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  1. Ted, you do fantastic work, keep on truckin! Ron
  2. The gun bay bits are spoken for. Give em a good home Dave.
  3. Placed an order with SprueBros for the Vallejo paints I will need for the camo. As mentioned by RwKennard, I will not be using the Verlinden gun bay components, if anyone can use them in this GB I will mail them to you (no charge, just don't like to waste good stuff). Ron
  4. We're off and running, figured I would get the first line of nitnoid stuff done. Sprayed the inside of nacelles, gear doors, aft nacelle Verlinden pieces, and wheel hubs with Future to smooth them out a little. Once the Future was dry, shot some Talon Acrylic NM Aluminum to give me that bare metal finish. Also assembled the bombs, bomb bay, and stabs just to get them out of the way for now. Also started cleaning up the Verlinden resin pieces. That's all for todays mossie work, still gotta finish up some details on that F-111C.
  5. Thanks Ted, we all know Tamiya quality, so there is a good chance I will only use a few items from the aftermarket stash, just wanted to have them on hand just in case due to the amount of time it takes me to get stuff in the mail where I'm at. Hoping to nip into the first sprues this weekend, still researching what colors I need to get from the Vallejo-Air line to pull this off acurately? Ron
  6. Looking good Ted, like how you do a lot of preliminary work while the parts are still on the sprues, I don't have the self restraint to refrain from cutting the pieces free (got that habit as a kid and it just stuck with me). So far I guess we're the only ones doing Skeeters for this build. looking forward to next updates. Ron
  7. Woohoo! God bless the USPS! Time to get crackin!
  8. Feel like I'm slowly dying waiting for the Mosquito to arrive, since I work overseas, it takes a week to get stuff from Sprue Bros. Also have various aftermarket mods coming from all over the USA....sigh....maybe I can build a P-51 in the meantime.
  9. Andrew, thanks for the comment, I used Vallejo Dark Green for the dark color, had to add a few drops of black to it so that it would be closer to the recomended Model Master FS equivelant. The lighter green had to be lightened quite a bit so that it would contrast against the dark green and also match it's MM FS equivelant. The Earth color was sprayed out of the bottle without any mixing, all are Vallejo Air acrylics. V/r Ron
  10. Now that the GB is over, work must continue. I'm going to bypass all the filling and sanding hoopla and just post the meat and potatoes. Just to show that I'm not slouching on the project here are some pics... Let the SEA begin (groan!) Got tired of looking at the top so I flipped her over (hmmm, it's getting late). Still some patches to finish, but she's beginning to look like a Pig! Here's some of the bits and pieces awaiting some final touches and installation. Here's a comparison pic of the kit (gray), Monogram A-10 (dark green), and Scaledown (tan) 600 gal. fuel tanks. And here's the kind of mess it takes to build an F-111 at my factory! Hopefully the next pics will include the completed aircraft.
  11. I'm with you Steve, I was in such a hurry to finish by the deadline that I put my "no walk" decals on the opposite wings...bummer. Good thing this only a 5 footer.
  12. Not sure exactly what time the build is officially over, but I'm just about finished. Figured spending less time taking pictures and more time building may get me in under the wire.
  13. Jack/Richard, the more I use the Vallejo paints the better I like them. The "Model Air" series are pre-thinned for airbrushing, just pour and shoot. I have masked using regular masking tape in as little as 15 minutes after shooting without any paint peeling off when removed. I have found some of their colors to be a little off spectrum, but a few drops of white or black brings them into the proper hue. As for the Mosquito, I ordered a decal set on ebay for the 105th Squadron and a couple of Verlinden detail sets (may only have to use bits and pieces of the kits). Since I'm in the Middle East, I won't get my goodies until next week (priority USPS), so that makes this Mosquito research week. Thanks for the interest, now back to finishing the F-111C (gotta clear the bench before the skeeter gets here). Ron
  14. Ok, since the F-111 GB is coming to a close (I joined in towards the end unfortunately), I am going to build a Mosquito from the 105 SQ. These are the guys who flew the low level raid in Jan 1943 against the Berlin broadcasting station that pretty much ruined Gorings speech for the 10th anniversary of Nazi rule. I haven't seen the Tamiya kit yet (Sprue Bros will put her in the mail today), so I'm not sure yet what aftermarket details will be required (gotta read some reviews I guess). 105 SQ. RAF Horsham St Faith Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito B MK.IV Eduards accessories (PE and mask) True Details wheels Vallejo Air Acrylics
  15. Wow! We're getting down to the wire on time, work is doing it's best to interfere with progress. I'm actually taking Thurs and Fri off to get this pig finished. I'm using Vallejo paints for the first time, and a new airbrush, so we'll see how bad we can muck this up before the end.
  16. She's a beauty Andrew, job well done (bowing)!
  17. Outstanding work!!! Keep the inspiration rolling!
  18. Just a quick update. Ordered 2 1/48 Revell/Monogram A-10's ($17 ea from Megahobby.com) so that I can procure the auxiliary fuel tanks out of them, apparently they are closer to scale than the ones in the Academy F-111 kit. I would of liked to get the ones from Scaledown but I think I have to order at least $70 worth of stuff for international shipping (unless I read it wrong, plus the two week mold time and shipping delay would put me close to the end of the build). As for the airframe, got out the spackle, sandpaper, and primer. Goal is to have it ready to lay some paint next weekend. Finally yanked the pylons out of the wings, the mechanical sweep alignment mechanism was driving my nuts with poor pylon alignment, going to install plastic tubing that will alow me to remove the pylons for transport and such, same tubing that will be used for the elevator pivot pins (tube from a can of compressed air worked perfectly). Will upload pics shortly.
  19. Just a quick pic of the sparse guts, still haven't figured out what those two post were that I had to cut out of the wing bay. The carefully shaped styrene spacer to minimize the seam at the nose to aft section joint. The in progress result of the fuselage seam, will button up the rest of the fuselage once glue is completely set (and finally painted the seats the proper color, still some minor touchup required on them).
  20. Didn't get a chance last week to post progress, so there will be a two for one this weekend. I decided to take a different approach to avoiding the notorious "step" behind the cockpit. Here's a view topside (I paint the black on the seats later).
  21. And a really close up shot.
  22. Here's another pic of the sniper pod.
  23. I'm going to give it a shot and try to pull the seats, I'd be all thumbs if I try to paint them in place.
  24. Outstanding work! Really looking forward to see the next bit of work.
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