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  1. Hi, if Sven doesn't want this I will take it. Hasegawa UK Phantom Package Hasegawa FG Mk.1 Phantom (Royal Air Force Boxing – Re-boxed “Ark Royal†release) + Black Box 48071 F-4J/ FGR.2 Phantom Cockpit + Two Mikes Resin 48012 F-4J/FG.1/FGR.2 Phantom Wheels + Two Mikes 48022 FG.1/FGR.2 Spey Engine Phantom Intake Covers + Model Alliance Decals MA-48126 Phantom FG.1 (Markings for 9 Royal Navy Phantoms) + Warpaint Series No.31 McDonnell Douglas F-4K and F-4M Phantom + Eduard EX004 Hasegawa F-4 Phantom Mask $80
  2. The kit will be Hasegawa's 1/72 B-47E kit, will use common markings from the kit supplied decals as well as some from a Warbird Decals sheet. Tail number and unit specific markings will be homemade. Only wish I could find a good source for some JATO/RATO bottles.
  3. Ok, how does a B-47E from the 97th BG that was stationed at RAF Upper Hayford sound?
  4. Thanks Neu, I'll have to dig a little more and pull up some examples to get the correct tail numers and such.
  5. With all that PE and loaded cockpit, it will barely be noticeable.
  6. Nice thread, I used to work on the A-10 engines (TF34-100's) back in the early 1980's at RAF Bentwaters, good times!
  7. Man, that first class for such an old kit.
  8. I'll take this: 1/48 Hasegawa FGR.2 Phantom II Hi-Grade (PE and white metal) - Aires cockpit set - Eduard masks - Xtradecals 48080 (Tiger Sqdn 1916-1992) $78 OBO
  9. Do you have a plan in the works to keep it from being a tail sitter?
  10. I'll take these if still available: (PS) Has F-4G Phantom II 37th TFW (09672) - $25 (NO DECALS) (S) Tam Zero Fighter A6M2 (61016) - $10 * (PS) Tam Zero Fighter A6M2 (61016) - $10 * (S) Tam Zero Fighter(Hamp) A6M3 (61025) - $10 * * (Take all three of these for $15)
  11. About 3 hours of arm wrestling aluminum duct tape to fit without too much grief.
  12. Applied paint to some of the smaller bits, I found that Vallejo-Air French Blue is dead match for the blue color.
  13. Glued together rear assembly getting a little love from the Mr Surfacer jar. Used a toothpick to apply small amount just to smooth out the seams.
  14. Cool part of this is you can assemble the halves without installing the afterburner assembly and rear landing gear plate, makes it perfect for using the trusty Flex-I-File Plast-I-Weld system on the inner seams.
  15. Now seems like a good time to assemble the rear fuselage parts.
  16. Ok, got in some aftermarket parts, here's the afterburner after shooting it with some Vallejo Metallic Rust and Gunmetal. Still need to throw on a wash and some basic weathering.
  17. Ok Andrew, what gives? Do you work or are you retired? I can't believe how many fantastic projects you turn out in a given period. Very clean looking Spitfire, nice work!
  18. Wow! You did an excellent job with the added details, I have this kit and can see the time and work you had to put into this to bring it to this level. Job well done!
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