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  1. I put 5 up back in Jan but I'd be pretty happy if a 1/48 Lavi showed up, maybe Kinetic?
  2. Hi Collin, Pretty sure I have this sheet. I'd want to keep the blue/gray schemes but could part with the brown one(s). Let me know and I'll have a look for it. Gary
  3. It's not common now but back then declawing a cat was pretty common. Using declawed cat for these flights seems like a good idea.
  4. Another thumbs up for dealing with DonG ... excellent person to deal with! Gary F
  5. I'd like to find some of those myself!
  6. Italeri kit could certainly make use of resin sets to spruce it up. KH kit ... all of mine had the most warped up aft fuselage parts I’ve ever come across. If you go that way check the parts before you buy. All of mine got trashed after trying to get replacements for a year without any luck.
  7. Thanks again Parabat. I’d begun to think maybe I was remembering details wrong but I read further down the book link you provided and sure enough they also used a couple TF-100F’s in the 0g research.
  8. Thanks. Much too obvious for my mediocre search skills ; )
  9. Hi Parabat, Thanks. Not the same pic but similar. This will work though. The one in that book I mentioned was taken by the back seater so he’s not in the pic ... just the cat framed against the canopy, legs spread wide like he’s trying to right himself. Funny, it’s the only thing from those books I remember. As to why a cat ... was some kind of research relating to its sense of balance and how it might help pilots flying the new, fast jets. Remember, this was back in the late 50’s. Where did you find the picture? again, thanks Gary
  10. Been trying to find a pic that was an inside cover picture in what I believe was a hardback 10th anniversary of the USAF publication. My dad had this book (actually it was 2 books) back in the late 50's. Blue covers, about 12x14 or so. When you opened the cover on one of them the two pages formed the pic. Had something to do with aeromedical research but the cat was floating in the back seat of an F-100. GIB took the pic while they were in 0 g so you're looking at the cat, paws spread floating against the back drop of the canopy. Anyone perhaps have those books or maybe seen that picture?
  11. VQ-3 markings for the -130 would be nice! How about a SAAF sheet dedicated to the Kinetic Mirage III kits .... various EZ, DZ, RZ versions and schemes.
  12. Thanks to Brian for a good deal and quick transaction. Always good dealing with him. Gary
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