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  1. Never saw him again ? At Nellis ? Must be the Aliens then.
  2. They'd both better have wingfolds, since the wingspan of both the S-3 and the E-2C is enormous in 1/32. It would be very cool, but doubt they would actually do it. Chances are low I think. We're talking A-6 prices or even higher and a relative small target audience compared to the A-6. To be honest, I'd much rather see them do both in 1/48 and go nuts with the detailing.
  3. Let's hope it crashes on the next takeoff with that moron at the stick.
  4. It should work with any kind of paints, al long as you stick to one kind. If you apply enamel over acrylics, you could run into nasty issues. Same goes for laquer over enamel. Arcrylics and lacquer would work best, since they dry very fast and are rock solid. Enamels stay softer for a while longer, and the chipping won't work as good. I'd avoid spraying enamels altogether. Salt weathering is not easy. Pratice on something cheap (old kit) before doing it on the real thing.
  5. I saw this in real life today at Euro Model Expo 2014 in Germany. It's about 10 times better compared to the pictures. Best display of the show I would say and it wasn't even entered in any of the contests. I have the same F-4 in my stash, really want to start doing it now. Once again, top notch work Stephan.
  6. The good old times. The 70's were definitely better looking.
  7. Holy smoke......this is awesome. Not just the modeling but the lighting and photography too. Thanks for sharing. You have a winner here..
  8. Seems like this kit was just made to show off the engine bay. Unlike many other Trumpeter kits which include a full engine, it works out ok here. Very cool.
  9. It's a flying operational Cat. It's cool by default.
  10. And don't forget to put the LANTIRN on the right pylon, since only that one is wired to carry it.
  11. I already made one of those pink Tomcats. Got another one in the stash. It's a joy to spray-away all the pink stuff with grey after a while. Easier on the eyes :) Looking forward to see more.
  12. Looks to be much better then the Hasegawa weapon sets too, which are overkill if you only need the AIM-54's
  13. When overspraying with smoke, did you get a more glossy finish ? Since X-19 is a gloss colour not matt. Ot did you thin it down and upped the pressure ?
  14. Since all the other perfectly airworthy Cat's have been chopped into pieces at AMARG, these are all that are left. Let's hope they keep on flying for many years to come, perhaps under more peacefull circumstances.
  15. Looks very cool those intake ramps. This scale and kit lends itself to go much further and you did ;)
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