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  1. Spent time last night looking at JD-1 and A/B-26 invaders in VC-1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. All had the colorful gray-yellow-red-orange schemes. Some had the typical clear JD-1 nose cap. But there were a lot with the B-26C clear nose w bomb aimer panel, some with the C style clear nose but the upper clear area painted over leaving the clear nose cap w bomb aimer panel. There were also some with the 8 gun nose but with gun holes faired over. So it looks like the DB -26 drone kit could serve as the basis for a lot of the colorful Navy VU squadrons’ Invaders. Large tail letters (UE, UF, UJ), white NAVY
  2. The clear nose cap on most of the JD-1’s is the biggest point but there are plenty of B-26C style noses on Navy Invaders in several VU squadrons wearing the colorful Easter egg schemes, so the DB-26 kit could be used as is .... just need the VU squadron markings.
  3. With the B-26K covered, how about some Firebee drone markings and DB-26/JD-1 coverage .... some pretty colorful stuff there.
  4. So nice! 2 seat Viggen .... one of my all time favorites.
  5. I keep hoping they’ll get to the Cheetah they mentioned a while ago.
  6. Thanks Mac. Except for kids to buy me kits most of the rest seems quite similar. The room I used to use for airbrush stuff was easily vented w fans and window. After I lost that room the only spot left is on the opposite side of the house and wind blows into the room so fans won’t vent out, so I’m stuck for now. Probably going to have to figure out something in the garage, but as you mentioned, it’s full of crap. I’ll be glad when my Has cat is standing on its legs, too. Yours is looking good!
  7. Is that a basement or garage workshop? I lost my airbrush area to one of our cats that needs her own room and just realized I need to figure something out to get my airbrush up and running again. Been watching when folks post their work areas ; )
  8. Here’s the Tamiya F-14A kit after washing and starting to clip parts. Dont know if these decal sheets will get used or not but I have several Caracal F-106 decals to use also. And I’ll be grabbing a couple PW exhausts from some Tamiya F-16 kits.
  9. I’ve been playing with the Has kit this past week and seeing how much work it’s going to take, so I decided to add a 1/48 Tamiya F-14 kit to my build as an easy build while I plug away at the Has kit. The Tamiya build will go the same route ... USAF what if with ADC or ADTAC markings. Tamiya kit is still parts in the bags. I’ll get a pic later and then get the sprues washed up to get started. On a side note I found I had glued the interior trunk parts inside the intake tunnels on the Has kit. Doesn’t help the fit of the intakes so I’ve separated the internal parts and will start over try
  10. Pics of the kit. Most of the parts are bagged so it could be combined into another box when it looked like we were going to move a while back. Theres also a spare set of Academy Tomcat wings and some spare exhausts I may use. And some ADC decals I may use but we’ll see. Hopefully i’ll actually get started tomorrow, and do a bit better on the pics.
  11. Nice one. What did you think of the kit?
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