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  1. Maurizio, you know I'm out of my comfort zone here, but wow, you are doing a stellar job. Your knowledge of the original leads you to great attention to detail. Great results and in so few time! Bye Euge
  2. Thank you, HAJO and Ray. So, something new. I thought it was an easy task to glue the wings to the fuselage, but it didn't. Probably due to my mistake when I forced the parts for the new dihedral, I missed the planarity of the root rib and the wings look down. So now I need to sand it till I get again the correct dihedral. But, what to do to be sure that the future landing gears legs will be vertical? I inserted two iron rods in the hole for said legs and I sanded till I can estimate them vertical. The right wing is almost done The left one is still to
  3. Hallo. I'm a bit late for the pics I promised. Sometime when you check something you have done, it seems OK, but when you take pics for the forum, well, it's not. I have a lot of cleaning and adjusting with the glazing. Nothing impossible but I have to be careful. Something better with the tailplane hinges. Also the fin is taking shape. I hope to get some wings and fuselage together next time. Not soon, since the next week end I'll be in Zeltweg for the F1 Gran Prix.
  4. Hi mates. More done than posted in the past weeks. Thank you Nikolaos for your appreciation. Back to the manual. The two trim tabs that protrude after the trailing edge are a bit coarse. So I cut them off and redone with some styrene. Following modification is valid also for the series aircraft and it is due to a minor error of the kit. As you can see from the manual, the actuator and linkage of the outer aileron-flap (n.29) are aligned with the end of the trim tab (the newly done one). Unfortunately the fix
  5. Thank you Ray. Yes that's the reason because the aftermarket producers are for. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable with those tiny bits of brass. Duch, that I don't know too, but it is cool. This gives me the chance to ask to be corrected, since I know, I make lots of mistakes in English. Best regards Euge
  6. Hi everyone. Got some free time this afternoon, so I can report about the last activity. As you can see from this manual page, the retracting kinematic is really complicated. It has nothing to do with what is in the kit. Another point is that the prototype had a three part gear doors and not two parts as in the series aircraft. There also are photos in which the doors are not visible, maybe sometimes because they weren't there or were closed (the front ones, at least). So I started adding some structure inside the gear wells.
  7. Hajo, I like alot your Do-27. Really beautiful painting both inside and outside. Bye Euge
  8. Hi, Hajo. Dein "Oberst Trull" sollte sich anschnallen, oder? What a nice build. I've always had a soft spot for this sample of "German robust engineering". Have you hand-brushed? If so the result is wonderful. Can't wait to see markings going on. Bye Euge
  9. Hi Ray. The internal framing are made of black vinyl electrical tape. I cut it in stripes, lay them on a flat glass, light sanded to tone down the glossy finish, and applied to the glazing. (I made this way the first time 20 years ago, I still have the model and the tape is still there, so I'm confident it will last) Bye Euge
  10. Hi, everybody. Time for an update. The fuselage halves are glued together, except the nose section. Here the fuselage upside down with the last part of the nose ballast. A test fit of the nose: it will require some adjusting. Meanwhile the glazing is framed inside and seems to fit OK with the front end... we will see. That's all, folks. Thanks for watching Euge
  11. Hi, Giovanni. I can suggest to enter in touch with Ron Downey, a retired Douglas engineer. He runs a beautiful blog with lots of technical documentation. http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/ You can make a search typing "vodoo" or even contact via email. Always enjoying your excellent build. Bye Euge
  12. Hi, Giovanni. I'm quite out of my comfort zone here, but I have followed your build in silence and admiring your skills. Now I want to let you know how much I appreciate those details on the landing gears. I think they are the "hi end" of modelling. A big thank to you for sharing your jewel with us. Best regards Euge
  13. Hi, everybody and happy new year. It's time now to give some atention to the tail end of the fuselage. The kit parts are quite acceptable, but to bring some more life to this section I decided to separate the control surfaces of the tailplanes. This means that I had to close some gaps that the operation geneated. I did it with some cyanoacrylate and talcum powder, one of my preferred filler. To be sure to keep at minimum the further sanding, I put underneath a steel plate covered by scotch tape, as release agent. This is the vertical fin, and the same proce
  14. Thank you, Ray. More update soon -ish. Later, also on the other side of the Equator 😉 Bye Euge
  15. Hi, Benjaminth99. If I may suggest: old model, old technology by an old modeler. Use white toothpaste and elbow grease. Takes time but you'll probably save framings. Regards Euge
  16. Hi everybody. As I said in the original thread, the engine included in the kit are wrong, so I decided to use those from a DC-3 Some modifications in the cowling are necessary to position the new engines. More than that, the real problem was to center the parts each other. A jig is necessary. This has to go in front of the cowling. With both cylinders rows glued together and painited and a sort of firewall, this is the result. Thanks for watching Best regards Euge
  17. Hi everybody. First of all I need to say thank you to "Dutch" for the appreciation on the original thread. More an empiric than scientific method, but usually it works. On to interiors. I already prepared the mesh to put along the inside of the fuselage, but... I found a short video of the presentation aircraft and it is clearly visible that there was no mesh inside. It is a short fuselage Caribou, so it is the prototype. There is only some framing that I tried to make. Painted and glued iside
  18. Dear friends, If someone is interested HERE there is the continuation of this build. Best regards. Euge
  19. Hi ARCiers This thread is dedicated to the build of the 1/72 DHC-4 Caribou prototype CF-KTK-X. I have started this project for the "Canada 150" Group build, but some life issues have taken me away from modeling for a long time. So who is interested can visit this thread where the I describe the beginning phases. The build proceeded on and off during this last year with little progress. Next job was to modify the exhausts that were different in the prototype I'll cut the tubes at the right time, just before glueing. Mean
  20. No trouble at all. p. message inbound. Bye
  21. Hi, Ben. I have the Amodel 1/72 Lear 55C. As far as I know the 31(A) has the delta fins and winglets of the 55C. If you want I can measure and redraw those parts in 1/48 and send you a pdf. So, if you confirm that the real thing is done that way, I'll get on it next week end. Regards Euge
  22. Hi VADM. I'm really sorry for your disappointment, but i wasn't expecting anything better. Until people keep on buying those kits, he will still produce them, inducting other people to keep on buying. Now I understand that businnes is businnes, but a natural selection is due. Good luck anyway for your project. Regards Euge
  23. Hi, VADM. I remember your magnificent job on the Jetstar. The Mach2 kit can't be better in any way. I've already spent some money with their (his) kits and I'll never do any more. Best regards Euge
  24. Hi guys. Unfortunately things in life don't often go as you hoped, so a lot of events are keeping me away from the workbench for a month now. It's clear that at this point I'll not be able to finish the models on time. I'm really sorry for that and ask all to apologize me if I give up. When things will get better, I'll open a thread about these builds in the main Aircraft Work in Progress section of the Forum. Thanks for your understanding. Best regards. Euge
  25. Hi, Ray. Thank you for your kind words. I didn't want to be tedious with the ballast operation. Well, things are as follows: 65 gr. are put in the position you see in the first pic, 55 millimeters ahead of the lift point (main gear legs) This makes a momentum of 3575 gr.x mm. putting the lead under the cockpit I gain 20 mm of arm, so 3575/75 = 47,6 grams, so 50. And this is the definitive amount. A lot anyway, but the nose is very short. Dihedral. The angle is 15°. This is the angle that the inner face of the upper wing half has to perform outboard of the nacell
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