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  1. Used a twisty tie to get a small piece of wire to beef up the stab install.
  2. A little more work done, got the canopies on and added the wing tank decals.
  3. lol...my Trumpy 1/32 Mig-17 took more weight than I could squeeze out of site and I even left the engine and tailpipe out. Finally just built the maintenance cradle for the tail and let it sit on that.
  4. Hi, Email sent for the following items. 1/48----Hasegawa----VT103----C-21A Learjet "U.S. Air Force"----IBS----$18.00 1/48----Hasegawa----V105----F-16C USAF Thunderbirds----IBS----$22.00 1/48----Kopro----005----Su-22M4----Complete----$32.00 1/48----Revell----85-5850----F/A-18E Super Hornet----Sealed----$16.00
  5. Thanks Pete. It's a fairly easy kit to build, just real challenging to retain any of the raised detail on the engine nacelles due to the amount of sanding that is required right next to the raised details.
  6. A little more progress, finally got the 97th BW specific markings done to the best of my abilities. Printed on Experts-Choice Inkjet Decal Film using an HP Photosmart 7510. Just need to airbrush a couple coats of Microscale Decal Film over the top and they should be good to go. Made extra's in case something goes wrong. I'll trim the title off the badges when I cut them out for applying.
  7. Ok, B-47 got a time slot in between some of my other GB projects. Here she is with her Vallejo Aluminum skin, I found that Future doesn't like this metallic for some reason, she got a curtousy Windex bath due to the Future repelling from the paint. If anyone knows the secret between Future and Vallejo Aluminum, please let me know.
  8. It's been a bit since I posted any progress, so here's where I'm at with the F-104.
  9. Yeah, they're one of the almost forgotten demo teams, I think they disbanded in the late 70's.
  10. This is posted on evil bay... Hasegawa 09970 British Phantom FGR Mk.2 "No.56 Squadron" 1/48 scale kit
  11. Woohoo, club meeting with photoshoot was a bust, gonna do it next month, so that buys me more time to finish it without the rush.
  12. In the market for a Tamiya 1/32 F-15C, if you got one you would like to part with shoot me a PM. Also looking for the Wolfpack MSIP II set if you have one. PayPal preferred, shipping to APO 09309. V/r Ron
  13. Finally got all the fuselage decals on, still need to work on a couple of areas before attaching the wings and stab. Cockpit and gear doors will be the last parts to get finished.
  14. Curently working on getting the cockpit tub completed, starting with some black on the ejection seats.
  15. I had previously assembled the air intakes.
  16. Had this sitting on the shelf with a good decal set for this GB, what better reason to put glue on it.
  17. Lots of ugly putty. These intakes are going to be a lot of fun.
  18. A big lesson learned, finish them seams on the intakes before you glue them to the fuselage.
  19. Imagine trying to sand this stuff flush with a pair of stabs in the way.
  20. Fuselage halves joined, all the ugly stuff that's gonna require putty is starting to show.
  21. Since I'm not going to use the wing pylons, gonna plug them up with a sploch of putty.
  22. I've built a couple of these Hasegawa F-5 kits, they are easy to build but a lot of work to finish. To make part of that task easy, I seperate the stabs from the lower rear fuselage piece. This will really make sanding easier later on, you will see.
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