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  1. Thanks for the info and pic. I like that scheme.
  2. It looks like the first picture agrees with the KH paint guide with light blue bottom side. Is the multicolor bottom in the second picture a new or current scheme and the single tone bottom an older scheme?
  3. Looks good to me, nice job! Even clean w no weapons!
  4. Not sure at what point in the cruise that pic was taken but without comparing bu no’s that may not be the same NK100 as other pics you’re trying to compare chin fairings to. Remember they lost more than a couple ac so NK1xx numbers changed during the cruise. Also, there were various chin fairings during that cruise on the Wolfpack ac. Some had nothing, or just the small ecm bump, the IR fairing, and despite statements to the contrary, at least twice that I can recall, I saw the flat face TCS type fairing. I wasnt in VF-1 but was a troubleshooter on A-6’s so got to see the tomcat
  5. How are the pieces fixed to the model ... self adhesive or something else?
  6. Order 2, shipping is still $20.
  7. Gary, when did you see the 123 go into the mountain? Was it shortly after takeoff from Tan San Nhut?
  8. Yep, good guy to deal with, and he’s got some nice stuff on his list!
  9. Kind of what i’d expect but thought maybe someone had seen info for sure. Thanks
  10. Is there more info on what the 2 in 1 encompasses? 2 complete fuselages or did they split it and give option of single or dual seater front ends?
  11. Just curious but were preloaded MER/TER/BRU’s not a standard USAF practice or was this just F-111 related?
  12. Hi mrvark. Any chance that’s you in the sunglasses in front of the NA bird?
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