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  1. Thank you very much. It should be easier to examine pics now that I have an idea of what to look for. I appreciate you taking the time to write out these details. cheers
  2. Can anyone offer up a good primer on the visual differences between the J-11BS and the J-16 fighters? thanks
  3. Sorry for the loss of you friend. He was lucky to find you and have a good life with you.
  4. Could do 4 drops and a tanker package on the center. If you opened it up to a Marine A you’d have some interesting options. They used some of them ‘olden time’ fat bombs from Korean era ... think 4 of the type found in the Tamiya Skyraider kits ... certainly different than the usual mk 82 and Rockeye loads usually seen on the A-6A.
  5. Nice job on the Enforcer (the others too).
  6. Just finished a nice trade with Mike. Good guy to deal with.
  7. Been trying the phone at various times of day but it just rings. Guess I’ll try an email. Thanks.
  8. Anyone been able to contact them recently? thanks
  9. Looking for set of intake parts for Academy (1/48) F-4. Splitter parts front and back, and fuselage intake exteriors, both sides. Part numbers G 21, 22, 23, 24 and G 40, 41. Let me know what you might want for them. Im near Seattle, WA. thanks Gary
  10. Thanks for the info and pic. I like that scheme.
  11. It looks like the first picture agrees with the KH paint guide with light blue bottom side. Is the multicolor bottom in the second picture a new or current scheme and the single tone bottom an older scheme?
  12. Looks good to me, nice job! Even clean w no weapons!
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