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  1. Beautiful finish! You did the F-86 and the spirit of the Mig-killer proud!
  2. Intake parts waiting for their Lacquer clear cote so they can receive a little wash for effects.
  3. Slowly pushing through the trenches...started working on the intake nacelles getting them read for installation.
  4. I agree, probably could of matched it up better if I spent some time mixing.
  5. Fuselage top and bottom halves joined, not a whole lot of cleanup work on the seams, fit was fairly good.
  6. The cockpit is starting to come together, not sure what color Eduard used for the instrument panels, I couldn't match it with the paints I have on hand unfortunately. Good thing is, very little of it will be visible once installed in fuselage.
  7. Finally have some movement towards getting the fuselage halves put together, installed the rear AB assembly, not going to get too crazy with the detailing here, my OCD would run crazy and I'd never get it finished. Maybe just a touch of weathering will be in order :)
  8. Got the camo masks in the mail from Austalia, wasn't sure the exact scheme, so ordered all four offered.
  9. The air intakes seem to only be assembled with the FOD guards in the "up" position, this only works for take-off or landing configurations, the guards don't lay down well inside the intake, will see if the PE FOD guards can be installed in the "down" position. Just have the kit parts sitting inside the intakes for effect.
  10. Starting to get parts into the primer stage for painting, using Tamiya spray primer before laying down the acrylic paint, I find it gives a great bonding surface for acrylics.
  11. Too many "other" hobbies for this lifetime! Photography R/C Planes R/C Buggy Racing Cooking
  12. Just a quick update on project, gave the boiling water technique a shot for correcting the warped wingtip. Submerged warped area in a pot of boiling water for a few seconds then pulled it out and pressed each half against the flat countertop surface, got it close enough that I think I can use it Of course I needed the reassurance of another kit as backup before attempting the fix.
  13. Thanks Stefan, I'll have to look for that.
  14. Good progress! The pit looks awesome! The last jig I bought was for the Trumpy RA-5 assembly, now I need to look for this one in case I build any of my Academy F-4's!
  15. Phantom is a model building Demigod, you would need the plastic scraper of Hercules and the glue of Zeus to beat him...lol!
  16. Great looking Rhino's! Is that a bit of BMF near the burner cans?
  17. I love Panthers! Just never seem to get one finished!
  18. Hi Dutch, Thanks for the big offer, I'm good, I have APO/FPO mail privileges, it's the rest of the populace that are limited. The rest of the group is out of touch at the moment due to various reasons. V/r Ron
  19. Received the replacement SU-27 Kit today, well packaged without a bent wing
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