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  1. Thanks guys! Here she is looking a little glossy...
  2. Was having issues with the two greens in my AK Vietnam SEA set, so I switched to the Hataka Lacquer Vietnam SEA set, also just went for it and shot freehand, got fed up with my templates.
  3. Putting down the camo, guess I need to work on being more "spotty" with the black base camo technique.
  4. I love Voodoo's! Good job on the varied metallic tones!
  5. Nice clean finish! It makes me happy looking at it!
  6. Excellent work on the Tomcat! She came out really nice!
  7. Great job! You have inspired me to give the Black Basing a try on my F-5 project!
  8. Gratz on completing your build, she came out really nice!
  9. Dang, I'm all back of the bus and stuff! Finally got some time away from work to get back to the bench, touched up any remaining sanding woes and gave her a coat of Ammo by Mig One Shot Black Primer (great stuff!). I will be trying the Black Basing technique for the first time spraying SEA camo. Too bad I'm not building a black jet! A nice little dust film had settled on the model as it sat waiting for attention, I used a new Hudy brush to remove all the dust, worked perfectly, not just for R/C Buggy cleaning anymore!
  10. Do a search online for Aerofred F-5F, he has some nice line drawings of the F-5F. If you look at full scale F-5s, many of their panel lines are very difficult to see.
  11. Had to reshoot some of the Silver on the fuselage sides, apparently that stickiness it has retained doesn't like to be touched very much
  12. Work has been cutting into my hobby time, finally was able to sand the seam areas on the topside of airframe. This handy sanding tool really helps keep the sanding to the immediate area, almost a must to sand around the raised panel lines.
  13. I used to use Oven Cleaner spray (the foaming type) to remove the paint from pre-painted model railroad locomotive shells, sounds harsh but it worked well. A lot of toy grade models are painted in something other than Acrylic to make them more durable for playing with.
  14. Toothpick drops of Zap Formula 560, doesn't dry brittle which makes weapons prone to breaking off if jarred, used to glue canopies on Radio Controlled airplanes, dries very clear.
  15. It's probably cheaper and faster to have a master master make you the parts you want to cast, just my humble opinion.
  16. Very cool! Looks like the box is tasty too!
  17. With these raised panel line kits, it's important to minimize the amount of collateral sanding you have to do, I use the old trick of masking the putty area to preserve the nearby details. Make sure to remove the masking before the putty starts to cure.
  18. The Tiger got some love today, did a general, light wet-sanding around the airframe. So far the only area that has received some putty is the nose cone to fuselage joint, just to big of a gap to try and work with. Shot a coat of Tamiya White Primer to see what areas may need a little putty, doesn't look like it will need too much (not counting the underside wing gaps).
  19. You've gotten through most of the hard work, should be down hill from here!
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