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  1. Looking for a few 1/48 Kinetic Kfir (C2/7 or F-21) and or Nesher kits. Prefer to work a trade. Let me know what you might want in trade. Located near Seattle WA. Like to keep this in US. cheers Gary
  2. Hi Mike, Ive got one of that KH Mirage I can trade. Still got a Kinetic Kfir (C2/7 or F-21) you’d part with? Mirage is as new … open box sealed inners. Gary
  3. How long ago did you order these from LM? Ive been waiting on my Cheetahs for well over a month (airmail) and just want to gauge your shipping time. A little odd on the CFT’s being clear. Pretty sure I remember the HARMs in the HAF F-16 kit a few years ago and they would have been on those weapons sprues.
  4. Anyone know what’s up with the 3 tone camo in the last picture?
  5. How about a B-2 or F-23 fuselage w some cutting and hacking?
  6. Yeah, I ordered the Kinetic kit and it should be here any day. But a C and/or E would be great if Kinetic would do those too.
  7. Nice to see this one. Would be nice if a 1/48th version of the Cheetah would get produced.
  8. No, Kfir paint guide is just something to set parts on. My current plan is an operational USAF scheme. Although another idea came to mind recently and that would be what if Japan had gone with an XL development (instead of the larger wing Agile Falcon layout) for their F-2 project. I test fitted an F-2B canopy to the XL2 and it fits nicely. Haven’t checked the windscreen fit yet though. I do like the idea of a blue scheme XL2.
  9. Going to try to do the Kinetic F-16XL and/or XL2 for the group build. Trying to relearn the pic stuff so I can get the kit pics up and officially logged in. Hopefully this is the XL kit. Looks like I figured it out. This is the Kinetic XL kit with lots of extras. There are spare items from various Kinetic F-16 kits including large mouth intake, heavy landing gear sets, weapons, centerline fuel tank and 600 gal tanks from Has F-2 kit, resin cockpit, Quinta set for F-16, a spare Tamiya cockpit, and couple sets of CFTs. Theres also a Kinetic 2 place canopy and chun
  10. See your Bunny was a nice start to the day! Nice one.
  11. Having gotten my hands dirty on that one during that time frame, Nice!
  12. I’m looking at replacing wheels on the icm invader kits. I see Eduard has early and late wheels, and ResKit has 4 sets labeled type I, II, III, IV, but no explanations visible on the packaging. Anyone have any info as to what wheel sets goes on what kit version? I’m looking at the B-26K, the DB-26 and JD-1 specifically.
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