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  1. According to Tamiya, sprues A, B, C, and E are common to the A and B kits.
  2. ARKit, The airshow birds weren’t filthy but they weren’t real clean either. The gray topside paint was satin or flat finish so tended to not be clean even with all the rain at Whidbey. Kind of like your car after it rains … it looks clean but drag your hand across it and you get a dirty hand.
  3. Yeah that’s an odd error for them to make. Doors from another brand kit might work if you have them, or maybe do an inflight build? Or an air show configuration with full MERs so you’d want the door closed anyway. I had the duty for an air show at Whidbey and there were 3 birds fully loaded for display …. one had black bombs, one had red bombs, and one had orange bombs. And one had a flat main tire so they couldn’t tow it to the display area. Good luck.
  4. Did the museum one you mentioned have a full MER on the inboard wing pylon? Sometimes for air shows they would disconnect the door linkages and either close the door manually or push it out of the way so they could load a full MER on the inboard wing pylon. For a normal day on the flight line, no, the door should be open.
  5. With the helmet, I thought F-35s were the dark side ; )
  6. Waco, can’t quite make it out but is that your name on the side?
  7. Dream model has a seat or seat harness. Saw it in passing but didn’t check it out.
  8. Back in Feb you mentioned a coming soon RF-4C sheet … was wondering about it’s status?
  9. Bob, looks like I have the windscreen, canopy and canopy frame base part. No stabs but do have a pair of stabs from a Has kit if they would work. At least they’d be the same ; ) Gary
  10. Bob, I have a box that may have some spare Monogram harrier parts. I’ll check in a couple hours.
  11. After flanker27 got his Meng J-20 in 10 days I ordered one from same place (Sunlightmodelstore) and got it in 13 days, packed well and in good condition on arrival, in case anyone is still hesitating about using them. Nice looking kit for sure.
  12. Nice. What is the blue color on the undersides?
  13. There was a dual Shrike launcher hung on a proposal for an F-16 wild weasle, many years ago.
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