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  1. The wife kindly bought me a copy which arrived over the weekend and I echo Ian’s comment, the books always arrive across the Atlantic in spotless condition. The books are always impressive and definitely the best reference works out there, but I can’t help thinking you are missing a trick in expanding your empire. Could you not employ some urchins around the world to collect photos of other types....there is host of MiG’s, Sukhoi’s etc. out the just waiting for the Melampy treatment. Tim
  2. There seems to be a bit of demand over on Large Scale Planes for a 1/32 sheet of Keflavik Phantoms. Any chance of you doing some, they were nice looking birds.
  3. Blast from the past this but is there any chance of more of these being produced....missed out at the time. Failing that does anyone have spare one they could part with? Ta, Tim
  4. Have these been dispatched yet...mines still saying processing?
  5. Any chance of an F-14 guide? I hear the DACO one is good but that goes for silly money.
  6. I asked that very question about a month ago. The response I got was 'yes they plan to make one but not any time soon'. Make of that waht you will....
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