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  1. Gary F

    A-6A bomb load question

    John, if you look closely at the pic you posted, that A-6 does have full inboard MERs.
  2. Very welcome!! Definitely hope to see a SAAF F-1AZ.
  3. Gary F

    Su-34 Anti-glare

    Thanks Kotey.
  4. Gary F

    Su-34 Anti-glare

    What's the pilot wearing in the first pic ... earphones, different helmet, NVG's ... can't quite make it out.
  5. Gary F

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Anyone wonder if this project might be the HobbyBoss Su-33/J-15 project? I don't know anything ... The idea has occurred to me a couple times.
  6. The D (and C) have been available from Scalehobbiest.com (in US) for several months also.
  7. Any news on how these are coming along?
  8. Gary F

    1/48 Mirage IIIBZ resin conversion

    When do you expect this to be available?
  9. Gary F

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Glad to see this alive and coming later in the year. I'm with Dylan on including a spine and CFTs for optional builds, just as there were Whif decal options in the single seat version. I think the 2 seater will look good with the spine and CFTs (and some of the other lumps/bumps out there).
  10. Gary F

    A-6E Intruder

    Looking good Janne. The top faces of the steps on the boarding ladders had some coarse black nonskid, which was particularly useful in wet areas (like NAS Whidbey ). Also some red edging since it was a moving part, like the gear doors. Hope that helps a bit.
  11. Nice stuff! Always liked your whiffs.
  12. Gary F

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Bump for any update on the two seater.
  13. Gary F

    RF-4C with bomb loaded

    I came across a pic of an RF-4C at Edwards dropping a full load of mk 82's ... MER's outboard and centerline and TER's inboard. It had the large orange panels on tail and outer wings and there was another F-4 in the background also in the dive and dropping bombs. Found it interesting because a number of F-4 experts had said the RF-4C was not set up to do that stuff (conventional bombs). Thought it would make a good project also.
  14. It was $11 or $13, what ever was set during the preorder (small packet air). Once they got the kits they had to bump the same shipping option up to $30 something, although they did honor the lower shipping value for those who did preorder. Kind of wish I'd have done 2 preorders, now that I've seen the kit ; )
  15. So my Su -35 arrived today ... that's 6 days from shipping notice (Seattle, WA area). Is HobbyEasy always that fast on shipping? Really happy with what I see in the box, even the much talked about panel lines aft of the cockpit area.