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  1. Still trying to find an upper and lower fuselage half for a 1/48 Kinetic F-16. thanks
  2. Still looking. If you have the lower and upper fuselage halves, CFTs, spine and bits that go on it, and set of 600 gal tanks and pylons I have a Kinetic F-18C to trade for the parts. Or maybe something else?
  3. Did Kinetic cut back on the number of weapons sprues in the F-16 kits at some point? When the kits first came out they had 4x of the sprue with the GBU-12, -38, CBU-87, AIM-9, -120's. I've seen a few lately that only had 2x of those sprues. The instruction manuals indicate there should be 4x, the kit descriptions/reviews including on Lucky Model all seem to say there are 4x of that sprue also. So are the kits short 2 sprues or did Kinetic just cut back but didn't update the instructions and kit descriptions? Kits in question are the I, E, F and possibly some others. thanks
  4. Found a few of the parts as unused in a Skunkmodels F-16XL. Still looking for the upper an lower aft fuselage halves (with wings) and/or a partial kit that might have spine, CFTs, or 600 gal drop tanks/pylons.
  5. All of my KH Gripens (2xA and 3xB's) had severely warped aft fuselage halves, among other major components, and were unusable, unfixable, and KH never responded to attempts to get replacements. Hope you have better luck.
  6. I'd be happy if they did the C!
  7. Looking for a few parts from a Kinetic F-16 kit. Doesn't really matter which one as these are generic: 1. main upper aft fuselage/wings. 2. lower aft fuselage/wings. Or even a full or partial kit that has these parts. If its one with the spine, CFTs, or 600 gallon drop tanks/pylons that would work too. Can pay or trade. Located near Seattle, WA. Thanks
  8. Hi Khumar. Tried to PM you but says you can't get messages ... is your box full? Interested in the Mr Hobby paints.
  9. Enjoy and nice meeting you! Gary
  10. Gary F

    KA-6D tanks

    Hi ziggy ... I was pretty sure there was one on your sheet too but wanted to check, since I have a few of your sheets ; )
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