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  1. And we have a couple of winners! Each name associated with a completed build posted in the completed section was written down on a small post-it note, folded into little squares, then drawn from a hat by the enchanting Miss Matts (USAF member that works in my office). For the Spruebrothers gift certificate: Army_air_force (please send me your full name and preferred email address for the certificate) For the US flag flown by a B-1B over Afghanistan: VVWSE4 (please send my your mailing address and I will get the flag in the mail ASAP) Wish I had something for everyone, you all did some gre
  2. Ok, I'm gonna pull names from the completed builds and do a random drawing, will post results once I have the winners.
  3. Looks like your off to a good start, that kit does have a peculiar surface texture, maybe the Mr Surfacer will smooth that out.
  4. Yup, Robert's all that and a coke! Bought a lot of stuff from him also.
  5. Waiting to see them pics Jay, I have the 1/32 Red Arrow Hawk and really interested to see how that red paint comes out.
  6. Still have the Spruebrothers gift certificate and the US flag flown over Afghanistan in a B-1 available.
  7. Thanks for the tip Derek, I'm gonna give them a shot.
  8. Of course I cannot find any of those colors that can be shipped via air. According to "The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart", Vallejo Model Color Prussian Blue is a direct match for FS15183, and that I can order.
  9. Mike, Any info on the paint would be very helpful. I cross referenced the color recommended with the equivalent in Vallejo-Air, I'm sure it will need to be adjusted to get the color exact. Since I'm overseas and all my modeling supplies go by air, my choices are very limited due to the ban on flying hazardous items. When the time comes, I will keep track of the mix ratios if any using the Vallejo-Air acrylic. Ron
  10. I have to distract myself while I'm building otherwise it starts to feel like work, have a home theater set up on my work bench to watch all my favorite aviation movies to keep me going (fairly new setup, still in proof of concept phase but working well so far).
  11. Why yes, it is the one I brought.
  12. Andrew, haven't been in a GB with you since the F-111 GB. This will be a sexy plane in her natural skin with the red, white, and blue to bring it all together...she's gonna be a looker!
  13. Wasting no time, starting with the cockpit, shot with Vallejo Light Aircraft Gray, put decals down and got buddy-buddy with the Micro-Sol. Blu-tac on toothpicks is as high tech as it gets for extra hands.
  14. For this build I will be constructing the CF-104D (2 seater) version for double the cockpit headache.
  15. The 1/72 kit includes 2 full kits to make both the CF-104 and the CF-104D.
  16. Due to the challenge of obtaining these kits, the obvious choice is to build from the damaged box kit, so here we have it...
  17. Since I usually pick group builds and projects that are beyond my time schedule, this is a refreshing change (I hope) to build something a bit smaller and less complex than the usual subjects. The home page for Starfighters Inc. can be found here http://www.starfighters.net The aircraft will be built mostly OOB, may incorporate an aftermarket afterburner nozzle set and metal pitot tube. Challenges: Matching that sky blue paint to the decals, polished bare metal aft fuselage. Choices: CF-104 or CF-104D, with or without wing tanks, clean or dirty (gear down). Lets get started!
  18. I'm going to give it a shot and build one of my 1/72 Hasegawa "Starfighters" F-104's. Will post some pics as soon as I take them.
  19. Looks like she will get finished on the late schedule.
  20. Take care Mark, may you have safe flying in any weather with your endeavors. V/r Ron
  21. Ok, guess I'll just finish her with what I got. It's for a heritage display where most folks won't even know much about the B-17, they will just be looking for the "K" on the tail.
  22. On the final hour I realized I have the wrong nose for this project, and I already gave away the F model that I scavanged the F model top turret from. Apparently it had the G chin turret but not the port guns, what to do?
  23. Getting down to the final stretch, I work best under pressure! Next time I have to put a million pushrods on 4 radial engines, I'm gonna farm that work out...lol.
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