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  1. Would you have an RF-4B you might want to sell or trade? Any of these boxing’s?: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-07231-mcdonnell-douglas-rf-4b-phantom-ii--114277 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-09973-rf-4b-phantom-ii-vmcj-2--187890
  2. Love the pic of the pilot pushing on the drop tank. Would have been funny if it read “NO PUSH” on the back of the tank!!!😄
  3. Must have been one hell of a masking job! Good work
  4. That’s off the awesome scale!! Very cool project to do step away from a serious build. Good work.
  5. Broke this one out of the stash just last week. Added Eduard PE in the cockpit and Sidewinders, TACTS pod and Triple ejector racks from a Hasegawa Weapon Set. Markings will be from the kit for the “Strikecat” jet of VF-41 Black Aces. The kit goes together pretty with no filler being used apart from minor spots of CA glue. The panel lines are rather trenchy so I’ve sanded back the entire model to refine things a little. Blade antennas have been removed to be replaced with thinner plasticard later.
  6. I’m looking for 2 x Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18E single seat super hornet kits. I don’t mind if they are part started or have any of these items missing: decals, instruction booklets, gear legs or wheels. I intended to do them gear up so as long as the gear doors are all there. Hope someone can help.
  7. I knew what you were referring to but I was trying to make this post no more confusing for wm_cheng but once the TCS was introduced, the IR pod was seldom seen.
  8. That is correct but they were mostly used on the development aircraft and not on the fleet jets.
  9. Correction - The chin pod on the A and B models is not infra-red, it’s a radar guided tv camera. Only the D model had the infra-red as well as the tv camera system.
  10. The push rods, airbrake panels and the airbrake bays are all red. Only the actuator cylinders are white with the chrome pistons. See picture here: http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-detail-speedbrake-01.htm
  11. The actuators themselves on the airbrakes are white with a chrome piston as normal with any hydraulic cylinder. There are no actuators underneath as they are interconnecting push rods between the top and and bottom airbrake panels.
  12. Agreed. I’ve studied this one for years on the Tomcat. Unless serving in the Navy on a squadron or know someone in the know, it’s not really important at the end of the day when it comes down to scale modelling. I gave up trying to be so accurate all the time. Reasons can be serviceability, Air time, operational, front line fleet requirements, the list goes on. Just build what you want or to photographic proof rather than trying to second guess stuff. It drives you nuts otherwise.
  13. Just pick a photo of the jet you want to build and build it in that configuration at that time. You’ll go stir crazy trying to nut out the whys, where’s and what’s of it all. Just build.
  14. Correction, F-14s used the AN/AAQ-14 which came directly from the F-15E which is longer than the AN/AAQ-25. 😉
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