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  1. Does anyone have the Tamiya 1/32 F-15E Bunker buster kit and not going using the 4 X AIM-120 AMRAAMS? Im in need of some spares for a “full load” build.
  2. Hi Dustin Thanks for the offer but some one beat you to the post! A member has donated the entire sheet from his kit. I just hadn't had chance to update this post to state everything has been sorted. Thanks again for the offer though. Regards Andrew
  3. Oops well spotted but it’s not something I’m concerned about. Just not a fan of Jolly Rogers markings although I do have a couple of the Eduard boxing’s of the B kit if I decided to use the thin wings.
  4. I just got the Academy 1/48 F-4J phantom Jolly Rogers kit for Christmas and as grateful as I am for it, I’m not a Jolly Rogers fan. So as both kits are same and have all the parts to make any Naval phantom, I’d like to swap the decals and instruction booklet from this kit: ...in preference for the decals and instruction booklet from this kit: Send me a PM if interested in this swap.
  5. Dam that’s good!!! Crusaders, Skyhawks and F-4, probably the best era of the US Navy.
  6. It’s not my best by a long shot. Massive gaps there on the intake and a seam that looks like it’s pulling itself apart. It just didn’t like this kit from start to finish. My usual scale is 1/48 but if I ever do another 1/72 Tomcat, I’m going back to the Hasegawa kits or even go for the new Great Wall Hobby kits.
  7. Not the greatest kit in terms of detail and the panel lines are huge. I added Eduard PE in the cockpit and some Triple Ejector racks and a TACTS pod from a Hasegawa weapon set. Shoulder weapon rails were modified to have two Sidewinder rails on each side. Markings are from the kit for VF-41 Black Aces Strike Cat Jet. Paints were AK Interactive and Tamiya Acrylics. Theres definitely flaws in assembly but then the kit is flawed in more ways than one. Feel free to pass judgement.
  8. Would you have an RF-4B you might want to sell or trade? Any of these boxing’s?: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-07231-mcdonnell-douglas-rf-4b-phantom-ii--114277 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-09973-rf-4b-phantom-ii-vmcj-2--187890
  9. Love the pic of the pilot pushing on the drop tank. Would have been funny if it read “NO PUSH” on the back of the tank!!!😄
  10. That’s off the awesome scale!! Very cool project to do step away from a serious build. Good work.
  11. Broke this one out of the stash just last week. Added Eduard PE in the cockpit and Sidewinders, TACTS pod and Triple ejector racks from a Hasegawa Weapon Set. Markings will be from the kit for the “Strikecat” jet of VF-41 Black Aces. The kit goes together pretty with no filler being used apart from minor spots of CA glue. The panel lines are rather trenchy so I’ve sanded back the entire model to refine things a little. Blade antennas have been removed to be replaced with thinner plasticard later.
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