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  1. I can only speak firsthand on the A-6 (VA-196 on the 72-73 cruise). It’s been a long time but I recall our crews saying when they buddy lasted for the F-4’s there were always issues … ie the F-4’s didn’t really want to do that mission. When they worked with the A-7’s they had pretty good outcomes. When they flew the hand held device the AE’s would do the job. We would pull a panel from the BN’s right console, find the correct plug down there, connect it to the laser panel and fasten that panel in place. Then the device would just be plugged into the panel and it was ready to go. I don
  2. Yes, hand held by the B/N.
  3. One of the F-4G sets was on Sprue Brothers in the last few days. Rechecked and it was from ZM.
  4. Nice! Interesting seeing the two together.
  5. Sigtau, are you seeing warpage in other areas of the kit that may be affecting your fit? I got one of my new C kits out to look at some of the issues you’ve mentioned, especially the fuselage fit you mentioned. Mine seems to fit fine… the main fuselage shell parts … but I’m also not seeing any warpage either, so wondering if warping in your kit is the major issue. Even that lower aft U shaped part fit very well to the lower fuselage. I glued it and was really pleased with the fit. I’m actually trying to do a v1 kit before I fully work on the v2 kit. The v1 haas beaten me numerous times
  6. Jeff, I suggest you go to the caracal decals and suggest it. It was brought up several times when the icm DB-26 and JD1 kits were about to be released. Another voice might be enough to get him to do some drone markings.
  7. I’ve always liked the Firebee drones, especially the armed ones that could do Mavericks, EO guided bombs, and a few others.
  8. Sigtau, what nozzle do you have on the back end … seems to fit well?
  9. I just checked the ADF tail bases in the v1 and v2 kits and the size/shape is the same. Locator pins are slightly off between the two versions but I knocked them off the v1 part and then the v1 will join a v2 part and look the same. The panel line and fastener detail is much finer on v2 and will disappear under some paint. I recall when the v1 kits came out there were a lot of F-16 maintainers around here and the consensus was the adf tail base was way too thick. They came up with a way to sand the top area and force it together (similar to Sigtau) to get something that looked better.
  10. That was a problem on the earlier releases too. Doesn’t look to have been corrected.
  11. Cockpit decals are in the C but not the MLU kit.
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