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  1. Gary F

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    John, there was a decent pic in the link you posted about the B's.
  2. Gary F

    1/48 Mirage F1.CT "Normadie Niemen"

    Yes, very nice job. Like it.
  3. Gary F


    Just wondering if this set is dead?
  4. Gary F

    Skunk Model Workshop?

    Very much looking forward to the XL2!
  5. Gary F

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    Hope that finger heals soon .... painful just to look at. 151565 was still in VA-196 in 72-73 as I recall working on it. And building it right after we got back from cruise. Went down to the hangar several times to get the shape and placement of the 4 antennae on radome and intake. No decals so cut stencil masks for the tail band, crew name stripes, and circle to lay the spade on. It Was sitting out during a room inspection and the inspectors happened to be from my squadron ... we passed and didn’t have to do another room inspection for a year. Good luck with your project.
  6. Gary F

    A-6A bomb load question

    Never saw TERs on our A-6's during my time (early 70's). Didn't see them around the squadron spaces either. Did see a couple rails for Sidewinders but never saw them loaded. During our combat cruises 4 MERs under wings w a c/l tank was most common. Between cruises inboard tanks and outboard MERs was most common, or just the tanks.
  7. Gary F

    A-6A bomb load question

    John, if you look closely at the pic you posted, that A-6 does have full inboard MERs.
  8. Very welcome!! Definitely hope to see a SAAF F-1AZ.
  9. Gary F

    Su-34 Anti-glare

    Thanks Kotey.
  10. Gary F

    Su-34 Anti-glare

    What's the pilot wearing in the first pic ... earphones, different helmet, NVG's ... can't quite make it out.
  11. Gary F

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Anyone wonder if this project might be the HobbyBoss Su-33/J-15 project? I don't know anything ... The idea has occurred to me a couple times.
  12. The D (and C) have been available from Scalehobbiest.com (in US) for several months also.
  13. Any news on how these are coming along?
  14. Gary F

    1/48 Mirage IIIBZ resin conversion

    When do you expect this to be available?