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  1. For my showdown, I'll be pitting the Monogram 1/48 ProModeler P-39Q, a kit from the original 1969 tooling against the Hasegawa 1/48 P-39N, a new tooled kit in 2006, making it the newest P-39 tool currently available in 1/48. Let's how much the kit has changed in 37 years!
  2. Just checked out the FB page, the deeper I dig into older posts, the slower it loads, to the point of being a bit irritating. Also, it just doesn't have enough content to make me want to spend more than 10 minutes on it, but thats just my feeble opinion.
  3. Dangit! I swore I wouldn't get another B-17!
  4. Wow! This should open a few more doors for potential projects!
  5. I may have put Gordon Qwans (Spruebrothers) kids through college!
  6. I used to have a stash, then I got married, new wife made me sell off half of it, just down to 586 kits now😥
  7. Great! I have a pile of P-39/P-400's to play with! Keep them coming!
  8. I have my usual Spruebrothers gift certificates ready to rock and roll 🎸for raffle prizes🎁🎉
  9. Bravo! I like it! I struggle to finish 1 kit in the allotted time, but I'm in it to be part of something I enjoy, count me in! I'm sure I have a plethora of shelf queens to work with
  10. I would pay $1200 for a 1/32 B-58 Hustler, but not a B-52, gotta have a place to put it!
  11. Got a far away shot of a new QEAF Apache.
  12. Every model kit has it's own "honeymoon" window, after a certain period of time, it goes from fun to work, that's when the stall begins.
  13. If you do a search on Christian churches and symbols being dessicrated over the past few years in France, you will see there is a bigger issue at work here, it's too late for France, the UK is next!
  14. Hi Jim, I'll take whatever weirich1 doesn't. V/r Ron
  15. I have really enjoyed the old Monogram kits again, no need for all the crazy AMSing! I buy them all the time on evilbay with crushed boxes or just bagged kits cheap.
  16. No worries, I have quite a few builds to go through before sizing up the Voodoo's, someone still needs to push out an RF-101C Voodoo intake correction set first😉
  17. They train the Iraqi Air Force there using their own Block 52+ jets.
  18. I like all the attention you are giving to the RF-101C, any plans on covering the Sun Run jets, or at least the other five or so not covered by the kit decals?
  19. Ospreys in forward flight mode don't really make a lot of noise, but they are a bit noisy in the vertical/hover mode, sound like a big Littlebird...lol! And no aircraft should be unleashing firepower over populated areas, should already be in the Range airspace before doing so. The loud buzz could have been a C-130J on a low level high speed pass, they sound funny, not like the C-130's I'm used to hearing.
  20. PM sent for: Tam F4U-1D #61 - $20 Has. F-4EJ "Amigo" #5641 - $25 Has F-4S 'Vandy 75' #7355 - $25 Has B5N2 Type 97 'Kate' #9353 - $20 Has Ki61-1 Tei Type 3 'Tony' Sealed Prisoner of War Ver. - $20 Has Ki44-I Type 2 'Tojo' #7331 Sealed - $20 Pro JU87A-2 #85-5075 - $10
  21. It is obvious an F-16 shot everything down 😁 too much smokescreening going on!
  22. Could possibly have a new Mig Killer in the line-up!
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