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  1. I am building them in 1/48 scale, already have the Zots Roundels of the world series that includes the roundels for Qatar. The colors seem to match a little better with the Zots but the size is a little small for the scale. I will probably make my own using Corel Draw, already have decal paper. I will check out one of the image sharing sites and see if I can get some pics posted.
  2. I'm in Doha now, you can get the basic Revell/Germany kits in the Giant Store at Hyatt Plaza, but your on your own when it comes to model glue, paint, etc. They do sell super glue though. I order all my stuff from the states via APO (Military Postal) since I work here as a contractor for the USAF.
  3. Benner, great job on the F-1, I'm also working on a QEAF aircraft. I'm building a Hawker Hunter, problem is I cannot find any decal sets that include the black flag emblem on the tail, guess I'll have to fabricate that from scratch. I'm a glutton for punishment, I also have a Mirage F-1, Alpha Jet, and a Mirage 2000 to complete in the QEAF sceme. I work on a Qatari Air Force base, building the Hunter for one of their officers. I was getting bored with this project, but seeing your completed Mirage has given the project a second wind, thanks. I would upload a pic in progress but apparently the
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