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  1. First order of business is deciding to fix the wing or order a new kit. Decided to save a few bucks and ordered kit from a Chinese retailer, should of ordered from Spruebrothers!
  2. Greetings, I will be building the Hobby Boss 1/48 SU-27S Flanker B wearing Ethiopian Air Force 5th Fighter Squadron markings from Hi-Decal Line. This particular aircraft has 1 Eritrean Mig-29 kill to it's credit.
  3. Hello Killers! My Mig Killer choice for this build is the Hobby Boss 1/48 SU-27 S Flanker B wearing Ethiopian Air Force markings from the 5th Fighter Squadron by Hi-Decal Line.
  4. I'm still in, just waiting for the Green Light!
  5. Just finished Dan Hamptons "Viper Pilot", had to order a 1/48 F-16CJ thanks to the inspirational read, and I'm not a big fan of the F-16! I just started his "The Hunter Killers" book, so far it's a good read! V/r Ron
  6. Matching the Eduard PE color is tricky, there's a lot of discussion here on ARC about that subject, here's a link for you, if this doesn't give you a suitable answer, there are many more available:
  7. Do you have a Wolfpack F-15E OIF Update Set for the Tamiya 1/32 kit sitting around collecting dust? If you would like to sell it to make space for a new kit or something I would really like to help you out! Paying $100 for kit. Kit found! V/r Ron
  8. I've been using the APO system to receive my model kits and supplies here in the Middle East for 10 years, I always pay for the Priority Mail option, not for the faster shipping, but for the better treatment, stuff that goes ground usually gets beat to s*@t, not worth the little cost savings. For my Flammables and items that shippers struggle with shipping to APO addresses, I set up an account with APO-Box to provide an actual stateside address for them to ship to.
  9. Is it an Eduard kit with PE cockpit?
  10. Buying model kits on evilbay is dirty business, I disabled my second chance offer function because I got tired of getting outbid on a kit then getting an email from the seller right after trying to get my final bid for it saying the winning bidder didn't pay. This happens so much that I know it's not random, and only with scale model kits, not with the many R/C items I buy on a regular basis.
  11. My bent wing SU-27 (dang HB packaging ) is ready to go!
  12. I have a Honeymoon relationship with each kit, after about 12hrs fun on a kit, the Honeymoon is over! When the sparks don't fly anymore it becomes work not fun! So it may go on the shelf until it's time for the second Honeymoon...or third...lol!
  13. I'm good with whatever the moderator wants to do with it.
  14. Count me in! Gotta Ethiopian SU-27 raring to go! I will also donate $100 SprueBrothers gift certificate to the raffle booty!
  15. OV-1 Mohawk (1968, 131st Aviation Company), Iranian F-4, F-5E, and F-14A (there are Mig Killers in other air forces).
  16. I got one off evilbay that was partially built, my target audience don't even know what it is let alone if it's accurate. I did buy the resin kit that includes the fuselage spacer, stabs, nose, and bang seats, not sure how far I will take it with these parts, it just has to look like an Iraqi TU-22 to make the cut. I have an Iraqi friend researching the actual colors for the 2-tone camo. V/r Ron
  17. Excellent job Vitor! This is probably the closest to the real paint scheme on a model of the Iraqi TU-22 I've seen yet! V/r Ron
  18. I used to hide wads of cash inside my Tamiya 1/35 tank models because my ex-wife would always ransack my wallet when I wasn't looking, if she only knew there was about $800 cash in those 6 tanks...lol!
  19. My boss here has flown some of those in the article, he really appreciated the read!
  20. You can take my Harley for a spin...lol! Hasn't been run in almost 4 months, it's in Mesa.
  21. Thanks Neo! I tried to hang in there, work and OTG work sites killed it for me. Hopefully I can get back in the saddle and move forward!
  22. bashace

    1/72 VC10

    Fantastic build! Not something you see often in this scale.
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