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  1. Now it's time to make that shiny new interior look a little used.
  2. Engine with pushrods installed and some weathering, nothing too fancy, just trying to spruce up the look in the cowls.
  3. Engine with primer and paint applied waiting for weathering and pushrods to be installed.
  4. Began the arduous task of drilling out all the pushrod holes on each engine, thankfully most of the holes (too small for my "Hemi" pushrods) were molded in to use as a guide.
  5. Cutting all them pesky engines and firewalls from the resin went alot faster when I busted out the R/C airplane razor saw instead of using the fine modeling one.
  6. After a short deployment to Iraq, it's time to get cracking again. Started with some of the easier tasks to get the juices flowing again. Cutting the True Details wheels from the slag blocks.
  7. Ok, it's official, flag was flown on a mission 4 Aug 2011. The B-1 is assigned to the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, a unit that flew B-17's when it first stood up in WWII. Had 2 flags flown, the other will be part of my 379th B-17 display.
  8. OK fellow GB'ers, in addition to the $100 SB gift certificate, I am going to offer up as a prize an American flag that has been flown in combat by a B-1B over Afghanistan. The flag will include an official mission document and have a dedication on it that reads: "In Honor of the brave crews who flew the Flying Fortress into battle (The Flying Fortress GB 2011)" Would make a great addition to your B-17 display. Ron
  9. Excellent work! Could easily be mistaken for a 1/32 model with the attention to detail.
  10. Wow, guess I missed the GB extension memo. Had a short deployment to Iraq which put my build on the back burner, would be great to have more time to get her in as a finished build.
  11. Hey guys, you forgot to add the $100 SB gift certificate to the drawing. Let me know who wins it so that I may get their info for the certificate. Ron
  12. So, who won the $100 Spruebrothers gift certificate?
  13. Fuselage interior, gotta love that Vallejo-Air Aluminum.
  14. A box of parts waiting for the paint shop.
  15. Getting started with some easy stuff, here's the stabs assembled.
  16. Yes, they are the Kits World decals, haven't used them before but they look pretty good. Will use some of the decals that were provided with the kit also to supplement what's not provided by the Kits World sheet.
  17. Well, here's the goods, hopefully this will all come together into a nice display model for the current 379th folks.
  18. Hey folks, I'm in need of a 1/48 upper F model turret, can trade the G type for it if you need it. (Don't need any more, bought B-17F kit to cannibalize turret from)
  19. OK, I need a new GB to join to push me to finish another project. I will be doing a B-17F/G from the 379th BG, which if it gets finished will be on display in the flight planning room for the current 379th. Subject will be the Monogram 1/48 B-17G, markings for "Vonnie Gal" from Kits-World decals, various aftermarket parts and PE may/will be used as needed.
  20. Thanks moderators for managing a fun GB. It really pushed me to finish my second aircraft in 25 years, guess I'm more of a collector of projects than a builder...lol.
  21. Yup, the Jags were out taking care of business! Great models all, what's the next GB?
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