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  1. Hasegawa Weapons set E.
  2. Kinetic Su-33 on-line manual

    F-16XL 2 seater also!
  3. Looking for 1 or 2 1/48 Academy T-50 trainers. Can trade or buy. I'm located near Seattle, WA (US). thanks
  4. Possible new topics?

    How about a sheet covering USN camo trials aircraft from the mid-60's in SEA ... Skyraiders, Skyhawks, Vigi's, Phantoms, Intruders ... in greens and tans.
  5. Gary F

    Good deal from my perspective too. Eric was quick and did a good job packing the items he traded to me. Would deal with Eric again.
  6. F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 Wolfpack

    While I remember a number of losses that cruise most were away from the ship. I was actually wondering if your bird was one lost while we were in port and flying from Cubi. We were launching some of our A-6's and heard a Tomcat had gone down. Shortly afterwards, after swapping crew and hot refueling one of out tankers went back up, caught fire and crashed trying to make it back in. Crew got out but the Tomcat stuff kind of got lost in our own troubles. One fun thing I do recall seeing at sea, was a VF-1 bird go down the track, go full ab and notice all four wheels off the deck but still attached to the catapult ... I was at eye level to the deck in the catwalk waiting for one of our birds to come forward. Never saw it again the rest of the cruise. That was the same guy that went vertical off the end of the cat and started going straight up, for a while. Didn't go very far before he ran out of speed and pushed over, came back down to deck level before he got flying again. Impressive at the time, until I saw an F-15 go vertical at takeoff and it just kept accelerating until it disappeared. But in 75 those Wolfpack tomcats were fun to watch.
  7. F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 Wolfpack

    Really nice job Aigore! Those are probably my favorite markings of all time and you did them well. Was lucky to have been on that cruise (different squadron) and to have seen them do their stuff. Good job Janne.
  8. Beriev Be-12 (Modelsvit, 1/72)

    Always liked the look of this aircraft and you've done an amazing job on the model. Are those really ejection seats for the pilots but not the rest of the crew? Wonder how that went over with the crew?!
  9. Tamyia F-14 VF-1

    Very nice!
  10. 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Skyraider VNAF 516th FS

    Nice one. Is Col. Ky's black A-1 on the AOA decal sheet?
  11. Mirage III Double Seater from Kinetic

    SAAF scheme ... Yes!!
  12. Mirage III Double Seater from Kinetic

    Was wondering about the 2 seat XL also.
  13. A-6A Intruder fuselage speed brake question

    We found a bird nest in one of ours one time so the bird thing sounds quite reasonable ; )
  14. A-6A Intruder fuselage speed brake question

    We had some of the perforated speed brakes (71-75) in my squadron. There was some wiring and piping that could be seen through the holes in the brake panels so even though the panels were closed, sure they could be opened if needed. On the other hand I never saw any opened the entire time I was with the squadron.
  15. So, any chance there might be a J-15 based on this kit, down the road?