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  1. Wow, thanks for all the help and comments!!! I checked out all the links. I think the best route for me to go for the paint might be to get some solid decal sheets and the number sheet. That was one thing I was worried about were the decals. The one for mine are in fine shape, just not my flavor, and masking would be nearly impossible due to such a fine fuselage stripe, and the slant numbers inside the color. I wonder what my luck would be if I tried contacting Minicraft for one of their varieties. Ive seen at least three different schemes that they have packaged. The decal color has ne
  2. There's only a handfull of private or civilian aircraft models out there (Minicraft / Academy) and wondering if there has ever been aftermarket details or decal sheets available for any of them. I'm currently working on a Minicraft Beechcraft Bonanza V35 and wishing for different color decals and vacuum formed windows.
  3. I finally figured out my problem posting pics in the thread. My pop-up window for the link was adding extra image codes which I have to erase before submitting the edit.
  4. ah, Thanks Baphomet. I changed it lets see now if it works if it dont i have some studying to do
  5. Here's how far I've got with mine. The hackers stopped us from posting pics in the forums, so here's my photobucket link: Bonanza Slideshow @ Photobucket.com Let me know if it doesn't work, I'm new here. I filed in a landing light pocket in each wing, added a clear plastic stud primarily just for a round reflector (the facets dissappear) masked and filled with clear epoxy, sanded and polished. Tinted and then transparent painted epoxy was used for clear lenses to form the cut-out wingtip lights. The cut outs were smoothed and then foil covered before adding the epoxy, and pops off when d
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