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  1. god i hope it doesnt go any further, the aircraft is anti-maintence as it stands, and trying to retrofit stuff like this, will only make it worse to work on Tracker
  2. it does, but when thats who foots the bill to rebuild it after it crashes, i think they have the liberty of painting it how they see fit Tracker
  3. well if by, "find" you mean well ya know, locate something, how about this one? as for everything else here are some of the trainer flyovers some of the better shots i got of the RNLAF F-16 i liked this one alot, because it seriously looks like it was taken from the sky and one nice one from the red-bull stunt plane thats it for the moment, i cant stay sane and mess with this program for alot longer, the rest of the un-edited un-resized photos can be found http://Tracker.photoshop.com ill play with it more later Tracker *edit*finally got something to work, not my first c
  4. excellent shots, i was out there today, i took several hundred pictures, need to sort through them, see whats what, only have a 75-300mm lense at my disposal, so i can get quite the same level of fantastic shots as those, but i got some really cool ones frpm what ive seen so far should i add them to your thread or start my own? Tracker
  5. ill be there sunday, then again i work on base, on the flightline, so i can pretty much go wherever i please Tracker
  6. generally i hear them refered to as "self gens" from we maintainence types and SIGNUS Carts by AGE peoples SIGNUS if probably an abridged name for Self Generating Nitrogen Servicing (SiGNuS) Tracker
  7. if we get an ordinance section, (which i think is a really good idea btw) i would have no problems helping out by posting several different muntions that i have pictures of Tracker
  8. ^ l glad to know we werent the ONLY squadron that flew with JUST targeting pods, was starting to think we were weirdo's for that now that you mention it, i dont remember seeing any yellow, i think the fact that they are OD green denotes they are live bombs, because all of our inert/practice bombs, GBU-12 and the like were all painted blue these are a few pics i took myself from OIF, hope these will help (god i hope none of these show anything classified) two of them un-assembled on the trailer couple of them on jets (at least the good pitures anyways) this one may also come in ha
  9. fine fine, the Operational AF then... happy now? :-P and my first base was cannon, so it definitly was never the base i just came from and in case anyone was wondering, pretty much everything that was said was spot on, about epu function and operation. the epu also supplies emergency hydraulic power, essentially, it acts like a little engine, giving the jet the ability to contol a glide into a landing or crash (seeing as how the plane glides at about a 33º angle) and the pin is shown to the pilot to let him know the system is safe to be activated durring the next phase of the launch, whic
  10. must be a thunder-chicken thing then, i know in the real AF, if you sent a jet down to EOR with the EPU pin in, you would be hearing about it later Tracker
  11. taxiing with the epu pin in? the hell is that all about? Tracker
  12. if the IL-76 is the one with the AWACS impersonater dome on top. i can answer that un equovically no ill see what i can hear, i dont see the pilots much, but you never know, i might get my chances Tracker
  13. an eagle driver out here was recently killed in a crash, that was his callsign Tracker
  14. cause if they didnt i would just be rotting out in the arizona sun with the rest of the f-16's that are there consider this a new lease on life as opposed to mutilation Tracker
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