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  1. Calling the Hasegawa cockpit done for the most part, will be using the True Details seat in place of kit seat, kit seat only set in for the pics.
  2. Wow! Very ambitious! All build into nice Phantoms, will be interesting!
  3. Is this the jet that had to be in afterburner for carrier landing approaches???
  4. The Hasegawa kit required 2 pics to get a snapshot of everything, no paint masks or nose weight included, but has the nicest cockpit of the 3 kits.
  5. Here's what you get in the Eduard Profipack kit, a nose weight and canopy/wheel/walkway paint mask included.
  6. I've switched almost exculsively to Ammo by Mig Acrylics and love them! The product line is extensive and constantly expanding.
  7. Calling the first cockpit done, the gun assembly was a little confusing until I looked at the finished assembly pic on the side of the box. Really tried to not AMS over the details, just a little a little pigment brushing and different hues of black. Decided to not use the included PE seat belts since the seat incorporated molded in belts.
  8. Schillings and Guilders😉
  9. With an age of 26 years at time of Pro-Modeler release, I would say the molds had held up pretty good, the only noticeable excess flash was on the nose gear strut. The Pro-Modeler extension strut appears to be short shot, it doesn't connect to the nose gear strut, this will have to be addressed during construction. ***Correction*** The nose gear strut of the Pro-Modeler kit was not short shot, one of the changes incorporated was a separate gear extension link which is included on the added sprue.
  10. To fact check the original 1969 Monogram 1/48 tooling with the 1995 Pro-Modeler 1/48 Release, these are pics comparing the two side by side. The Pro-Modeler offering included a new sprue that included wing cannons and ground crew, the gray plastic looks and feels almost identical to Hasegawa plastic, not the somewhat harder and crisper plastic in the original release from 1969. Per the instruction sheet and a little online research, the following options can be built from the Pro-Modeler kit: - British Airacobra 1, P-400, P-39D1, P-39D2, P-39L1, and P-39Q - Detailed nose guns - Open/closed Engine Bay - Early version nose gun detail only, no vents! - Choice of 6-stack or 12-stack exhaust manifolds - Right door can be positioned open - Choice of weighted or non-weighted tires - Smooth Style wheel rims - Choice of centerline drop tank or 500lb bomb (doesn't help the tail sitting😂) - Underwing gun pods - 3-blade propeller only
  11. Those are my thoughts as well, my track record for finishing builds during GB's is atrocious....but I do have a year😁
  12. I also have the original 1969 release kit as well as the first new tool Eduard release for additional comparisons.
  13. As far as I know, it's Monogram plastic, I know the first Hasegawa P-39 offering was the same plastic until they tooled their own in 2006.
  14. Just checking to see if Phantom completed anything yet
  15. This will be a head to head showdown between the original and latest tool P-39 Airacobra's. I have a funny feeling an Eduard P-39 might want a piece of the action too! The plan is to construct the builds step by step simultaneously, showing the comparisons as the build progresses. Kits will be built OOB utilizing the supplied decals. *** UPDATE! *** It has been confirmed, the Eduard P-39 will be joining the bout!
  16. For my showdown, I'll be pitting the Monogram 1/48 ProModeler P-39Q, a kit from the original 1969 tooling against the Hasegawa 1/48 P-39N, a new tooled kit in 2006, making it the newest P-39 tool currently available in 1/48. Let's how much the kit has changed in 37 years!
  17. Just checked out the FB page, the deeper I dig into older posts, the slower it loads, to the point of being a bit irritating. Also, it just doesn't have enough content to make me want to spend more than 10 minutes on it, but thats just my feeble opinion.
  18. Dangit! I swore I wouldn't get another B-17!
  19. Wow! This should open a few more doors for potential projects!
  20. I may have put Gordon Qwans (Spruebrothers) kids through college!
  21. I used to have a stash, then I got married, new wife made me sell off half of it, just down to 586 kits now😥
  22. Great! I have a pile of P-39/P-400's to play with! Keep them coming!
  23. I have my usual Spruebrothers gift certificates ready to rock and roll 🎸for raffle prizes🎁🎉
  24. Bravo! I like it! I struggle to finish 1 kit in the allotted time, but I'm in it to be part of something I enjoy, count me in! I'm sure I have a plethora of shelf queens to work with
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