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  1. I'm usually a Helo kinda Guy, but picked this up for $10 recently and thought it would make a good break from flappy things. Cheers Andrew Mac
  2. What color is your ceiling ? if its white try pointing ALL your lights towards the ceiling and bumping your ISO to compensate for the reduction light. or chase down / make a soft box. Though to get the details to pop you will need some side lighting. Try having the bounced light as the main light and setting the side light at around 1/2 to 1/4 stop less than the main light. Popping the contrast in post will help but getting it right in the camera is always better.
  3. Yes I'm a bit miffed about the silvering, That one is the worst, but looks OK from 3 feet :) so I will leave it as it is.
  4. It's done.... Just to give an idea of size .. Cheers Andrew...
  5. Your 46 is a totally different level of build than this Everett, I don't have quite the same level of AMS that you do :) The Scheme is from the Kit, with a few liberties taken to make it easier to paint. Cheers Andrew
  6. Tamiya tape and buckles made from fine fuse wire.
  7. Foil from the top of a baby formula can... and a frame made of evergreen.
  8. A big move forward... with lots of masking The Orange is Citadel Blood Red with Yellow added. Just the black around the exhausts to do and a clearcoat.
  9. A little more done... Quietly plugging away, but have been very busy over the last few weeks Photographing a Celtic Music Festival. My Photography site Still have about 30 gig of video to workup before I can call it done.
  10. If you have photoetch for 1:48th or 1:32 scan/scale then print it on to some quality paper,
  11. I have another 46 to build so will document the process in photos.
  12. Here's my latest project, Academy's CH-46 1:48th.. Need the rotors folded to save space. A bit of work but I'm happy with the result. Andrew MacKay
  13. One of these http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6792146&nseq=4 And yes the 500 took roughly 10 hours over a week ...
  14. Thanks Guys, Just started cutting plastic on a CH-46 :)
  15. Using up some of my leave, so spent this week building this for fun... Decals from the spares box, scheme from my imagination :) Based on the Hasegawa 1:48th ASW kit BTW ZK-HMX is actually a Schweizer 269C in boring white :) Cheers Andrew
  16. 1:32 / 1:35 ??? Have a Academy huey here that would look just too cool in one of these schemes, great to see the Herc decals I watched them fly over here in early spring from their CHCH base.
  17. I have this kit in my stash, I will scan and pdf the instructions and email you sometime in the next couple of days. Cheers Andrew
  18. A good friend lost her father, and her husband is in hospital http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4855645/On...elicopter-crash Another reason I won't fly in Robbies Andrew
  19. A few little errors, but I'm happy with the results Cheers Andrew
  20. Most of the civil hueys in NZ are ex US Military so the UH-1 would be you best bet ... BTW get the CMK interior set the PE is fantastic, can't say the same for the resin.
  21. Hence the colour scheme ... to civ as N204VC. Ventura County Sheriff, California. preserved at Historical Aviation Memorial Museum, Tyler, Texas ?? maybe someone needs to let helis.com of the location of this helo.
  22. Heres the registration data for HUE... NZ CAA site you might find that it came from Ventura ... CSI have two Notars one of which I have posted before that was once a police helo CSI's web site CSI Helo's If you PM me I'll give you access to the High rez shots ... or you can buy the DVD from Rotorwash :) I have built this in 1:35th for John .. need to find the build series Cheers Andrew Mac
  23. UH-1L ... If I remember it also has a cobra rotor head and main blades, Oliver let me know if you need any more info, John Oaks the owner is a good guy to deal with. Like I said it lives about an hours drive from my house.
  24. Like I said it lives only a short drive from where I live ... John is always happy for me to visit
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