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  1. A box of parts waiting for the paint shop.
  2. Getting started with some easy stuff, here's the stabs assembled.
  3. Yes, they are the Kits World decals, haven't used them before but they look pretty good. Will use some of the decals that were provided with the kit also to supplement what's not provided by the Kits World sheet.
  4. Well, here's the goods, hopefully this will all come together into a nice display model for the current 379th folks.
  5. Hey folks, I'm in need of a 1/48 upper F model turret, can trade the G type for it if you need it. (Don't need any more, bought B-17F kit to cannibalize turret from)
  6. OK, I need a new GB to join to push me to finish another project. I will be doing a B-17F/G from the 379th BG, which if it gets finished will be on display in the flight planning room for the current 379th. Subject will be the Monogram 1/48 B-17G, markings for "Vonnie Gal" from Kits-World decals, various aftermarket parts and PE may/will be used as needed.
  7. Thanks moderators for managing a fun GB. It really pushed me to finish my second aircraft in 25 years, guess I'm more of a collector of projects than a builder...lol.
  8. Yup, the Jags were out taking care of business! Great models all, what's the next GB?
  9. ESCI 1/48 Jaguar GR.1, XX733, Pink Spitfire flown from RAF JAGDET, Bahrain. Had to violate a couple of no-no's to get her done in 3 weeks, also just couldn't leave the outer pylons empty (it's like a wheel well on a car without a wheel in it), the kit didn't come with any stores for the outer pylons or over wing missile rails. The CBU-87's were from the Hasegawa Japanese weapon set. The Desert Pink was made by mixing 15-20 drops of Vallejo-Air Hull Red in bottle of Vallejo-Air Sand. The burnt steel weathering around the gun ports was a good idea until the flash hit it and made it look blue. Anyways, here she is...
  10. Phew, almost out of breath, but I think I can, I think I can... Decals applied, give her time to dry for a bit then some more future to seal decals. In the meantime, got weapon work to finish as well as afterburner nozzles. No more pics until she's finished.
  11. Down to the wire, I work best under pressure (I hope...lol). Here she is ready for decals, still have final detailing and weathering to do, gotta stay focused!
  12. I'm in the same boat, only have use for the CBU-87's. The kit did come with some handy decal stripes in various colors, I hope the red ones are the right size for my P-3C propellor tips.
  13. Finally got the weapon kit in that I'm going to use the CBU-87's from, didn't care much for the CBU's that came with the kit.
  14. dawestsides, are you still in Doha?
  15. Thanks Sebastijan, the deadline is coming at me like an out of control frieght train, I just hope I don't get deployed (which always happens during a GB) before I can finish it.
  16. And work continues, here she is standing on her own legs, need to finish up canopy area and some minor details here an there before she gets her markings/weathering/washes etc. Applied Bare Metal Foil to landing gear struts and applied wash to nose gear strut and wheel well details, still have much to do.
  17. Wow! Looks great, did you mask and paint the blue and white on the tail and wing tanks? If those are decals, they sure layed down nicely.
  18. Hi Benner, ESCI didn't include the rails as an option, I will add them at a later date if I get the motivation to make some.
  19. Well, other than it being of 1980's style molding, and lacking cockpit detal, I haven't really found anything yet that I would classify as terrible. Most of the online comments about this kit were pretty bad. Really wish they would have included the above wing missile rails, haven't seen a Desert Storm Jag without them. I'm not one of the professional rivet counters, so I may be missing something about the shape, but it looks like a Jaguar to me.
  20. This is a kit I picked up on Evil Bay some time back, I bought it even though I had heard all the horror stories about this kit. I will be using the "Pink Spitfire" decals from Xtradecal. This particular Jaguar flew 47 missions during Desert Storm. Given the little time left in the GB, I will not dwell much on fixing the ESCI kits shortcomings, just gonna build an airplane. Here we go..... Here's the decal set.... This is the monstrocity boned together.... Here she is with some paint applied. Primered the aircraft in dark green first, may open some weathering options later, we'll see. I then mixed up the best "Desert Pink" I could muster with the available colors I had on hand, of course the pink shows areas that require further attention better than the green did. I'll post more as I progress through the build.
  21. OK folks, I think I can squeeze this one under the wire since they can't send me anywhere down range due to a Visa renewal issue. I have the infamous ESCI 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar GR.1 in the Desert Storm boxing (I know, not another Jag). Plan on building OOB with an aftermarket decal set, the Pink Spitfire markings look nice. I really don't plan on spending too much time spackling this kit, but will do my best within reason to make a nice model for the average viewer (a 10 footer perhaps). So far, there have been some fantastic models finished for the GB, wish I had half the skill some of you have. "Lets Roll"!
  22. I was under the impression they already had them, that's why the U.S. is destroying the retired F-14's, to prevent Iran from getting parts to make theirs air worthy.
  23. Ok folks, had a nice tea session today with a QEAF Col. that was part of the air operations out of Doha AB during Desert Storm. He says the Alpha Jets never escorted the F-1's because they were too slow, had no RADAR, and no in flight refueling capability (short range even with small external tanks), and their weapons would be ineffective in air combat. He did say they were and are still used for maritime patrol duties, during Desert Storm they would carry Belouga cluster bombs on same pylons the external tanks were usually mounted on while on patrol (not sure why). They would take off same time the F-1's would (maybe leading to the assumption that they were escorting) and basically patrol around off the coast in case an F-1 had to ditch in the sea (search and rescue) or to report/intercept Iraqi naval incursions. The QEAF has a good archive of pictures, but they are very strict with releasing them to the public.
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