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  1. I haven't been on ARC much in the past year due to a big project at work killing all my personal time. This has been a great site for a long time, not sure what turned the tide on it. I know the pandemic didn't help, SBARC had it rough during that time, my hats off to him for keeping ARC alive through all that. I'm hoping to be more active once the big project is finished at work.
  2. I'm seriously considering doing a sledge hammer video on yt like that guy who was trying to build the Kinetic Sufa. I am so burned out on the 1 step forward, 2 step back build quality of the previous F-16 line, I will never....I mean NEVER, consider wasting my time on another Kinetic F-16 kit, don't care how new it is, how good it looks in the box, how many weapons it comes with, the price point, or even being in the same sentance with Tamiya, not going to happen!
  3. Yup, got the decal sheet and a Tamiya Block 42 kit already in the stash!
  4. A little extra... https://imgur.com/a/vGZWiaB
  5. Flight team parked at Indianapolis Intl.
  6. I agree, but the interested party is insistant on 1/72 scale.
  7. Which hobby shop? I can pass that along to the interested party, he would most likely buy it.
  8. Haven't had any plastic model pics repurposed, but I did have a Chinese company rip off a pic I uploaded of a radio controlled plane I built for their ebay add, their version of the kit wasn't even close to the kit I built.
  9. I've built the Monogram kit twice, nowhere near the issues as the Kitty Hawk kit.
  10. Some day when I feel like flogging myself to atone for sins, I will break it out again and try to push through on it, really like the aircraft.
  11. The only Kitty Hawk kit I built was their F-101A/C Voodoo, I could deal with the fitting issues, that's part of what modeling is, but the short shot fuselage really took the fun out of the sails! Ultimately, the kit hit its honeymoon limit and joined the container of doom.
  12. That's really good info, I'll pass it along to the guy looking for it. Thank you.
  13. Helping a fellow club member track this kit down, if you are interested in selling one, please send me a PM.
  14. You can purchase this new release set at Spruebrothers: BBBB3D0031 1:48 Babibi Model 3D Detail Set - Rivets & Lines
  15. Are these gear doors included in the Daco F-104 Correction set?
  16. I have the Italeri kit, so far it's been pretty decent to build, no complaints. Not sure how it holds up in the accuracy department, looks like a Hurricane to me👍
  17. Yeeaaah....your fuel tank just blew away my best ever build! What sorcery is this beading tool? Stunning work, I now have to wander through the rest of the day with the realization that after 40 years in the modeling world, I have the building skills of a child! Like a hit TV series, I impatiently wait for the next episode of your build!
  18. Sorry for the delay, time escaped me. I went through the kit, has the Wolfpack OIF Update Set, TwoMikes corrected exhaust nozzles, and Rhino seamless intakes. Also, step 1 has been started, basically screwing cockpit tub to top of nose gear well, that's all, everything else is still in plastic.
  19. I'll inventory the kit when I get home from work later.
  20. I have a non Bunker Buster kit with Wolfpack OIF update set, interested in your F-105G and RF-4C. May also have some Two Mikes resin in the box, will have to look.
  21. Stunning work! First time seeing a USAF Phantom with folded wings...different!
  22. Just let it be and press on, nobody will notice when it's finished.
  23. I used my Nikon D750 with a Tamron Super Wide f/2.8 lens without flash set in Sports Mode, couldn't have asked for better pics considering the lighting and backdrops.
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