found most interesting was also not the pictures, but the focus on the medium format hasselblad camera as opposed to the subject itself. and the mediocre results. I knew a guy who hated digital sound, worshipped vinyl recordings for their warmth, claimed with vinyl analog his gifted ear could tell the diff between zildjian cymbals and Sabian cymbals, zildjians being forged and flash quenched with the secret urine of yaks from tibet which were fed grass sprinkled with urine collected and flown in from the sherpas of nepal precisely at 4:32 in the morning. Seriously, they just look lik
  10. I honestly don't mean to shoot down anyone's work, but except for the last pic showing the open door, these seem pretty unremarkable. They look slightly overexposed and lacking in detail, and as far as composition, they are just like any quick point and shoot pics one would see at any airshow. I'm not getting the artsy component that was evident in the Blair Bunting shoot of the Raptor. http://blog.blairbunting.com/f22-raptor/ if that was the intention, nor any shots showing the jets lines to best effect. I'm no great photographer, but I'm just a bit confused at the buildup of the old school
  11. Stephane, not sure if you caught this or not, but one of the main tire renders, shows "cot" limitation instead of "cut" limitation, not sure if it will even matter at 48 scale but with the attention to detail you put into this, might not want to let such an obvious error get by you. good luck with this.
  12. Personally, I'm finding the suck factor of all the bullying a lot worse than the 'Proclamations of Shock & Awe. If his "history" of posts are irritating to some, that is only proof that that was known prior to clicking on the current post. From a value perspective, I am enjoying the renders at least.
  13. That was funny as hell dude! but don't you mean your anger knows no end? I jumped on the very first late model 9-12 4811 because at the time the consensus was it was better than penicillin.
  14. Duh! did i really call it a pitot? Dang. lets not tell anyone. Thanks Ken.
  15. On this aircraft, the often quoted length of 46.2 meters, does anyone know if this is with pitot tube or without?
  16. Thank you friend, I'll give them a try.
  17. Hey Ken and all other Flankerphiles, I have seen the new decals from lindenhill imports reflecting the new formatting, but only for bombers. How are you updating your flankers to reflect the smaller lettering? Have you come across decals in 32 scale from any other companies My link
  18. Depends on the graphic program you are using. are you using a paint program? cad program? vector graphics? in most cases, you can define a grid spacing in a paint program like photoshop. in vector graphics like illustrator or Corel draw, in addition to the grids, there are rulers. of course in cad programs you have active measuring tools. If your problem isn't the software you are using, then take a look at your print settings, make sure "print to fit" isnt checked, and that your print media and settings match. Hope this helps.
  19. Here are some snaps of a very nice diorama snaps featuring the f-22 and f-35B that was posted on F-16.net. if they are old news here, my apologies in advance. I have on order most of the age models depicted, they are Hasegawa, but I have no Idea who makes the tow-bar and the smaller pieces of age, curiously painted in bright orange. would anyone here know? http://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=24923&p=277178#p277178
  20. AWESOME! this was a very useful thread, great to see it brought back to life. Many thanks Ben. I was a bit surprised to see the variations on the air carts in the same yard.
  21. Hello, Loved the pictures that you put up of the air force age equipment, but it seems that half of the pictures are no longer showing, would you still have these pictures available to share?

  22. Ok, great! I just ordered, thanx for finally getting it out. forgive me in advance if I now point my nag missle in the direction of the hornet modeling guide. whats the tentative date on that?
  23. Hi Jake, Ive got 6 or 7 of your titles, yet for some reason, I am always without one these coupons that the sales page alludes to. can you explain where these coupons come from?
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