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  1. Hi Gary, Still looking? I may be able to help. Do you need the cockpit tub too ... it's different than the tub in the E kits. Gary F
  2. Was there any mention if this is just new decals or are there any new parts/pods added?
  3. Solo, I was watching a tv show on the Cold War and there was a segment on a coup in Chile that had video of 2 Chilean Hunters doing multiple bomb runs on a government building, maybe a presidential palace or such. Don’t know what mk the Hunters were or what bombs but it was interesting to see.
  4. No problem mentioning the Scaleworx set. I keep thinking about that but thought we might see the Kinetic kit by the end of the year. I had hoped when Kinetic had their surprise announcement (F-104’s) that it was actually the Cheetah, oh well. Actually had hoped Raymond would see this and comment.
  5. Kinetic had this Cheetah on their release list for late this year. Has anyone seen anything on this kit's status? thanks
  6. Yeah, I knew they changed at some point but didnt recall when at the moment. The RR set for the F-2 wheels is R024, which look the same as the sets for the block 40-42 F-16's. I've got a few sets and they are quite nice.
  7. Wolfpack has a resin exhaust and Royale Resin has wheels (think they are same as block 40). There's also some PE sets for the A and B versions.
  8. Would the nozzles from an Academy F-15 kit fit the Has kit? If so I may have a spare set.
  9. One book I have states Escapac-IE9 seat was used in rocket sled tests for the A-10 development but switched to Escapac II for the two YA-10 and 6 YA-10A airframes. Production ac went to ACES seat. One thing I noticed in an accompanying pic of a just built YA-10 was that the Escapac seat had canopy breakers, inverted L shaped fairings, mounted on forward side edge of the top of the head box area and no overhead pull d handle. Perhaps in the smaller pics you’ve come across those breakers are distorting what you’re seeing, making the headrest area look curved?
  10. There is an AF article about MGen Gideon's ejection from one of the early A-10s during testing. It identified the prototypes and very early A-10s as being fitted with a version of the Escapac seat. Partly because of injuries from his (and several other fatalities) ejection in that seat, the switch to ACES was accelerated.
  11. Looking for a couple 1/48 J-10S and or J-10B kits. Trumpeter or Bronco kits will work. If you have a few to trade let me know what you might like for them. Im near Seattle, WA. thanks
  12. I put 5 up back in Jan but I'd be pretty happy if a 1/48 Lavi showed up, maybe Kinetic?
  13. Hi Collin, Pretty sure I have this sheet. I'd want to keep the blue/gray schemes but could part with the brown one(s). Let me know and I'll have a look for it. Gary
  14. It's not common now but back then declawing a cat was pretty common. Using declawed cat for these flights seems like a good idea.
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