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  1. Always liked the look of this aircraft and you've done an amazing job on the model. Are those really ejection seats for the pilots but not the rest of the crew? Wonder how that went over with the crew?!
  2. Very nice!
  3. Nice one. Is Col. Ky's black A-1 on the AOA decal sheet?
  4. SAAF scheme ... Yes!!
  5. Was wondering about the 2 seat XL also.
  6. We found a bird nest in one of ours one time so the bird thing sounds quite reasonable ; )
  7. We had some of the perforated speed brakes (71-75) in my squadron. There was some wiring and piping that could be seen through the holes in the brake panels so even though the panels were closed, sure they could be opened if needed. On the other hand I never saw any opened the entire time I was with the squadron.
  8. So, any chance there might be a J-15 based on this kit, down the road?
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I'd been pretty lucky with kits for many years but in the last 2 years I've had 5 Gripens (KH) that had badly warped aft fuselage halves (beyond use or fixing), warped parts and broken clear parts in Mig 25 (KH), and broken clear parts in a couple Mirage F-1's again KH. Tried for 11 months to get some help from KH and couldn't get a reply so done with them. But never had a kit from these guys so wasn't sure what to make of what I'd seen in this Mig kit. Again thanks
  10. Question on this kit. Saw one at my local shop and got to look inside. The sprue with the wing panels was on top of the other sprues which were somewhat smaller than the wing sprue. The wing panels and sprue were quite bowed or warped ... hard to tell without removing the sprue. The parts bag was also quite tight around the sprues so that could be contributing to what I saw. Looked in a second box and it was the same. Anyone seen this and know if that warping/bowing on the wing panels relaxes when out of the bag or if the parts really are warped? thanks
  11. Hi Raymond. Not a complaint to you. As I mentioned it usually takes 7-9 days to me, whereas it's not unusual for a package to take a week just within the states. My comment was offered to Grindcore that things were taking a bit longer but my stuff did make it after all ; )
  12. I ordered the Kinetic A/B Hornet back on 11 Dec and it just arrived today so you may still have a bit of a wait. Usually just 7-9 days for me on orders from Lucky (to WA) so 43 days with air shipping wasn't fun but guessing most of that was customs time and holiday stuff. Good luck!
  13. Pep

    Probably not news, but good deal and smooth transaction with Pep. Thanks! Gary F
  14. Same here Brad ... ordered on 11 Dec, shipped the 16th, still waiting.
  15. First letter A ... Atlantic based First letter N ... Pacific based Second letter ... J training ex. NJ Super Hornet/Hornet/Corsairs at Lemoore, NJ at Whidbey on Intruders/Prowlers/TC-4C's etc. Other 2nd letters pick out air wings and carriers ... others may know the 'rules' a bit more.