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  1. Yeah, the amount of fake news everywhere is staggering, all designed to be click-Bait now, it's the new Dot-Com money maker.
  2. Yeah, I don't think I can correct it without leaving behind some warp or rippling evidence, that's why I ordered a new kit. I will give it a shot though, see it as a personal challenge.
  3. Blu-Tac and Shoo-Goo...use Blu-Tac to hold the parts together than apply a small bead of Shoo-Goo with a toothpick on the backside of the joint and let dry. The Shoo-Goo is tough and a little flexible, allows for some minor fitting without breaking the bond. There are some applications where CA glue will be your only option, for these I use a Medium CA glue.
  4. The BMF looks pretty good, I wonder if a very light sanding with super fine sandpaper would bring out the pre-shading more?
  5. We are in spirit for now, lack of models and supplies makes it difficult to support a group, there's still a few of us here, we have a FB page as well.
  6. I will give that a try, I've read that's what others have done with similar issues.
  7. I have not contacted HB about the issue, for the sake of saving time and hassle I just ordered a new kit from a retailer who takes great care with kit packing.
  8. Moving along nicely! Is it going to beat Phantom for the first completed GB entry?
  9. Started the process of removing existing kit details in preparation for the PE, stock kit cockpit detail wasn't bad, but the PE will look better IMO displayed with an open canopy.
  10. Is this the THUD sitting in the museum at Hill AFB?
  11. Have a pile of aftermarket cra....stuff for the project, will only use what's needed to satisfy any OCD issues, the wheels for sure will be replaced.
  12. Hobby Boss didn't leave any room in the box to separate the airframe from the box top, just a small crease was enough to push down on the plastic wing below it and deform it.
  13. I was stationed there in 1999, the checkerboard tail looks like the F-86 that's on display near one of the gates.
  14. AKAN paints are pretty good, work well over Tamiya spray primer. They are a bit thin compared to other Acrylics, and don't bond well to bare plastic without careful surface prep (like most Acrylics). I thin them a little with AKAN Acrylic Thinner for spraying.
  15. Don't know the legalities of banners, but here's a quick one until someone comes up with a better one...
  16. Photobucket is okay if you are paying for the 3rd party sharing option.
  17. Funny thing was...I was expecting the box to be crushed a bit, I have received very few boxes regardless of the size from China/Hong Kong that weren't crunched a bit. I ordered a new kit from Omni, they pack their stuff well, Spruebro's was out of stock on the SU-27S.
  18. Just figured that out, changed hosting to imgur, I'm not going to pay $400 so they can share my pics, ad revenue alone should cover their costs.
  19. I built my first model kit when I was about 7 years old, it was a 1/72 F-100, don't remember the manufacturer, all I remember was when it was done it looked like a pig wearing lipstick!
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