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  1. I was on the verge of disposing of my Kinetic Hornets when I saw this article recently. So decided to try it and see what happened. I did the nose halves together and added the bottom panel to finish the nose section. Then put the fwd nose gear bay bulkhead onto the lower main fuselage piece, very tight press fit and then glued it. At this point I realized I hadn’t installed the refuel probe bay and I couldn’t get it fitted to the nose section so glued it to the main upper fuselage piece. Having just deviated from Collin’s guide at the refuel bay, I figured I should check how the
  2. Looking for a couple of Kinetic Hornet 2 seater kits, prefer to trade but open to other ideas. Im in WA Gary
  3. Anyone got the two seater parts sprue and canopy left over from one of the Kinetic Hornets? I’ve got a single seater I’d like to do as a two seat Hornet. The sprue has the aft cockpit parts, 2nd seat, 2 seat canopy frame and turtle back, etc. Also need the 2 seat canopy. These items would be in kits that give the option of single and dual seat builds … the Blue Angel, Adversary, Canadian kits for starters. OR A full 2 seat Hornet (Kinetic) .... ATARS or any of the ones mentioned above. Happy to buy or trade. I’m located in WA. thanks Gary
  4. Also keep an eye on window configuration on fuselage side and cheeks under the cockpit.
  5. There’s also a window in the cargo ramp to check on the wire.
  6. Really sorry on the loss of your fuzzy loved one.
  7. Wow! Is that totally scratch built?
  8. Anyone got the vertical tail from a HobbyBoss F-111 kit they’re not needing anymore? Any kit tail (not the EF version) will work. I’m near Seattle, WA. thanks Gary
  9. Gene, my mistake, it was High Planes model not Special Hobby.
  10. Gene, While looking up info on P4 and Derby it popped several times that Special Hobby had Python 4 and Derby releases in 72nd and 48th scale. FYI what I found was Derby and P4 are built on the same body tube diam of 6 inches. Sidewinders are 5 and Sparrows are 8 in diameter.
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