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  1. Wouldn’t necessarily need to add Quikboost ESC if you use the EA-18G Growler kit which already has the ECS Bard stacks molded on. Although the Quickboost sets are nicer. I used them a few year ago on the Revell Super Hornet. Although the Block II jets had them from new, many if not all of the Block I jets had the retro fitted to help reduce the heat signature and solve many of the heat damage issues.
  2. Although I mentioned the Hasegawa kit, I guess it’s going to get harder to decide on a receiving kit as the new F/A-18F and G are just around the corner by Meng and Hobby Boss. I digress, this is an F-15 thread!! 😂
  3. Could these IPs be used on a Hasegawa 1/48 Super Hornet to do a Block III aircraft?
  4. What about the outboard wing pylons? Haven't seen them yet on the EX but certainly on the Saudi SE versions which shares come commonality.
  5. Hi Dave Thank you for your reply and the link to the D version instructions. I've just crossed referenced the instructions to the Revell kit (reboxing of the ICM A Version): https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/6/8/1073468-51-instructions.pdf The kit sprues are identical but Revell have just blanked out all the D Version parts not used. Basically I just have to use the ICM D Version instructions instead of the Revell ones and get the D version decals of my choice. Regards Andrew
  6. Traditionally I'm not a builder of WWII era aircraft or particularly German subjects but I'm quite taken by the thought of building Revell's rebox of the ICM 1/48 JU-88A-4 but I don't like the markings in the box and have seen a number of other schemes that interest me but they are mostly Ju-88D versions. Can someone give any brief pointers on the most obvious differences between a Ju-88A versions and a Ju-88D version and can a D version be build from the ICM A kit?
  7. Anyone built the RFM 1/35 Challenger 2 TES kit? What are the tracks like to build and are there any alternative “rubber” tracks available to replace the kit tracks?
  8. The Paint4Models front page now has a message stating that the database won’t work at all now and they are working on a solution but will take time. In the meantime download the PDF version.
  9. Thats handy because SMS is an Australian brand so is easy for me to get in New Zealand. Thanks you.
  10. I was going by the FS number on this Furball weapons sheet: The colour on the sheet looks a little too dark but not to worry, can always lighten things if I get a close enough colour.
  11. I just read Ben Browns reply, so it seems Flash Player is dead. I haven’t tried using it for a while so obviously since I last tried, it’s support is being withdrawn by the web browsers. Its a shame because that Paint4Models database is really good. I hope the owner is attempting to revive it in another program.
  12. You have to use Windows Explorer or another browser that supports Flash Player. Paint4Models does have PDF database that you can download, it’s just not live so you could download it then later on updated paint codes etc will be added to it and you may have to download it again. It be be a solution to the issue until you get a web browser that works with Flash Player.
  13. Does anyone know a good or close enough paint match for FS35102 Inert Blue?
  14. Does anyone have the Tamiya 1/32 F-15E Bunker buster kit and not going using the 4 X AIM-120 AMRAAMS? Im in need of some spares for a “full load” build.
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