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  1. RF-4C with bomb loaded

    I came across a pic of an RF-4C at Edwards dropping a full load of mk 82's ... MER's outboard and centerline and TER's inboard. It had the large orange panels on tail and outer wings and there was another F-4 in the background also in the dive and dropping bombs. Found it interesting because a number of F-4 experts had said the RF-4C was not set up to do that stuff (conventional bombs). Thought it would make a good project also.
  2. It was $11 or $13, what ever was set during the preorder (small packet air). Once they got the kits they had to bump the same shipping option up to $30 something, although they did honor the lower shipping value for those who did preorder. Kind of wish I'd have done 2 preorders, now that I've seen the kit ; )
  3. So my Su -35 arrived today ... that's 6 days from shipping notice (Seattle, WA area). Is HobbyEasy always that fast on shipping? Really happy with what I see in the box, even the much talked about panel lines aft of the cockpit area.
  4. Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    I think I saw release end of Feb or early Mar but can't seem to find where I saw it. May have been mentioned in one of the Su-35 threads here on ARC recently.
  5. Mines been sitting for a few days but just noticed it’s now shipped. What’s interesting is I had the flu when I did the preorder and later saw I entered my cc info wrong. Somehow it got corrected.
  6. Bump with interest to trade for the Su-22 kit
  7. Looking for the Vietnamese decal markings from the 1/48 KittyHawk Su-22 Fiiter if you don't plan to use them. Trade/buy, let me know what you want. Im located in US, near Seattle, WA. thanks Gary Or if you want to trade your KH Su-22 for ?? let me know your interests ...
  8. Kinetic Su-33 on-line manual

    F-16XL 2 seater also!
  9. Looking for 1 or 2 1/48 Academy T-50 trainers. Can trade or buy. I'm located near Seattle, WA (US). thanks
  10. Possible new topics?

    How about a sheet covering USN camo trials aircraft from the mid-60's in SEA ... Skyraiders, Skyhawks, Vigi's, Phantoms, Intruders ... in greens and tans.
  11. Gary F

    Good deal from my perspective too. Eric was quick and did a good job packing the items he traded to me. Would deal with Eric again.
  12. F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 Wolfpack

    While I remember a number of losses that cruise most were away from the ship. I was actually wondering if your bird was one lost while we were in port and flying from Cubi. We were launching some of our A-6's and heard a Tomcat had gone down. Shortly afterwards, after swapping crew and hot refueling one of out tankers went back up, caught fire and crashed trying to make it back in. Crew got out but the Tomcat stuff kind of got lost in our own troubles. One fun thing I do recall seeing at sea, was a VF-1 bird go down the track, go full ab and notice all four wheels off the deck but still attached to the catapult ... I was at eye level to the deck in the catwalk waiting for one of our birds to come forward. Never saw it again the rest of the cruise. That was the same guy that went vertical off the end of the cat and started going straight up, for a while. Didn't go very far before he ran out of speed and pushed over, came back down to deck level before he got flying again. Impressive at the time, until I saw an F-15 go vertical at takeoff and it just kept accelerating until it disappeared. But in 75 those Wolfpack tomcats were fun to watch.
  13. F-14A Tomcat, VF-1 Wolfpack

    Really nice job Aigore! Those are probably my favorite markings of all time and you did them well. Was lucky to have been on that cruise (different squadron) and to have seen them do their stuff. Good job Janne.
  14. Beriev Be-12 (Modelsvit, 1/72)

    Always liked the look of this aircraft and you've done an amazing job on the model. Are those really ejection seats for the pilots but not the rest of the crew? Wonder how that went over with the crew?!