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  1. Gary F

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    It's up on Pre Order page on LM.
  2. Gary F

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/48 F-16D/B Tamiya 1/48 A-1E/AD-5 Tamiya 1/48 B-26K 1/48 Su-33UB 1/32 F-2B Tamiya
  3. Gary F

    1/72 Trumpeter Su-27UB with some aftermarket

    I'm enjoying watching your project. Nice detail you're adding.
  4. Great stuff! Any chance the new nose for the side by side version would be available for sale?
  5. Gary F

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    John, there was a decent pic in the link you posted about the B's.
  6. Gary F

    1/48 Mirage F1.CT "Normadie Niemen"

    Yes, very nice job. Like it.
  7. Gary F


    Just wondering if this set is dead?
  8. Gary F

    Skunk Model Workshop?

    Very much looking forward to the XL2!
  9. Gary F

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    Hope that finger heals soon .... painful just to look at. 151565 was still in VA-196 in 72-73 as I recall working on it. And building it right after we got back from cruise. Went down to the hangar several times to get the shape and placement of the 4 antennae on radome and intake. No decals so cut stencil masks for the tail band, crew name stripes, and circle to lay the spade on. It Was sitting out during a room inspection and the inspectors happened to be from my squadron ... we passed and didn’t have to do another room inspection for a year. Good luck with your project.
  10. Gary F

    A-6A bomb load question

    Never saw TERs on our A-6's during my time (early 70's). Didn't see them around the squadron spaces either. Did see a couple rails for Sidewinders but never saw them loaded. During our combat cruises 4 MERs under wings w a c/l tank was most common. Between cruises inboard tanks and outboard MERs was most common, or just the tanks.
  11. Gary F

    A-6A bomb load question

    John, if you look closely at the pic you posted, that A-6 does have full inboard MERs.
  12. Very welcome!! Definitely hope to see a SAAF F-1AZ.
  13. Gary F

    Su-34 Anti-glare

    Thanks Kotey.