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  1. It's quite strange, the airframe is still a hair on the tacky side, but the other components (leading edge slats, airbrakes, etc) that were painted with the same process dried days ago.
  2. Had some time today to assemble the upper and lower airframe halves, thankfully I had my quick clamps for R/C Airplane building handy, the wing underside required a little more than tape to hold in place.
  3. Got the cockpit sorted out, fairly easy to paint. Test fitting for proper alignment.
  4. A 1/48 SNJ my Marine buddy built for me, landing gear have been repaired too many times, may upgrade to metal struts next time they need repair.
  5. While I continue to wait for my F-86D metallic coat to dry, will fill the time with F-5E work. Here again I am using my trusty 3rd BluTac hand to hold pieces together for fitting prior to gluing together.
  6. I built a USS Arizona model in the late 70's, don't remember which kit is was, but it was my first ship model. I distinctly remember it having a "ballast" issue in the bath tub, I worked on it day and night so eager to see it float!
  7. Excellent kit! Have a U.S. Marines SNJ on the shelf from that kit.
  8. It's getting tougher to find AM parts for the older Revell/Monogram kits, at one time it seemed most were directed towards "fixing" these kits one way or another.
  9. Nice build! Really like the Yellow, makes it "pop"!
  10. I've actually bought a couple myself over the years, just never got around to cracking them open for fear of all those "modelers" requirements!
  11. Yeah, the weapons load-out is quite fictitious, but in the hands of a 13 year old, I could fight my way into any target and bomb the hell out of it and fight my way back to base! Back then I wasn't accustomed to seeing too many 1/48 aircraft models, so when he brought these home, our excitement was off the chart! It seems like a "smaller" model today...lol!
  12. Thanks John, this will be the USAF version. I didn't get the luxury of watching him build these, but he did modify their respective boxes to keep the finished models safe during his trip back home from training.
  13. A month! Maybe another day and it won't be tacky, gives me a little time to crack open the next project
  14. This is my second entry in this GB, it is 1 of 3 kits (A-4E Aggressor and F-16A Demonstrator are the other 2) I plan on building to revisit the kits my father built in 1980 for my brothers and myself while he was away doing training for the USAF. Will build it OOB using the supplied decals just as he built it, this was the model that I set as a benchmark in my early modeling career, I would stare at it for ours at all different angles imagining it in combat situations. The F-5 was lost in a move in 1985, a great loss to my collection.
  15. The next kit I would like to build is the Monogram F-5E Tiger II, this will be a nostalgic build that is 1 of 3 planned kits that will reproduce the kits my dad built for my brothers and myself while he was away doing training for the USAF.
  16. Wet sanding complete, shot her with Ammo by Mig Metallic Silver, even though it's an Acrylic, need to give these metallics a good 6 hours to dry before messing with it.
  17. The great thing about using silver as a primer is 1. it's a light pigment, and 2. it show's everything good or bad about the surface of the model! There were only a few areas that jumped out at me as something I couldn't overlook, took care of those with some spot patching with Mr Surfacer 500, should be an easy wet sand cleanup after it dries.
  18. I shoot at night when its down to 100F, the higher temp and wind make it impossible during the day. I don't have my spray booth here, so anything with vapors must be sprayed outside.
  19. Gotta love Tamiya Bare Metal Silver spray, silver is also great at showing what areas still need a bit of work. (I spayed it outside, just holding it while it dries inside)
  20. This is the RoG 1/144 C-17, I made the decals and a buddy did the build.
  21. Took some time to dunk the canopy parts in some Future a few times. Did a bit of wet sanding on the fuselage as well.
  22. When I move back stateside for good, I'm going to start building spacecraft for my man-cave! I love everything about the Space Program of the 60's and early 70's!
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