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  1. For the Alpha Jet guys, found an interesting little tidbit about QEAF AJ's escorting Mirage F-1's to Kuwait and back during the war. REPUBLICAN GUARDS After that first QEAF escort mission, the squadron flew a weekly escort mission, but with fewer F-16’s. The normal US/QEAF package was four F.1’s and two F-16’s. Sometimes the F-16’s would work as forward air controllers and mark the target for the F.1’s, and sometimes the F-16’s would only escort. Whatever the case, the F-16 flight lead would always be the package commander. The limited range of the F.1 assured that the mission targets would be no further north than Kuwait City. As the war progressed, the QEAF Alpha Jets joined the F.1’s, and to everyone's surprise, they made it all the way to Kuwait and back. There were no attempted shoot-downs of the F.1’s, but there were many occasions that the F.1’s were intercepted over the Gulf. It was only through the F-16’s keen radar lookout and frequent announcing of friendly F.1’s over the Gulf that none were lost to friendly fire. This excerpt came out of an article published in Air Forces Monthly
  2. I think I remember a Qatari officer say they put rocket pods or something on their Alpha Jets for maritime patrol during the war while their main fighters (Mirage F-1's) flew combat sorties. I'll have to ask again on my next tea-time social visit, been a while since we had that conversation.
  3. Thanks folks. Don't have any info pertaining to specific aircraft (don't remember if the Tornado was RAF or RSAF). Do remember the J-STARS flying out of there, in lizard camo and no markings (think it was for test and evaluation by Raytheon).
  4. Ah yes, I remember that night like it was yesterday. Working the night shift in a portable hangar near the flight line on Riyadh AB. The Smokey Joes (KC-135A's) started rolling in a mass cell takeoff (seemed like one took off every 30 seconds for the rest of the shift), the smoke got so bad in our hangar that we had to suspend operations until the wind changed direction. After a short while, the air raid sirens went off and we started getting our first scud attacks. We went outside to watch the scud attacks, we didn't feel safe in the bunkers we made ourselves. The patriots looked and sounded like F-16's at full AB when they launched at night, could hear the sonic boom pops when they passed through the sound barrier (or maybe it was just the noise of the tubes popping upon launch). A couple of hours later a Tornado came back and landed long at our base (the base was blacked out and he couldn't see very well, all we saw was his landing light coming in like a patriot missle gone awry, seen many of those!), he went off the end of the runway knocking a pole down with his wing, we donated some of our runway matting floor to help tow him out of the sand, he later took off without repairing and went back to his base, tough little fighter. Too date, nothing has been noisier than a full up missile attack (a B-1 getting busy puts up a good fight) with incoming scuds and patriots, all hell breaks loose for a few seconds, then the silence, then you wait for the booms, yeehaw! I still work in the middle east supporting the war effort, gotta love the US military war machine! This GB brings back fond memories of people dedicated to a massive effort , I will donate a $200 gift certificate from Spruebrothers (my favorite online store) as a prize. Organizers, please send me name and email address of gift certificate recipient.
  5. Anyone making it to the races this year? If your an airshow fan, this is one of the most entertaining shows to watch. Would be nice to meet fellow ARC'ers there.
  6. Hi, I am interseted in the following: AMT RC-135V $35.00 ESCI Mig-27 Flogger $10.00 Ron
  7. bashace


    I bought a couple of kits from Daffy, not only is he fast on the shipping, but packed the kits very well (they even survived APO shipping). Great seller to deal with!
  8. The afterburner cans are workable with a little TLC, others have posted techniques for cleaning them up. I'm with geedog, too lazy to put in the effort if I can get aftermarket replacements. Fortunately, you can build the entire kit saving the cans for last if you don't want the project to get hung up on them. I am building the same kit (I think I have 3 in different boxings but all the same plastic), found most of it a pleasure to build with just a little actual "modeler" work involved.
  9. Mike, glad to hear you still have the burner cans on the horizon, I will need at least 3 sets just for my current stash. May even get an extra set just for the cause. Anyways, I'm sure your release will be well received. Ron
  10. Anyone have any new developements with aftermarket cans? I've actually picked up 2 more kits (RF-101 and another F-101C) with great anticipation.
  11. Mark Cam Decals has them in 1/72 scale. camdecals(dot)com Ron
  12. Sent PM for 1/48 Cutting Edge SR-71 exhaust nozzles and decals
  13. all three have been joined together and the detail has been sanded off. Still have a lot of filling, sanding and shaping to do as well as rescribe. Fortunately, the entire project can be finished without the afterburners. Now that I know there may be a set available by the end of the year, work may procede.
  14. Harold, I just received my 1/32 F-8 bang seat, you do great work. I honestly believe more of these Voodoo's would get finished if there was an afterburner alternative available. The kit provides a lot of airplane for the money (which frees up more for aftermarket stuff) and it gets more oohs and ahs sitting in it's case unfinished than some of the other planes that are finished. I cannot provide good masters for the cans, but I would gladly contribute financially towards getting some, there are many talented modelers here on ARC. This is how my F-101 will sit until I find a solution for the afterburners
  15. Wow Spruemeister, I'm glad someone else shares my take on these things. Your cans look pretty good (not meant to sound bad), if I could get mine to look half as good as that I would stand up proudly and claim them as my own.
  16. I know this subject must have been visited in the past, a brief search on ARC hasn't provided much either. Does anybody out there working on aftermarket afterburner cans for this kit? I have found these to be the most laborsome part of building this kit (even more than the intake trunking) and it is holding me up from finishing the project. I get disgusted everytime I look at those cans just thinking how much time I have to put into them so they don't look like mechanical abortions, just not gonna do it. Heck, I would rather build a Testors B-2 kit than work these cans.
  17. I seen these guys at Sun-N-Fun some years back, never seen a more controlled lomcevak than the one the solo performer executed. Beautiful aircraft also.
  18. Spotted a Hawker Hunter FGA-9 with desert camo in QEAF markings wasting away at an airport.
  19. Roy, the "Thud" made it safe and sound, thanks again and I hope all the best for you. Ron
  20. I would gladly pay the refund to whoever can't wait for Roy to get better and mail out their package. Then when Roy gets around to it, he can ship me whatever you were buying. I don't personally know Roy, but I always do my homework before I buy from anyone online, and he has a rock solid reputation on this forum. Ron
  21. Jason, the F-4 made it safe and sound, nice packing by the way. Thanks again, Ron
  22. Ok, I've laughed enough, I'll take that Thud if it's still available for $115. PM on the way. Ron
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