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  1. Just curious but were preloaded MER/TER/BRU’s not a standard USAF practice or was this just F-111 related?
  2. Hi mrvark. Any chance that’s you in the sunglasses in front of the NA bird?
  3. All look good but I do like the Seahawk!
  4. If that's the same ones that did the 48th Treibflugel, then they did a nice job on it. I'd be happy to see them do more in that scale. And while H2 is probably close with his list, I suspect one of the three will be a 'night' version of the Treib (as they with their larger scale version).
  5. Having been on that firstTomcat cruise, engine problems were an issue. We did a line period in the Indian Ocean that was supposed to culminate in a Tomcat demo for the Shah of Iran (to help sell him on buying the plane). Time came for the show and it got cancelled. Before the word came out on the cx, I had been helping one of the F-14 ae troubleshooters find some electrical parts in our spares (I was an A-6 ae ts) and he mentioned we weren’t going to do the show for the Shah because they only had 3 up Tomcats between the two squadrons, mostly because of engine stuff. Toss in all the losses due to engine ‘failures’ that cruise ... hard to say they weren’t really an issue. Cant deny they weren’t fun to watch during flight ops after the F-4s the previous cruise, though.
  6. Darren, That Vigilante of yours says otherwise about your 'mediocre' scratch building skills! But best wishes for the future.
  7. Hi Gary, Still looking? I may be able to help. Do you need the cockpit tub too ... it's different than the tub in the E kits. Gary F
  8. Was there any mention if this is just new decals or are there any new parts/pods added?
  9. Solo, I was watching a tv show on the Cold War and there was a segment on a coup in Chile that had video of 2 Chilean Hunters doing multiple bomb runs on a government building, maybe a presidential palace or such. Don’t know what mk the Hunters were or what bombs but it was interesting to see.
  10. No problem mentioning the Scaleworx set. I keep thinking about that but thought we might see the Kinetic kit by the end of the year. I had hoped when Kinetic had their surprise announcement (F-104’s) that it was actually the Cheetah, oh well. Actually had hoped Raymond would see this and comment.
  11. Kinetic had this Cheetah on their release list for late this year. Has anyone seen anything on this kit's status? thanks
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