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  1. Same here! <_< (But with the classier Landor livery )
  2. Rather defeats SW's one-type fleet philosophy. http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2010/...-717-fleet.html
  3. Hello Ojsguilty, While they are not listed on TwoSix's website any more, decals for the minty green livery were produced for the A319, A320, A340, and 767-300, in addition to the 777-200 and E-175. AHS still stocks them: Link
  4. Those decals are tempting, and I might just have a 787 kit... Looking forward to seeing these decals when they are done.
  5. Wow! That is impressive! You might need a new shelf... or wall.
  6. Sorry about the decal ripping. DACO/Skyline look like they are working on an Alaskan 'dreamliner' 737 sheet. Not sure when it comes out, but it might be useful.
  7. Looks very nice! Where will you manage to store these 773s?
  8. Lets hope that KoPro release the A310 (ex-Revell) soon, then!
  9. Isn't the rear fuselage on the A310 different from that on the A306? Here's hoping that Bra.z will rerelease their resin fuselage.
  10. Given Zvezda's current quality and punctuality, this should be a nice jet. Hopefully a few more Western airlines will buy the Superjet, I'd like to see a few flying over here.
  11. Wasn't the ATR supposed to be a 2008 release? A bit off, eh?
  12. Pointerdog7 seems to have quite the business going now- quite a few tempting decals. Any chance of a pic when you recieve it? I'm curious to see this one.
  13. Good Be-200 video, Ken? Quite an awesome amphibian, if I may say so. Latest indications of the ATR and probably Superjet (if Italeri actually release it) is after the August shutdown (according to Ivo of Bra.z, [posted on Airliner Cafe] who did the CAD work on the Superjet)
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